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"handmade doll giveaway"

With Christmas coming, it’s the perfect time to give.  So today it’s another giveaway.  This time for a gorgeous handmade doll that would make an adorable Christmas gift.  Read on for all the details.

"handmade dolls for kids"

Do you know pink nounou?  It’s a little studio in Portugal that makes the cutest handmade dolls and soft toys as well as sweet paper products like notebooks, posters and party invitations.  All these goodies are made by Ana who is a mum and a graphic designer.  Ana has a very distinctive style that is colourful and playful which is very appealing to kids but also to anyone young at heart.  I fell in love with Ana’s creations a long time ago because to put it simply, everything that Ana makes leaves you feeling happy. 

"unique handmade dolls"

Ana kindly sent Anya a doll too and Anya loves it.  It’s become her nightly sleeping companion and her daytime ‘friend’ so when I took it away to take pictures there were tears.  This doll is called Amelia and each one is different.  Different fabrics are used for the top and the bottom half of the doll to keep the dolls unique.  The doll has no loose bits so it’s not only great for little girls but for younger kids too and would make a lovely Christmas gift.

The prize:  The winner picked at random will win one Amelia doll.  The colour of the doll will be different from the one pictured as each doll is handmade and unique.

To enter:  Simply visit the ebabee shop and Pink Nounou and sign up to both the newsletters.  Then come back here and leave a comment below saying that you have done so. Your entry is only valid when all steps are completed. (Remember sometimes newsletter sign-up confirmation emails can go in your spam folder so do check there too)

One entry per person and this competition is open to all my readers worldwide. – YAY!  The competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 25th November 2014.  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on this post and on my ebabee facebook page on Thursday 27th November.  Good luck!  

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Alexandra. Congrats Alexandra!

"handmade rag dolls"

I wanted to start by saying sorry to you, my readers, for my silence this past week.  I was away on holiday and spent the last week in Nepal.  While traveling around I didn’t have much internet access.   We had a wonderful holiday though and I really recommend a trip to Nepal.  I will post some holiday pics soon but today I wanted to share these beautiful hand made dolls with you. 

"hand made rag dolls""hand made doll mobiles"

These dolls are hand made in Brooklyn, NY by talented mama Indira Villalobos.  This is her new collection for 2014 and I love the colours that she has chosen as well as the gorgeous metallic linen fabric.  Those pink overalls are just the sweetest!  In addition to the dolls, there are pretty mobiles and decorative star cushions.  I’ve known the designer Indira for a while and know that she puts lots of love and passion in to what she creates which is why each piece is made by hand and every little detail is paid attention to.  Indira created the brand Snuggly Ugly with her husband a couple of years ago and this collection is my favourite yet, especially those beautiful star and moon mobiles.  

"handmade dolls exhibition"I’ve been in love with these handmade dolls by Evangelione for some time now.  When I saw this new doll exhibition called ‘You pretty little thing’, my fascination of these extraordinary beings just grew.  The name of the exhibition is perfect for the little creatures who are so life-like, it’s truly quite amazing.  I love the way Yeo Mei Ying, the creator has shown the dolls playing different games like hop-scotch and blind mans buff and that hair on those dolls… I mean wow!  I also love the personality that comes through each doll like that red top wearing doll expressing her impatience and boredom through crossed arms.  This exhibition was in Malaysia so not exactly next door but if you are after any of these handmade dolls, you can find a list of stockists on Evangelione and to see lots more of this delightful exhibition visit Yeo Mei’s flickr.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the kiddies starting school for the first time ever next week!

"handmade dolls rag dolls"Handmade dolls are probably one of my most favourite kinds of soft toy.  I love the idea that somebody imagines a character in their head, then on paper and finally brings this person to life using just fabric and their hands.  All of the handmade dolls that I’ve featured on here have been so different from each other and that’s what makes them special as each one is based purely on the unique imagination of their creator.  My latest find are these elegant, long limbed ladies by Snuggly Ugly. 

