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pastel decorations

With our new home renovations coming to an end, it’s now time to start thinking about the decorating –   about the furniture, the little objects and the personal touches that will turn this place from a house in to our unique home.  This is the exciting bit and the bit where we get to be creative and have lots of fun.  One  of the things I am very keen to do is to have a playful element in all our spaces.  I don’t want strictly grown-up zones and separate kid zones.  I don’t think we live like that anymore so every space in our home will be shared between the adults and the kids and I want this to show through in the decor.

cute pastel decorations for the home

I am not talking about toys strewn all over the living room or turning the dining table in to a kids craft centre, but instead picking out cute little objects, cushions and artworks that will work alongside the more grown up pieces.  One of the shop’s I’ve got my eye on to bring some kiddy cuteness in to my home is Eef Lillemore (don’t worry, I don’t know how to pronounce it either!).  They have some of the cutest decorations I’ve seen and I’m especially loving that panda tray for my kitchen and why not an ice-cream cushion for my living room?  And what about a few of those pastel posters for the bathroom?

Everybody needs a little dose of cuteness in their home and when you have kids, it’s the perfect excuse to introduce it in to every room.  I wouldn’t even object to some of that cloudy wallpaper in a hallway – so subtle and sweet.  Of course a lot of the stuff at Eef Lillemore would make such fun decorations in a kids room too – like those beyond adorable posters!  Something guaranteed to make you smile each morning, so why not have a little touch in every room?

French art for kids

I’m in love with this new French design studio – how great is their art?  I love discovering new designers for a range of things but especially for kids art.  Art like this that may be aimed at kids but really it’s ageless and will be loved by adults too.  I’m loving the posters as well as those quirky animal trophies.  Every child should have some art on their walls and I’m planning to have a lot in Anya’s new room – the only trouble is choosing from all the amazing kids art out there.  But I think those animal trophies and that adorable juggler print are going to be hard to pass up!  Visit Melanie, the designer’s shop to see the rest of her striking collection of kids art.

"fruit poster for kids room"

I spend half my life researching stuff on the net to share on this blog.  And often I come across delightful or funny little things that I want to share but they don’t really fit in to posts.  So once in a while I like to share them here.  My recent fun finds include this playful pear poster and here are the rest:

Add a little sparkle to your kids bedroom in under 10 minutes with this simple idea.

About to become a parent?  Practice these 11 (hilarious) steps and you’ll have mastered parenting!

Boys can wear polka dots too. How cool does he look?

This striking neon reindeer may be sold out why not try making it as a Christmas craft?

Your little boy will love you even more if you make this easy Washi tape DIY in his bedroom.

Don’t have space for a Christmas tree? Why not get creative with an alternate tree like this?

Have a great weekend all – x

Giant colouring fun

April 1, 2014

"giant colouring poster""indoor holiday activities for kids""giant colouring posters kids"

Whenever there are holidays coming up, I try and stock up on a few ‘at home’ activities for Anya specially for those days where I am either too busy to play much or we can’t go out for whatever reason.  Luckily this Easter we are going away so I haven’t needed to plan but if you’re staying home and looking for some indoor entertainment, these new giant colouring posters from Omy could be just the thing.   When they say giant they really do mean giant as the posters are 1.8 metres long!  That means a lot of colouring.  The posters can be put up on a wall or simply laid out on the floor and the colouring can begin.  There are Paris, London and New York city posters as well as a world map poster and you can find a selection at Petit Home.   If you feel like it, you can join in the colouring fun too.  I know I would have to have a go.

"harlequin circus themed kids ideas"Circus themed kids things have been around for ages and aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.  While some of them can be cute, it’s the circus inspired harlequin pattern that I love best of all.  It’s such a simple geometric pattern that has loads of style without any of the fuss.  I love that you can play with many different colours on any harlequin adorned object or you can go for a more minimalistic 2 colour look.  I was reminded of how much I love this pattern when I spotted that circus bunny on pinterest so I went looking for a few more things and here’s what I found:

1.  Decorative bunny…  2.  Harlequin cushions…  3.  Porcelain bowl…  4.  Animal shorts   5.  Circus poster

From Sweden with love…

December 5, 2012

"scandinavian design for kids"

Whenever I used to hear someone mention Sweden or when I saw something Swedish I’d always think of one of my closest and oldest friends who is half Swedish.  Sadly we now live continents apart but luckily it’s one of those friendships where this doesn’t matter at all.  Now when I hear the word Sweden, I fleetingly think of my friend and then my mind just gets flooded with thoughts of wonderful Swedish design!  The Swedes, and the other Scandinavians too have a design sense that is second to none and I’m very drawn to their aesthetic.  So when I discover a new Swedish shop I get very excited as I know it’s going to be good even before I check out what they sell.  And that’s exactly what happened with Le Kiosk.

