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For me no room in any home is complete without some art.  Kids rooms are no exception but usually I’m not a fan of the over cute, over colourful, cartoon style art.  There are some exceptions but generally I prefer ageless art; something everybody can relate to.  I also prefer art that grows with your child so you don’t have to replace it every few years.  When I came across these posters, they were exactly the kind of art that could go on the walls of any room of a home but something everybody can connect with.  Striking and minimal, these animal posters are cool and really draw you in.  There are a load of animals from bats to koalas but my favourite is the simplest of them all – the whales.  I especially love these black and white animal posters for a bright, white modern baby nursery.

*via one of my favourite pinners Kickcan & Conkers

A natural nursery…

October 16, 2013

"natural nursery decor ideas"Lately I’ve been coming across many Scandinavian homes decorated with lots of natural wood.   The look is clean and minimal but still very warm.  So I started thinking about using natural wood with natural colours and fabrics for decorating a baby nursery.   It’s ideal for boy or girl so if you don’t know what you’re having, you can still go ahead and decorate without compromising.  And since the wood is bare, you can even make some of the furniture yourself,  like storage shelves and simple tables.  And the best part is that it’s not a look your child will outgrow in a hurry.  Here are a few things I picked out that would work well in a natural nursery:

1. bear print…  2. toy shelf…  3. elephant soft toy…  4. pale spotted duvet set…  5.  luminous linen star light…  6. caravan crib in natural.

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"world map wallpaper kids rooms"One of my biggest personal ambitions is to see as much of the world as I can and to share this experience with my husband and daughter.  I love discovering new cultures, cuisines and places that can seem so different yet familiar at the same time.  It fascinates me that the world is getting smaller and nearly everywhere is so accessible these days.  My husband and I have a list of places we ‘need’ to visit and are working our way through these whenever we can.  Top of our list for a long while had been Argentina and Uruguay and we eventually got there this January.  It was a thrill!  New list topper is China and we hope to make it there sometime in the next year or two.  We do spend far too much time dreaming about all the places we could see right away if we won the lottery… but then again, everyone’s got to have dreams! "map art in kids rooms"We would love our 4 year old daughter to grow up with a curiosity about our small world, about different yet similar cultures, about food and new experiences.  To encourage her we bought her a globe for her room and play silly, made-up travel games centered around where she lives, where her extended family live and where she’s going on holiday.  Now I’m considering re-doing her room and I’m thinking of complementing the globe with a map of the world on the wall.  She can then pin pictures, souvenirs, postcards or whatever she likes and really make it her personal map.  But I also think maps make lovely wall art and are as great as any other art for any room in the home.  "maps in kids rooms"So I  went on the hunt for some kids rooms with maps and the above are what I found.  The choices are many ranging from vintage to modern and single countries to the entire world.  They can be as colourful and artistic or as traditional and accurate as you like.  I’m also loving the idea of having a globe light.  Maps are great for encouraging a child to want to know more about our world or their country but they are fabulous wall candy too.

Image credits: 1. Mr Perswall…  2. Babble…  3. Room to bloom…  4. Decopeques…  5. Apartment therapy

Feeling green…

May 17, 2013

"green kids room decorations"Yesterday my daughter had a play date with another little girl and they got hooked on the colour green.  The two girls kept saying ‘green’ louder and louder and then bursting in to fits of laughter.  They then started adding an extra word and coming up with things like ‘green toast’, ‘green dog’… the idea being to pair it with something that most definitely isn’t green.  This produced more laughter and eventually the inevitable bathroom humour ensued followed by the loudest giggles ever!  I don’t know how 4 year old minds work but I do know this little game tickled them pink!  While I didn’t take part in the game, it did get me thinking of the colour green and I realised I’d never done a green post.  I always think that green isn’t a colour I’m naturally drawn to but then again there are so many shades of it that there really is a green for everyone (my personal favourite is mint green) and so I thought it would be fun to look for a few things in different shades of green and here’s what I found:

1.  green linen sunsuit by wolfechild…  2.  minty green toddler duvet set by garbo & friends…  3.  forest green firs pillowcase by fine little day…  4.   shades of green bird poster by silke bonde…  5.  ice-cream green playhouse by lucky boy sunday…  6. dark green book called Grandpa Green by Lane Smith.

Happy weekend all and see you next week!

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