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"vintage nursery lamps"How cute are these vintage inspired bunny night lights?  I’ve been a fan for a while but I’m especially loving these soft pastel shades.  And don’t miss the ‘cheeky’ backs on these lights… too cute!  Great for adding a little quirk to any retro or vintage kids room.

"gray nursery decor ideas"I love grey.  As I’m getting older I think I’m loving it more and more not only as a colour to wear but also as a colour to decorate with.  I’m especially loving it for a nursery because I find the colour quite calming.  And besides you can add hints of practically any other colour and it will work with grey.  So when I saw this delightful new Elephant crib by Oeuf NYC I thought it would be fun to put together a few things to go with it.  The Elephant crib is Oeuf’s latest offering and it really does resemble an elephant, don’t you think?  I love the playful design as well as the rounded edges and the whole modern vibe.  Here are my picks for a modern grey nursery:

1.  Plum & pink hearts garland…  2. Mary Poppins poster…  3. Grey sheep duvet set…  4. Knitted sheep soft toy…  5. Elephant crib…  6. Hanging pendant lights

"fun wooden home decor"Last week I was at my favourite magazine shop* in London which stocks magazines from across the globe and also has very limited edition ones that are hard to find.  Seriously, the choice they offer is staggering and this place definitely qualifies as a magazine lovers paradise.  So naturally while I was there I indulged in a few magazines – some that I hadn’t read before and some old favourites like Milk.  While flicking through Milk yesterday a cute puppy like object caught my eye and I had a better look.  I discovered Pana Objects started by a group of friends who wanted to add a little fun and beauty to everyday things.  Based in Thailand, their sweet little objects are all crafted from wood and designed with love.  I adore those little Apple charger caps… what a cute idea!  And those coat hooks are simple and stylish for any space while that puppy dog lamp is perfect for a kids room.  Sweet!

*In case you’re interested, I don’t know the name of the magazine shop but you’ll find it at 66 Charlotte St.

Sunny yellow things…

August 28, 2012

"yellow booties, yellow knit doll"

A few weeks ago I wrote about some pretty pink things because my daughter informed me that pink was the best colour in the world.  She then told me purple was a close second and so I felt inspired to share some lovely lilac things with you.  Now she has informed me that yellow is the third best colour so today I have my sunny yellow finds for you.  I hadn’t planned for this to become a little series but you’ve told me you enjoy it and I love putting it together so why not:

1.  Love the bold yellow and white combo of this stylish origami light shade.

2.  How cute are these handmade little newborn booties for boy or girl.

3.  A sweet little knitted doll perfect as a clutch toy or pram companion for a baby.

4.  Peach and mango popsicles with a burst of bright pink raspberry… delicious and healthy!

Pretty pink things…

August 6, 2012

"pink tutu,cloud cushion"

Pink seems to be the colour of the moment in this house.  My daughter is beyond obsessed with the colour and yesterday even asked if she could have ‘pink teeth’!  While I’m not a blue for boy/pink for girl type of mama, I have no objection to pink in moderation… just like any other colour.  When there are so many wonderful colours to choose from why restrict yourself to just one or two.  But since we’re thinking pink these days, I went in search of some pretty pink things and here’s what I found:

1.  Love this origami pendant light which comes with a choice of pretty pastel coloured cables so you can mix and match …  2.  This is one of the most gorgeous tutu’s I’ve seen in a while… the vibrant, almost neon pink colour is so striking.  3.  Just looking at these beautiful pink raspberry cookies makes me want to head to the kitchen and get baking… so delicious!  4.  Last is this super cute polka dotted cloud cushion which would make a very sweet cot companion.

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