Le Kiosk is a new Swedish store which sells goodies that are sourced from all over the world but each piece has the Scandinavian touch of being simple, light and bright in style.  In their kids section you’ll find fun crafty things like the {make your own} house box and the pretty washi tape covered pencils… {forget the kids, I’d love some of these for myself!}  There are also the cutest kimono baby slippers on offer and some cool mini woollen blankets plus loads of unusual posters and prints.  What I love most about Le Kiosk is that a lot of their carefully selected offerings are handmade and as a result very unusual. 

P.S. Have you seen our Christmas gift guides for kids and mama’s?

"green art prints for kids"

Before I started writing this blog I never knew about the wonderful world of kids art.  I knew there was art for kids but I thought it was all about the over-cutesy kind of stuff that I totally shy away from.  When I discovered the range of art on offer I realised how wrong I had been.  I felt like I had stumbled upon a secret world, a world only open to parents in the know.  In this world I found imagination that knew no bounds, illustrations that were a feast for the eyes and magical drawings that were sometimes happy, sometimes poignant and sometimes just plain funny.  Recently I stumbled across Society 6 and found the largest collection of kids art in one place.  I spent ages browsing and found art for every taste and budget.  Society 6 have gathered together a huge range of artists from across the globe that produce work not just for kids but for adults too.  They have so much choice and variety that it’s impossible to choose a favourite.  So, I’ve picked out a few blue-green coloured prints that I was charmed by but there’s a whole load more for you to explore.  I think from now on Society 6 will be my first port of call when I need some art for a child.

The 2012 games have been magnificent.  The atmosphere in London has been amazing and I know I’m not alone in saying that I’ll really miss the Olympics.  But as we know, all good things must come to an end… for 4 years anyway (roll on Rio!).  I’m really looking forward to the Rio games and I’m expecting lots of partying, lots of colour, lots of celebration delivered in a way only the Brazilians can.

"london themed print for kids"

So as a little goodbye to the Olympics and in anticipation of the next one, I wanted to share the works of an Argentinian artist that sums up everything there is to love about the 2 countries involved.  The ‘Love London’ print highlights all of London’s major landmarks in a cute and childlike way.  Perfect for a London themed kids room or for any kid who has a love for London.  Then there is the ‘Brazil’ print so full of colour and vibrancy just as I imagine the place to be. 

"brazil themed print for kids"

I love the way Migy Blanco, the artist, brings the country/city to life through the use of colour and cute little drawings that capture the essence of each place.  There are many more wonderful prints of other countries and cities on offer but for today, it’s about an ode to the games that were and the games that will be.  Goodbye London, hello Rio…

*Via Creative roots

"kids room prints in green"

"nursery wall art red"

pink prints for girls room"

What a heart-warming collection of prints these are.  There is something so sweet, so warm, so charming about these bear families.   Apart from the emotions that these prints evoke, I love the monochrome treatment and the style of the illustrations too.  This artwork for kids is by a Kiwi mama called Helen Acraman who is currently based in Toronto.   Helen offers a range of wonderful prints and posters in her store but for me it was these bear family ones that really captured my imagination.    These prints, sold at Helen’s store Zukzuk, would add charm to any baby or kids space.

"girly art for girls room"

I’m on the hunt for some cool art prints and posters for my daughters room.  Her walls are bare (apart from a feature wall with the gorgeous pip early bird wallapaper) so I have a blank canvas.  I’m loving the idea of putting up lots of different prints, posters and postcards in close proximity to each other.  When I’m looking for unusual, off the beaten-track art for kids rooms, I often head to etsy because I know I’ll find something and sure enough this time I found Lily Moon from Cyprus.  I loved it!  Lily Moon is unashamedly girly but not cutesy and that works for me.  The art is inspired by imaginary stories and there is something about each one that draws you in and allows you to make up your own story.  I also love the old fashioned feel of the drawings and the soft colour palette.  One of my favourites is the little girl with the rabbit called ‘Alice’.  But they’re all magical and I think I might just have to get some for my daughters wall collage.

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