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I want my hat back

June 1, 2012

"I want my hat back"I am completely besotted with this kids book called ‘I want my hat back’ by Jon Klassen.  It’s a story about a bear looking for his hat and while it sounds simple, there’s a clever message in there reminiscent of children who do something wrong and then try and cover it up with excuses and lies.  The story is told in a few words with beautiful illustrations that have humour and wit and there’s a wicked little twist at the end.

"i want my hat back"I bought this book yesterday with some others and this is definitely my daughters favourite and mine.  I think we’ve already read it five times but it’s been a pleasure since  I want my hat back is a delight for both adults and children and deserves a place in every little kids library.

"christmas gifts books for children"

Books are one of my favourite things to give and receive.  I can’t imagine not giving ebabee no.1 at least a couple of books every Christmas, birthday and many, many times in between.  Children’s books are magical and you can never have enough.  For this year’s book gift list I’ve picked out many children’s books that we’ve enjoyed and there are a few that I have yet to buy, but they’re on my Christmas list too.  All the books offer something special either for their clever stories, beautiful illustrations, creativity or even their quirkiness.  Here’s the list of books mainly for 2 year olds to around 6 year olds:

1.  ‘The Life of Mr Mustache’ by Studio Violet.  Charming and oh so creative is this book from Fine Little Day. (no longer available)

2.   ‘My Friends’ by Taro Gomi is a sweet and simple book and is a firm favourite in this home.

3.   ‘100 Things’ by Masayuki Sebe is a happy book that gets the little minds counting and observing.

4.   ‘The Book with a Hole’ by Herve Tullet –  I haven’t got this yet but it looks rather cool and quirky.

5.   ‘A Bit Lost’ by Chris Haughton is a cute story with really beautiful illustrations in the most wondeful colours.

6.  ‘Beware of the Frog’ by William Bee is an entertaining read with a great twist and some retro-esque illustrations.

7.  ‘Not a Box’ by Antoinette Portis.  A book about a box that’s not a box… it’s a car, a house or whatever you child’s imagination wants it to be.  We all know kids adore boxes and this book captures the magic of the humble box so well.

8.  Made to Play!: Handmade Toys and Crafts for Growing Imaginations by Joel Henriques.  A book full of fun, simple and beautiful toy making crafts by talented dad Joel.  I haven’t got this yet but I know Joel’s work well and he is one super imaginative and talented guy.

9.  ‘The Blue Pebble’ by Anne-Gaelle Balpe.  A sweet story with a little moral that has been drawn out in beautiful pictures that have a bit of a old fashioned feel.

10  ‘Animal Alphabet Circus’ by Tupera Tupera (a couple of Japanese illustrators) – no longer available.  The entire alphabet is illustrated through circus animals beautifully drawn.   All the words are in Japanese and English.  This is a real feast for the eyes and one I can’t wait to get.

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Pretty Pru

August 18, 2010

books for toddlers pretty pruI recently came across this book by Polly Dunbar and loved it so much I bought, it even though ebabee no. 1’s a bit young.  It’s one in a series of ‘Tilly and Friends’ stories but I haven’t yet bought the others.  This ones about a handbag thief on the loose and Pretty Pru’s the victim.  The handbag of course contains make-up, after all which lady wouldn’t have make-up in her bag? Pretty Pru’s no exception! The illustrations are superb and compliment the text very well.  The best bit though, is this book manages to be happy and cheerful without any annoying over – sentimentality.  This is definitely up there in my list of gifts for older toddlers.  The hardcover one costs £6.39 with free delivery.

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