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"6 etsy favourites"

Here are 6 things I’m currently loving on etsy:

1.  vintage floral baby shorts | 2.  monochrome fox brooch | 3.  black and white rainbow pillow doll | 4.  linen polka dot pouch | 5.  personalised wooden toy boat | 6. deer girl kids room poster

"handmade wooden circus toy""handmade wooden toys netherlands""wooden coty themed toys"These handmade wooden toys made me smile with their quirky and creative looks.  But when I read about them, I fell even more in love.  The little whimsical people are called ‘Hurbanos’.  Hurbanos are people who love city life for all it’s complexity and diversity.  Each of these wooden characters is unique and come with it’s own ID, much like every city dweller.  In addition to the characters and their wooden cityscapes, I’m also loving that unusual circus balancing toy.  All these toys are handmade in the Netherlands by The Watermelon Cat Company.  Even their company name reflects their quirky creativity!

"imaginative wooden toys"It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of wooden toys.  And when they’re as beautiful as these one’s by Kedublock then it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.  Besides their good looks, these toys encourage thinking and imagination.  That catfish is just great.  It comes in pieces and you can build a cat, a fish or a catfish.  And those construction sticks are deliberately simple (and pretty) so that everything is left up to the child’s imagination.  These wooden toys are handcrafted too and made of natural materials.  Beautiful toys, imaginative toys and handmade too… what’s not to love?

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!

"wooden toy animals"When I watch my daughter Anya play, it’s always the simplest of toys that encourage her to use her imagination and create little make-believe situations.  She talks to the toys or she talks on their behalf and together they have tea parties, they have sleepovers, they adopt imaginary pets… the list is endless.  The other day I found that she had stuck a plaster on the edge of our coffee table and was pretending that it was a diving board.  She had managed to make a game out of a humble plaster!  So I’m all for simple toys that don’t do much but instead allow the child to imagine what they will and these beautiful animals and cars are a perfect example.  No batteries, noise or shiny buttons here, just a piece of smooth wood in the shape of an animal or car and the rest is up to the child. 

"wooden toy cars"These gorgeous toys are made to order by a London based design house.  They have their workshop in Brick Lane and all the toys are made at the back of their shop.  It reminds me of how things used to be done when our parents were kids and sometimes I wish we could go back to more of those ways.  But before I get all nostalgic, I’ll stop myself there and go back to admiring these beauties made by Unto this last.

Wooden toy joy…

June 26, 2012

"beautiful wooden toys"

If you drop by often, you’ll know that I have a thing for wooden toys.  They’re great for passing down from one sibling to another but also from generation to generation.  And of course they look so much better than their plastic counterparts.  Today I’ve found 4 wooden toys that are beautiful and look like they would be great fun to play with too:

1.  Mama duck and her ducklings…  while these aren’t strictly toys, I’m sure they would delight slightly older kids and for babies they’d make elegant nursery decorations.

2.  Balloon powered cars… these simple but stylish cars are handmade from timber found in the German Alps and they look like they’d be great fun to play with.

3.  Wooden iPhone… I love this cool little toy that’s an iPhone but also a set of mini blocks for little hands to play with.

4.  Wooden play camera… which kid doesn’t like to take pretend pictures?  This toy is from Japan and it’s sleek, minimal design is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

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