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Cute games on the go!

October 1, 2014

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Do your kids constantly ask to play board games?  In our home Anya loves to play games.   If I agreed to it, she would have me playing from morning to night.  I normally enjoy playing with her, that is until she loses.  Then it’s tears and grumpiness and everything that all five year olds do when they don’t win.  But I can’t blame her too much because I still don’t like losing!  Who does?  Games also make fun birthday gifts especially when you don’t know the child too well so recently while searching for a gift I came across these adorable games.  So cute aren’t they?  With bright colours and cute illustrations most of these handmade games are small so they’re perfect at home or on the go too. 

Games on the go!

July 15, 2014

"portable travel games for kids"With the Summer holidays coming up and all the traveling many of us have planned, I wanted to share these fabulous portable travel board games with you.  Apart from being beautiful to look at, the best part of these games is that the board is made of fabric and doubles up as the bag to store all the wooden counters.  What a clever and practical idea especially for taking on long road trips or even plane and train journeys.  A French creation, these games include checkers, chess and tic tac toe.  Recently, they have also introduced some colourful card games that are just as easy to take on your travels.  Anything that makes long journeys easier has to be a good thing!  These board games are available in many countries and you can see all the stockists here.

More from Maine…

September 25, 2013

"childrens shop Portland Maine"I love discovering little shops tucked away in far corners of the big wide world that we live in.  Before the internet you could only make these discoveries by traveling but now I keep finding little gems that make me want to go visit those places.  I have a growing list of small, independent shops from across the globe that I hope to visit one day and the latest addition to this list is More & Co in Portland, Maine.  I love their small but playful and fun selection of goodies many of which are their own creations.  Those colourful shapes t-shirts are so cute and the wooden toys on offer are playful and beautiful.  I also love that simple starry domino set.  If I ever go to Maine, I know I’d love to stop by More & Co and meet the people behind this creative little shop.

"memory games for children"

When I was a kiddo, I used to love memory games.  I remember playing for hours on end with whoever I could rope in to play with me.  It was often my brother who was very competitive but I was too good for him!  I now want to play with my daughter and have been on the hunt for something that’s fun but also a bit unusual and of course it has to rank high in the looks department too.  After searching for a while I’ve narrowed it down to these 6 memory games that I love:

1.  This isn’t your typical memory game.  It’s an auditory memory game where one person shakes one of the wooden pieces and the other person who has her eyes closed has to guess which one was shaken.  They guess by shaking all the pieces and trying to remember the sound they heard.  I love the natural wood and the matryoshka doll like shapes brought to life with colourful ribbons.  To find out more, visit Jack be Nimble Toys.

2.  Dwell Studio are a firm favourite of mine.  They create beautifully packaged, colourful and fun toys for kids.  This woodland memory game is no exception.  It’s made of solid wood and it’s chunky enough for even a 2 year old to handle.  I love the bold colours and the cute animal graphics.  You’ll find this over at Darling Clementine which is a fab new US based store.

3.  I love these gorgeous bold and bright popsicles and the best part is that this is a DIY memory game so you can happily make it and get your little ones to help.  Head to Eat Drink Chic where you’ll find all the instructions, templates and rules and all for free!  Don’t they look good enough to eat?!

4.  This memory game is super stylish and consists of natural wooden blocks dressed in cloth bags and of course they come in pairs as with all memory games.  This one is by Kedublock and once you’re done with the memory bit, the blocks can be undressed and played with or even decorated.

5.  This is another DIY memory game, this time it consists of nut shells with coloured paper stuck on one side.  It’s a simple but very sweet little idea and your kiddo can enjoy making it too.  You can also take this idea and make a memory game out of so many little objects like flat pebbles, shells or anything else you can think of.  I found this nutshell memory game on Kedublocks blog.

6.  Featuring Czech artist JouJou’s quirky signature-style animal and character illustrations, this is another fabulous memory game.  I ‘m loving the fun and unusual illustrations that come in a box consisting of 15 pairs.  I found these over at Kickan & Conkers store where there are a lot of other goodies for kids too.

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