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A quick start to the week with these beautiful minimalist fairytale posters.  I featured these minimalist posters a long while ago but since then, there is a whole new range out and I’m loving them even more.  With this new range there are a lot of other accessories like cushions, bags and t-shirts featuring the visual but for me it’s the posters that are the best.  For an even more minimal look, you can get these fairytale posters without the name of the fairytale printed on –  it would make a great guessing game!  Would you be able to guess just by the pictures?

"princess and the pea doll set"You might be wondering what exactly the picture above is… I wondered the same when I saw it but I knew that I had to find out more.  It’s a Princess and the Pea playset.  How cute is that?  Seven handmade mattresses have been covered in vintage fabrics and topped with a wool felt pea.  They all come packaged in a muslin bag with an embroidered quote from the story.  Any kid who knows the fairytale will delight in playing with this.  This is the creation of 2 mums who were armed with little more than a sewing machine, bags of unwanted wool and fabrics when they decided to start a little boutique called Seven Smooches.

"fox elephant finger puppet"

Everything is hand made at Seven Smooches who also make clothes, hats, blankets and other cute little things for kids.  But it’s their play things that really got my attention like these adorable finger puppets each of which come with a little accessory.  It’s the imagination and the level of detail that go in to their creations that really make them special.  Seven Smooches don’t seem to have updated their site recently as there are only collections from 2011, but you can go here for the Princess and Pea set and here for the finger puppets.

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