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"unusual hand made dolls"

"hand made ballerina dolls"

"handmade dolls so unusual"

"beautiful hand made fabric dolls"

"stunning hand made fabric dolls"

What amazing dolls.  I’m not sure words can do them justice but I shall try!  These enchanting dolls have been hand made in Malaysia by a super talented lady called Yeo Mei Ying.  There is something so life-like about them, I almost expect them to get up and start talking!  Each doll is oh so unique with her magnificent outfit, her amazing hairstyle and her personality that comes through.  So, so beautifully made, I am honestly completely mesmerised and am struggling to take my eyes off them.  I first discovered them at Les Petits Bohemes which is a fabulous store that I’ve featured before.  They have a small selection but to see all the dolls, visit Evangelione and just scroll through the pages where you’ll also find a list of stockists.  Seriously do it, you won’t be able to tear yourself away.  STUNNING! 

Hand made lions so cool!

November 18, 2011

"hand made soft toy lion"

"hand made lion soft toy"

"handmade soft toy lion"

How absolutely amazing are these hand made lions?  I fell for them the second I spotted them on Babble.  Their gorgeous manes, their cool stance and their expressions make for very special and very unusual hand made soft toys.  One of the lions has a mane fashioned after dreadlocks, another has a gold tooth and a wooden leg and there’s one donning an eye patch too.  Each soft toy has so much personality and I think any kid would come up with all kinds of imaginative stories about them.  They’re made in Germany and you’ll find them at JipiJipi’s store on etsy.  So, so cool!

"hand made elephant soft toy"

"hand made pig soft toy"

"hand made dog soft toy"

Today I thought I’d take a little break from the 2011 Christmas gift guide (I’ll be back with more from tomorrow).  And besides I couldn’t wait to share these hand made soft toy cuties from Portugal.  I came across Ludovico last week and it was love at first sight.  Isn’t he just the cutest elephant soft toy ever?  And his friends Ernesto and Palmira aren’t far behind in the cuteness stakes.  It’s not just their adorable looks that have me smitten, but also their outfits… Ludovico’s sweet braces and shorts, Palmira’s ensemble of polka dots and stripes and Ernesto’s gorgeous lacy collar and trendy skinny trousers.  You can’t help but fall for these hand made cuties.  They’re made by Pink NouNou who offer some gorgeous hand made dolls too.  So tempting…

"christmas gift ideas for kids dolls and soft toys"

I am starting to share my Christmas gift ideas from today as it’s November so we can officially start thinking about Christmas!  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll bring you lots of different gift ideas for kids from toys to books and more.  To kick off this years Christmas gift guide, I’ve rounded up some of the coolest, quirkiest and most beautiful soft toys and dolls around.  Some are old favourites, others are new finds.  But they’re all unique and for me represent some of the best soft toys and dolls from across the world wide web.  They may be from far and away but all come with worldwide shipping.

1.   Hugely loveable ‘Wanda worm’ softies by KLT: Works.

2.  Quirky Mitten Kitten by Donna Wilson.

3.  A circus rabbit in a ringmaster coat by Miko Design.

4.  Possibly the most beautiful rag dolls ever by Jess Brown.  From Selvedge Dry Goods.

5.  Cool hand made dolls for which you can get clothes and accessories.  By Kalimba.

6.  Gorgeous hand made ‘Little Deer Doll’ by Evangelione.  From Les Petits Boheme.

7.  A smile inducing funny character by My Name is Simone.  From smallable.com

8.  Cute little pair of dolls by Trousselier, one happy and one very angry.  From Noeuf Boutique.

9.  A sleeping fox so lovely and hug-able by an old favourite Haciendo El Indio.

10.  An adorable, stripey ant eater by Mondays Milk.*

*Discovered via the lovely Oh Eskimo! blog

Lastly have you checked out our amazing and beautiful giveaway yet?

