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"cape and mask sets for kids"

Even though Halloween is not as big here in the UK as it is in the US, it’s becoming more and more popular.  If I had to pick a celebration that Anya loves above all else it would be Halloween.  She even prefers it to Christmas.  I guess it’s the whole dressing up thing that makes it so exciting and also going out after dark to collect sweeties is such a treat for a kid.  I’ve been looking around for some fun costumes and I really liked these simple cape and masks sets that I came across.  As far as Halloween costumes go I prefer simpler stuff and stuff that can be re-used as part of dressing up play.  These capes and masks are all handmade in cotton and are perfect for boy or girl.  That little crown is so cute too.  Anya hasn’t yet decided what she wants to dress up as this year but I’m hoping it will be something simple.  What are your kids dressing up as?

P.S. Did you know that we have launched our very own kids clothing store?

"clown outfit for babies"I’m not a big fan of adult fancy dress parties.  I find them a bit of a hassle but even more than that I guess if I’m honest I hate being told what to wear.  But when it comes to kids fancy dress parties, I feel very differently.  I never go out and buy a ready made costume because where’s the fun in that?  Instead I love the challenge of putting together an outfit from my daughters existing wardrobe using a little bit of creativity and the help of a few accessories from her dressing up box.  So when I came across Korean photographer Dong Sun Choo’s work on the Waddler blog, I had to find out more."fancy dress for babies"I discovered that Dong Sun Choo gets clothes from some of my favourite brands like Oeuf NYC, Wovenplay, Waddler and adds accessories from Udder, Kate Davey and many others to create fun little fancy dress outfits.  He then dresses babies and little kids in these clothes and photographs them.  Apart from the cute overload, I love the little outfits and some of the expressions he captures.  One of my favourites is the adorable baby clown but I also love that over-sized stripey tail on that little baby boy.  To see lots more photos head over to Dong Sun Choo’s blog.

"linen superhero cape and mask set"Playing superheroes is something my daughter never tires of.  After all when you’re a superhero anything is possible.  Her self-assigned missions change frequently but her favourite is to rescue me from a pool of hungry crocodiles and thankfully she always saves the day (or my life!).  I haven’t yet got her a cape and mask set which I know she will love, but at the moment she is happy improvising with things she finds around the house.  When I decide to get her one I’m loving these gorgeous linen sets by Kathryn Davey.  Simple and stylish, the colours are really lovely too and there’s even a soft pink one for all those girly girls.  Kathryn Davey also makes those superhero soft toys.  I love that they too are made of linen and are so cute but never cutesy.  All the cape and mask sets and soft toys are handmade in San Francisco, making them even more special. 

A furry find…

April 22, 2013

"fun necklaces for girls"You may remember these kids dress up fox masks I shared with you a while ago.  The creator of those masks is Lucille Michieli and she has now created some wonderful new accessories for girls.  I’m loving those (faux) wolf fur necklaces and the rabbit ear hairbands.  What I love about Lucille is that all of her creations are so unique and just so cool!  Her range is always small and consists of no more than a handful of things but it’s the creativity that goes in to each accessory that wows me every time.  You can still get the fox masks and some are even on sale but today it’s the wolf fur necklace in pink that I’m hankering after.

A foxy find…

September 10, 2012

"kids fox mask"

I was recently interviewed on another blog and one of the questions was ‘what’s your daughters favourite toy?’  The answer was easy: dressing up stuff.  While not strictly a toy, it really is the one activity that she adores and can spend all day indulging in.  It’s great for the imagination and encourages creativity so I’m happy too.  We’ve put together a dress up box for her and we keep adding bits as we come across them.  My latest finds are these delightful fox masks that I’ve completely fallen for especially the floral liberty print ones.  Aren’t they so pretty?!  You can pick one of the masks on offer at the Fox Shop or you can even choose your preferred fabric and Lucille, the designer, will make a mask especially for you.  Very tempting…

"kids fox mask"

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