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"cute art for kids"I vividly remember the first piece of art that my parents bought for my room.  I was allowed to choose and I picked a colourful painting of a sweet little girl in pigtails.  The painting was very simple even though it had many little details.  The girl was smiling and looked so carefree and happy that I guess I imagined seeing myself in her and that’s what probably attracted me to it.  When I saw this work by Ekaterina Trukhan it reminded me so much of that painting and it took me right back to my childhood filled with happy memories.  I was instantly drawn to her work and really wanted to share it here.

"ekaterina trukhan illustrations"Ekaterina’s drawings are used for children’s books, calendars, parenting magazine articles and more.  I can see the appeal of the illustrations for both adults and kids as there is humour as well as a sense of playfulness to her work.  The illustrations for children remind me of what childhood should always be about… laughing, singing, dancing, playing and just having lots of fun.  Whereas the ones for parents are funny and very telling.  I love the one where the confused child is being pushed into every kind of extra-curricular activity possible; don’t we all know parents like that?!  Originally from Russia, Ekaterina Trukhan is now based in London and you can see her portfolio on her site.  She also has an etsy store where she sells prints, calendars and other sweet little things adorned with her drawings.  {The etsy store is currently closed for holidays but check her blog for the latest news}. 

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