"hand made dolls"

I never liked dolls as a child or as an adult.  The barbies and cindy’s of this world just didn’t do it for me.  But when I had my own little girl and started writing this blog I discovered a whole new world of hand made dolls that are so beautiful and unusual that I wish I had my childhood again.  Since that’s impossible, I shall live vicariously through my daughter and indulge my new found passion.  How can I resist when there are gorgeously quirky dolls like these on offer?  These bear beauties (and a rabbit) are hand made using linen, cotton and lots of imagination;  their clothes so glamorous, they wouldn’t look out of place at a Royal do!  I love the whimsical combination of a bear like creature wearing the most feminine and delicate of clothes. One of them even has a thick, bushy tail!  The hand made bear dolls are by Lieschen Mueller of Germany and cost €52 with worldwide shipping on offer.  And guess what… they’re washable too so messy little hands can play away without a worry. 

"H-luv mushroom handmade soft toy"I was window shopping at Sweet William when I spotted some mushrooms.  I’m not talking chestnut, shitake or enoki even but mushrooms of a kind I had never laid eyes on… these gorgeously quirky mushroom plush toys!  They’re cool, quirky, whimsical and ever so unique.  I decided to dig a little further and found out that these soft toys are designed and hand made in California by H-Luv.  Heidi Iverson is the talent behind H-Luv and she uses materials with minimal environmental impact to create her unique wares.  Also by H-Luv are other plush toys including handmade owls, russian dolls, cats and more.  New York based Sweet William sell these mushrooms which cost from $42 plus $14 for International shipping.  

And for more quirky hand made soft toys have a look at these gorgeous soft elephant dolls and don’t miss these poetic Pigmee soft toys!

"small nursery decorations by Scalae"

I recently discovered Scalae who make a small collection of decorations and accessories for the kiddies.  Little dolls, small objects, little decorative branches and hanging houses are amongst their goodies.  Of all the pretty little things on offer I have my heart set on the hand made dolls.  They’re been created using beautiful fabrics in bold and bright colours like fuchsia and turquoise.  I’m loving these decorations to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a nursery space.  Place them on a shelf or dangle above your baby’s cot or hang them from a door handle.  The dolls come as a set of 3 in their own little bag and cost €24 from Cosy Kid Home.  You might need a little help from google translate unless of course you are fluent in French.

If you like this, have a look at these charming baby nursery garlands made of clouds, moons and stars.

"hand made fox doll"

"hand made doll for children"

"hand made elephant doll"

I never used to be a fan of dolls.  That is until I started writing this blog and discovered some of the most beautiful and unusual handmade fabric dolls and soft toys.  Not only am I a big fan now but I often get tempted to start my very own collection.  Not ebabee no.1’s, mine.  Maybe one day… but until then I’ll continue to admire and share with you my finds.  And today I bring you hand made dolls by one of my favourite Spanish stores: Haciendo el Indio.  Created by Cristina Serrano, her style is so poetic and magical and that’s what you get from her dolls.

Cristina offers a range of dolls including a guardian, a chick, a fox and more.  Each one is hand made and infused with Cristina’s unique style.  The only problem I can think of is how do you choose just one!  To check out these adorable dolls head to Haciendo el Indio.  The dolls cost €29 each and shipping is worldwide. UK shipping is €8.  While you’re there, have a look at Cristina’s other goodies too.

"French hand made dolls"

"handmade balloon mobile for babies"

"handmade nursery tree decoration"

The Frenchies have done it again.  This time it’s a shop called Cocon filled with the most beautiful objects.  Little things like mobiles, cloud coasters and even a handmade linen and wool beanstalk adorn the shelves of Cocon.  Beautiful, delightful and charming are the best words to describe this shop.  Cocon is owned by Masami Akatsuka who hand makes all the objects of desire herself.  She’s a designer, a stylist and an artist who clearly has an eye for exquisite things.

I love all her products; there’s an innate beauty that radiates from all.  But I especially love the little jade plants, the cloud coasters and the balloon mobile.  Perfect little decorative objects that would add a touch of beautiful style to any nursery or to any part of your home.  Visit Cocon to see more and do have a look at Rosemary and Emma, 2 decorative dolls with the dreamiest of outfits.  Prices range from around €10 to €140 and shipping is worldwide. UK shipping costs around €8.  Cocon is truly a rare diamond.

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