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"colourful kids rooms"Lately I’ve been obsessing over black and white interiors but every once in a while I see bold and bright kids rooms popping with colour and I change my mind.  Today is one of those times… when I saw these rooms I fell in love with colour all over again.  We all know that kids adore colour.  Have you ever seen a child colour in a picture in one or two or even just three colours?  Neither have I!  These rooms work especially well for me because they’ve all used white or very light backgrounds and then added the brightest accents in a range of colours. 

Image credits: 1. petit vanou…   2. decorators notebook…   3.  kids room…  4.  skona hem

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"black and white kids room ideas"I remember when I was around 13, there was a girl in my school who only ever wore black.  Occasionally she would wear little hints of white or grey but the dominating colour from head to toe was always black.  I seriously thought she was the coolest kid I’d ever seen!  I’ve always loved black and even several years on this obsession with black has never waned.  When I see a piece of clothing in a shop, it can come in every colour under the sun and I will always be drawn to the black one.  Over the years I’ve taught myself to have more colour in my wardrobe especially for Spring and Summer but in Winter it’s back to black!  Now this black obsession is creeping in to my decorating ideas and I’m thinking of re-doing my daughters room in black and white.  So I’ve been looking around for kids room decorations that are not only black and white but are also simple, unfussy and uncluttered in their design.  These were my top picks:

1.  Heart poster… 2. Polka dot wall stickers… 3. Sheep mobile… 4. Striped blanket… 5. Striped cloud cushion… 6. Tica chair… 7. Mickey Mouse pillow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you next week…

Decorating with dots…

February 5, 2013

I love polka dots.  I recently bought a peachy-pink clutch bag with black polka dots {you can see it here} and this purchase just reminded me of how much I love this simple pattern of lots of little circles.  While I love it on clothes and bags, I think decorating rooms, especially kids rooms, with polka dots is a great idea too.  So I went on the hunt for some cool polka dot adorned rooms and these were my favourites:

"polka dots wall decor"Love this random scattering of neon dots.  It’s quirky and fun.

"polka dot lanterns"A cute way to add polka dots to a little girls room and you could even buy plain lanterns and dot them yourself.

"polka dots wall decor"Finally, go for a whole wall of teeny tiny dots that works in both an adults and a kids space.

Image credits: 1. Fawn & Forest… 2. Jelanie shop… 3. Emmas design blog

Pretty pastel rooms…

January 4, 2013

"pastel girls room"

"pastel kids room ideas"

"mint green room kids"

I’m thinking about re-decorating my daughters room.  When she was born I knew she would be in my room for ages so doing up her room wasn’t a priority.  When she eventually moved out we did up her room bit by bit rather than plan it fully from the start.  While it’s sweet, I think we’re ready for a change.  So I’ve been hunting around for some inspiration especially for the colour scheme but I keep coming back to the idea of pops of bold and bright colour with lots of white which I think can be fun for a kids room.  That was until I saw these pastel rooms.  I hadn’t really considered a pastel room but now I’m totally smitten with the idea.  The soft, pale colours, especially the minty green with an abundance of white does look stunning and very elegant I think.  I love all 4 of these rooms but my favourite has to be the first one.  Pastel may just be the way to go!

Image credits: 1 & 4. Mokkasin  2. Nordic Bliss  3. Jordgubbar med mjolk

A sea of blue…

July 17, 2012

"blue kids room decor"

"blue girls room"

"blue room inspiration"

I’m a big fan of Milk Magazine and when I saw the cover of their latest Japanese issue, I was hit by a sea of blue.  There was something very inviting about the blue tones which instantly captured my imagination.  The article I found was about kids chairs but it was the blue decor that made my heart beat a little faster.  The pictures are so inspiring with lots of creative touches and decor ideas for any kids room.  And of course there’s the abundant use of blue in different shades which comes together to create a space that’s oozing style and charm.  The rustic feel of the unfinished walls and bare or tiled floors adds even more character.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m in love with these inspirational images and wanted to share.  I’m now seriously tempted to try a one colour room for my daughter… but sadly I’ll have to wait till we next move house which may be a while!

"industrial bedrooms kids"

Industrial themed rooms for adults have been very popular and still are.  This style is now making it’s way in to kids rooms and it can look amazing.  I love the raw, almost unfinished feel of this style.  I’m not talking pure steel or cold hard edge industrial style but industrial with warmth, with colour, with soul.  This could mean one or two industrial pieces, and an exposed wall complimented with some softer furniture like many of these rooms have done.  The first room is quite stark but has a quirky appeal while the bunting brings some softness.  Even though it’s the starkest it did wow me when I first saw it.  The other rooms are much more a mix of industrial with vintage and this combo works so well.  Industrial works for boy or girl as these rooms show and if done well, can be hugely appealing.

Image credits: 1. Apartment Therapy… 2. Milk Magazine… 3. The boo and the boy… 4. Rafa-kids

I’m always on the lookout for unusual kids rooms; spaces that have been put together with bags of style and imagination.  Today I wanted to share 3 rooms that are seriously colourful but always very tasteful.  A lot of bold and bright colours have been thrown together to create amazing spaces, full of fun and creativity.  There are no rules here, there are no limits to colours and there is definitely no matching but the rooms are a treat for the eyes and also a treat for their super lucky inhabitants:

"colourful kids rooms"

While browsing Apartment Therapy, I was suddenly hit with this burst of colour which made me stop and take a look.  This room screams colour; every possible shade you can think of is part of this room.  Bold patterns and prints and even more colour in the form of toys and art come together to create a retro inspired space so inviting and so perfect for a little kid.

"colourful kids room ideas"

This room is full of  vintage wallpapers in a range of shades from blue to pink to purple and more.  Then you’ve got red, orange and yellow thrown in to the mix in the form of toys and accessories.  It does look pretty amazing, don’t you think?  I found this at the cool vintage store that is Retrovilla.

"colourful girls rooms"

Even though this girls room uses white as a backdrop, there is plenty of vibrant colour in the space.  I love the clashing pink and red tutu’s as well as the colourful crochet bed covers that all add to the charm of this space.  I spotted this room over at The boo and the boy.

"vintage inspired playroom"

"bohemian style kids playroom"

"vintage kids bedroom"

Born in Marrakech in 2003, Zid Zid Kids is a brand of kids homewares, toys and accessories that really stand out from the crowd.  With strong Moroccan design influences their collections are rich and playful.  The other day while browsing Milk Magazine I stumbled across their home… their riad in Marrakech and it was love.  I’m especially crazy for their kiddy spaces which are oozing bohemian charm.  There’s nothing staged about these spaces; I can only really describe it as effortless style, the only kind of style to have.  There are many of their own products scattered around the home which only adds to the incredible charm of the place.  I love the colours chosen for each room, I love the ceiling lights and I love their almost random and ecclectic choice of wall hangings.  In fact, I love it all. 

When you’re thinking colours for your toddler or kids room, black & white probably don’t even come up.  It’s definitely not the most popular choice of colour scheme for a kiddy room but if done right, it works and how!  Black and white rooms can look super stunning and can really have the wow factor.  It may not be for everyone but I’m a big fan and I’ve rounded up 5 kids rooms that do black & white oh so well:

"black and white kids room"

"black and white kids room decor"

"black and white kids room ideas"

I love them all but if I had to choose a favourite, I think it would be number 2.  I love how the black and white cars with hints of red are placed by the window and I love the bed too.  I also like the idea of having a chalkboard wall as they’ve done in rooms 4 and 5. It’s easy to do and any kid would love it. 

Image credits: 1. French by Design  2. Style files  3. Think decor  4. Onszelf  5. The want monster

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