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With love, from Japan…

September 19, 2012

"wooden toys from japan"

Japan has held a fascination for me for as long as I can remember.  Right from the days of my early childhood when my father would travel to Japan on work and bring back all kinds of cute little stationery, toys and even some delicious Japanese snacks.  Even at that young age I felt there was something so special about everything my father brought back.  I couldn’t understand why I was so drawn to these Japanese things but I always knew they were different.  I remember that I would sometimes carefully stash these toys away as they were just too precious to play with in case they broke.

"japanese wooden toys"

Over the years this fascination never waned and I finally visited Japan in 2007.  It was one of my best holidays ever for so many reasons (amazing food, architecture, people, street fashion) and of course shopping.  It wasn’t about buying but just seeing beautiful things and exquisite packaging at every turn.  Of course I had to indulge in some shopping (cue extra suitcase back!) but I so enjoyed the window shopping too because Japanese design is such a treat for the eyes.  The design style is often very simple, very minimal which is what makes it so stunning just like these wooden toys.  The toys have been stripped down to basics and then designed from there and the result is quite beautiful.  The little train set is just wonderful and perfect for little hands too.  I love the use of natural wood that has been enhanced with just a hint of soft colour.  Buchi toys don’t have a big range; just 5 toys but each one is a piece that I would happily have on show in my home and I think any little kid would delight in playing with.

*via spoon-tomago

"paper stamp kit for kids"We’re big fans of kids stamp kits in this house especially since my 3 year old daughter can entertain herself for ages with her stamps.  We’ve got a couple of lovely sets so I thought we were all kitted out but now I’ve seen this new Japanese stamp kit and it’s love.  It’s unlike any other stamp set I’ve seen before and the possibilities of creating beautiful designs with this set look endless.

"kids stamp set"The stamp kit includes everything you need to make hand stamps or roller stamps and also includes 35 pattern ideas to start you off and then you can go on to create your own original patterns.  The stamps would be great for making your own wrapping paper and cards and even artworks for your kids rooms but best of all, it’s just great for letting kids express their own creativity.

"creative stamp sets for children"This kit is the creation of Torafu Architects of Tokyo but you can buy it over at Upon a Fold (one of my favourite paper boutiques) where I found them.  It’s out of stock at the moment but more are coming soon.  I am a huge fan of Japanese designed goodies because just like this kit, you always get something unique, beautiful and very desirable.

Update August 2014: Very sadly, Upon a Fold no longer exists. 

"wooden bowling set for kids"

"wooden house shaped blocks for kids"

"wooden stacking toy for kids"

I’m a huge fan of Japanese toys for kids, especially wooden ones.  The Japanese somehow manage to take a piece of wood and turn it in to something so simple yet so beautiful.  Today it’s all about Chigo toys from Japan.  I’ve had my eye on these toys for a while and once you see them you’ll know why they’re so special.  I love the simplicity of the shapes and the combination of lots of natural wood with splashes of bold colour.  My favourite is the house shaped blocks set but the wooden bowling set is a goodie too.  You can buy the house blocks* from Gretel Home who ship worldwide or you can just admire the toys over at Chigo.jp.  And while you’re there, don’t miss the very cool wooden camera and play phone. 

*Via Remodalista.com

"kiko kids wooden toys Japan"

I recently discovered Kiko, a new range of Japanese wooden toys for kids.  I say they’re wooden toys since they are but they’re not your everyday wooden toys.  For starters they’re beautifully designed with simplicity at their core.  Beyond that, the toys are made to encourage creativity and imagination in kids. 

The first is a set of 100 star shaped wooden dominoes called Tanabata.  They’re numbered and can be used in many ways including learning to count.  Next you’ve got 2 magnetic chalk boards with a car, traffic signals, trees and mountains.  Use the chalk to create your own world and place the little wooden pieces to complete your world.  Last is the tree canvas.  Draw and paint on it to customise it as you wish.  It’s also magnetic so you can stick photo’s, pictures and notes to create a unique work of art that can be displayed in your kiddies play space.

Created by Kaz Shiomi, Kiko toys are cool, they’re good looking and they’re great for creative and imaginative play. And to add to their list of glowing points, they’re reasonably priced too.  To get these Japanese toys head to Little Fashion Gallery where they cost from €19 with delivery from €9.  

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