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Happy crochet toys

February 29, 2012

"crochet animal toys"

I had a post all planned for today but when I came across these adorable crochet toys and soft toys, I ditched the planned post in favour of these lovelies.  I’m a bit crochet mad anyway and these happy, bright and colourful toys just brought a big smile to my face as soon as I spotted them.  They’re by a Danish company called Small Stuff and besides the crochet ones, I’m also loving the other soft toys… the spotted baby dinosaurs are just too cute and there are also some super sweet dinosaurs on skates which you’ll find on their site.  These toys would make great gifts for a newborn and I’m sure the mama in question would be pleased too.  You can visit Small Stuff to see more of these toys; their site is currently only in Danish but they’re working on an English version.

"christmas gifts for newborn babies"

My next Christmas 2011 gift list is here and today it’s all about gifts for newborns and little babies.  While newborns don’t need much more than milk and their mama’s, it’s always so nice to spoil and indulge them and Christmas is the best excuse.  There are some wonderful goodies out there for babies, so I searched the web and found you some of the absolutely best little toys, gifts and clothes for the newest arrivals in your life.  Here’s the lovely list (almost making me want a newborn again!):

1.  Beautiful liberty print bib and booties gift set by the gorgeous French label Eponime.

2.  Soft and so cuddly is this floppy little sheep by Les Petites Emplettes.  From Smallable.com

3.  Cute little body with a simple bunny drawing by WoWo.

4.  A quirky royal blue elephant musical toy by the colourful Clemence G boutique.

5.  A book full of bold black and white images – perfect eye candy for little babies.  Called Mesmerised it’s by Katey Love.

6.  Soft and beautiful are these gorgeous cotton quilts by Ketiketa.  From Smallable.com

7.  Gorgeous ruby red booties by the stylish Album Di Famiglia. From Little Fashion Gallery

8.  Soft and pretty cloth blocks for decoration or to play with by Mimilou. From Orfeo Design.

9.  Gorgeous little hanging musical toy for the pram, car seat or cot.  Made by one of my favourite stores – Esthex.

10.  What an adorable little vest sweater with a mustache on it.  Love it.  This is one you’ll have to knit yourself but you’ll find the pattern here.  Lucky for me, my mother in law is a fab knitter so I’m definitely getting one of these.*

For lots more gift ideas for kids, check out our other gift guides: Paper gifts, soft toyskids books and wooden toys.

* Via Mimi’s blog

"Hand made doll by Dents de Loup"I so wish this had been my attic toy.  You know your favourite soft toy that your mama can’t bear to part with it so she puts it away in the attic.  Fast forward 20 years when you find it and all those warm, fuzzy feelings rush back and you give it to your bambino.  My attic toy was actually quite creepy so it never came out of the attic (mum, what were you thinking?!).   Nowhere near as cool as this oh so adorable hand made doll.  If only…

This stripy knitted doll is by Dents de Loup (wolf teeth)… I love their store name too. They come in other colours including yellow, orange, green and pink.  Perfect for your newborn or a gift for someone else’s.  The little knitted doll can hang out in the cot or pram keeping your bambino company until it graduates to a clutch toy.  So sweet.  I’m not normally a knitted doll fan but then I’d never seen this one.  To get this hand made doll, head to Dents de Loup’s etsy store where they cost $18 plus $5 shipping to anywhere in the world.  And while you’re there, don’t miss the doll with the red shoes and super fancy coat.

Cuddles a la carte

July 27, 2011

 "Knuffels a la carte soft toys"

*Knuffels = cuddles in Dutch

Have you ever seen a more weird and wonderful bunch of characters all in one place? I can honestly say I haven’t.  When I discovered Knuffels a la carte (actually they discovered me… happy days!)  I couldn’t wait to share.  What a fantastically whacky store that makes you want to reach out and grab all the delicious creatures on display. They sell only soft toys but you won’t find any run of the mill ones here. Expect quirky, imaginative, eccentric looking beings for babies, kids and even adults too.

Knuffels a la carte are based in the Netherlands but stock soft toys from around the globe.  I can only think of their goodies as the creme de la creme of soft toys. On offer are a variety of soft creatures of every description including soft toy dolls, a very cool soft toy mouse called Snooshy (don’t miss his scarf!), a soft toy alien and even a cuddly cactus. If you fancy a cuddle from one of these quirky chaps, head over to Knuffels a la carte. Prices start from €7.50, there’s plenty in the €20-€30 price range and shipping to Europe is from €4.  They ship worldwide too from €7.50.  The really difficult bit is choosing just one.

"KLT works soft toys for babies"

Ooh… the colours, the bold fabrics, the little characters all together are making my excitement levels shoot through the roof!  I love discovering a super creative mama and that’s just what today is about.  KLT: works is the label of Kristin Loffer Theiss, an American mama of one.  She makes the yummiest looking soft toys, mobiles, cushions and more.  And her formula for creating such beauties: everything’s made by hand with lots of heart and bags of passion.  A winning formula if you ask me!  Back to these little soft toys, each character comes with a little expression (have you seen the wise owl?) and gigantic eyes in colours so hot, I could cry!  The soft toys cost between $25 and $40 and shipping is $15 (to the UK but of course cheaper to the US).  Check out Kristin’s creations at KLT: works and prepare to be wowed.

*KLT: works spotted at Spunky Sprout.

So hektik, so cool

September 8, 2010

Meet Kiki, Mooo, Xi-Xi, Hipp and their friends.  They’re just some of the characters created by the Dutch-Austrain combo, Hektik.  The characters appear on t-shirts, key rings and as rattles and soft toys.  There’s a serious element of Japanese coolness to them which is making me dizzy with desire.

"Hektik cool kids tshirt""hektik baby tshirt"

"cool baby top hektik"

All the characters have a little story to tell – mooo’s got fond memories of India while bzzz is harbouring a secret crush.  You can read all about it on the Hektik site.  The tees come in long and short sleeve, cost €25, the soft toy/rattles cost €19 and shipping is from €4.

"cool baby soft toy""Hektik soft toy""hektik baby rattle"

"frog toy for baby""Hektik pig soft toy"

Checkout ebabee, our little auction site.

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