"handmade rag dolls"Created by a Venezuelan mama called Indira who lives in NYC,  she makes her pretty rag dolls using re-cycled cashmere and wool sweaters.  The dolls in her collection are all made to order so you can even choose the hair colour you like best.  I love the calm, sophisticated look of these dolls as well as their simple but stylish dresses.  Also each one has a little hair accessory which just adds that finishing touch to their outfits.  I can imagine these dolls becoming firm friends with their little owners.  You can see more of these handmade rag dolls and Indira’s other creations over at her shop Snuggly Ugly

Handmade pretties…

February 26, 2013

"hand made rag dolls"I’m a bit of a hoarder.  I’m just not very good at throwing out stuff and tend to get (unnecessarily) attached to things.  But this year I decided that I have to change and get better at divesting.  I started by pulling out a whole load of my daughters clothes and toys that I have been saving from when she was born 4 years ago… I think I kept nearly everything she ever owned!  Going through this stuff I kept picturing her playing with each toy or wearing each outfit and ended up with a massive ‘to keep’ pile and a tiny ‘to giveaway’ pile.  So I started again but with one strict rule… I could keep 21 things and the rest had to go. While I adore some of the stuff I’ve bought her over the years, I found that the majority of the stuff I kept was her handmade things.  Cardigans, sweaters, soft toys and even little dolls house furniture, some loving handmade by her grandmother, some by her father and others bought from independent little designers who make their wares by hand.  There is something so special about handmade even if it’s bought.  I’m always on the look out for new designers that make things by hand so when I stumbled across this Spanish store full of handmade goodies I fell for it.

"hand made rag dolls"Minina Loves makes cute rag dolls, adorable little beds and bedding for them and also some mobiles, cloud cushions and jewellery for kids.  I absolutely love the little beds and bedding for the dolls and the way that each dolls room is decorated.  The rooms are so pretty that I wouldn’t mind having a similar life-size one for my daughter!  The cloud cushions with the little gold polka dots are really sweet too and the bird and cat necklaces are so adorable for little girls.  There’s lots of little details in every piece making each one unique.  Minina Loves’ creations are all limited edition and are all made with great care and love which shines through each piece.

mama & baby…

July 19, 2012

"ballerina doll acapuclo chair pink"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with this pink acapulco chair while baby plays with that pink tutu-ed ballerina doll.

"mouse mobile for babies"

A while ago I shared some whimsical mouse mobiles with you which proved to be a popular find.  Those mouse mobiles were the creation of Laurence Bonnet, a French lady with a penchant for making delicate little treasures that are oh so beautiful.  Today I’m lusting after her newest hand made creations which include these adorable pajama clad mice that come complete with a little wire frame bed and can be suspended from the ceiling… perfect little eye candy above a cot or toddler bed.  These sleeping mouse mobiles are a limited edition creation where each piece is unique and numbered.

hand made soft toy bears"

All of Laurence’s mobiles and soft toys are hand made with the greatest attention to detail and lots and lots of imagination.  Another of her new creations are these cuddly and cool looking bears.  I love the whole father son thing and I love how cool and collected papa bear looks with his scarf, top hat and suspenders ensemble.  Laurence sells her creations under the Rose Miniscule name and that’s where you’ll find all these gorgeous little treasures.

"quirky handmade fabric dolls"

I was browsing etsy as I often do when a thumbnail of one of these dolls caught my eye.  I clicked to have a better look and I was confronted by these whimsical hand made dolls.  I love that they’re so quirky and unusual, I love their long dangly legs and I’m also feeling the love for their ‘stand out from the crowd’ outfits.  These contemporary dolls are hand made here in the UK by a lady called Kiran Patel who says ‘their clothing style is borrowed from modern trends… and translated with intricate style detailing making each piece interesting and original in their own way.’  These dolls are large, measuring around 40cm’s and would make funky soft toys or would look cool as decorative dolls too.  To find out more, head to Kooky Handmade on etsy.

"cute handmade dolls"

I’ve got an ever growing obsession with hand made dolls.  How can I resist when I come across such cuties like these?!  I found these ones over at a shop called Pretty Little Things.  Created by Californian designer and textile artist Lori Marie, these hand made cloth dolls are so adorable.  Lori also makes other sweet little things like these elephant garlands, little girly pouches and wallets and some cool feather crowns for dressing up fun.  All these delightful goodies come in bright and bold colours and would add a splash of fun to any little girls room.  Head to Lori Marie’s shop to find these dolls and all the other cuties!

Hand made dolls so cute!

January 16, 2012

"handmade fabric dolls"

"hand made fabric doll"

"hand made dolls with vintage fabrics"

I was never very in to dolls when I was growing up.  I had a big brother and I guess I wanted to be like him so I played with his boy toys.  Fast forward several years (I won’t say how many!) and I’m now obsessed with dolls especially since I keep finding gorgeous ones like these.  How sweet are they?!  These handmade dolls by Warm Sugar are crafted in Illinois and dressed in the cutest clothes made out of a mix of vintage and designer fabrics.  I love their whole hat and scarf ensemble and I just love their adorable expressions.  Shannon, the designer also offers custom dolls where you can choose hair and eye colours, skin tone and colour of clothes so your bambino can choose exactly what she wants.  To check out these dolls head to Warm Sugar on etsy.

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