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"yellow baby room decor ideas"With all the sunshine here in the UK, I ‘m really feeling inspired by the colour yellow.  It’s one of my favourite colours for a baby room because it’s such a happy colour.  Yellow works so well for a boy or girl nursery but needs lots of white with it otherwise it can be a little overwhelming.  I’ve put together a little yellow nursery inspiration board with white walls and hints of other colours to inspire you in case you’re looking for unisex nursery decor ideas:

1.  yellow pendant light | 2.  bright red apple print | 3.  dotty wallpaper | 4.  knitted toy storage baskets | 5.  yellow plush doll | 6. dotted cabinet | 7.  vintage inspired kids chair | 8. yellow linen bed set

P.S. While I was searching for yellow nursery decor, I found one of the top related searches was ‘is yellow bad for baby room’?  Apparently, according to the internet, too much yellow (yellow walls, yellow furniture etc) makes babies cry!  I’ve never heard this before, have you?

Kids and babies don’t actually need a lot of space.  Their things need space but they are happiest in cosy little spaces.  So I’m really loving the idea of creating a little space for your child within your bigger space.  Maybe taking a corner of your living room and putting in a cute desk or carving out a small wall area in your bedroom and placing your new baby’s cot there.  I love that doing this allows you all to be in the same space but you can still be doing different things along side each other.  And this a great way to maximise the space in your home especially if it’s limited.  I’ve picked out a few inspiring examples of where this is done really well:

"creating a nursery corner in your bedroom"

When Anya was born, we didn’t decorate a nursery for her because we knew we wanted her to be in our room for quite a while.  So instead we decorated a small area of our room with a cot, a mobile, a storage basket and a poster.   That was not only much easier to do but it was also really nice to be all together.  I didn’t take any pictures at the time but I’ve found these two baby spaces that are lovely.

"create a nursery corner in your bedroom"

Just as these two beautiful nursery spaces pictured above show, you don’t need to take up too much room to create a little haven for your baby within your bedroom.  And you can easily choose a style to complement the rest of your room.

"vintage and modern desk spaces for kids"

Another great way to share your living space with your kids is to create a desk or play area in your living room, your kitchen or wherever else you spend a lot of family time.  I love the first picture that has used the corner of the living room so well and the washi tape house helps to creatively mark out the space.  But if you prefer to keep it simpler and use even less space, you could create a more minimal and contained spot like the second and third pictures. 

When I enter a home where I know there are kids, I like to see some evidence of them.  I’m not talking about being untidy and having toys strewn all over the place, but of seeing a little play space or a shelf full of kids books and toys;  something like the spaces above.  Kids things add character and charm to a space and besides it’s lovely to be able to share all your living spaces as a whole family.  With the lovely and budget friendly kids furniture and decor available at the moment from high-street brands like George Home, there’s no excuse to hide it all away.

This post is brought to you in partnership with George Home.  All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners that allow me to bring you content like this.

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"modern nursery bedding and cushions""cute rugs for kids rooms""modern nursery boutique uk"I’m loving this cute store that I just discovered.  The Modern Baby was started by Suzanne, a mama who had a vision of a store full of things that would grow with your child.  The Modern Baby has lots of colourful nursery and kids room decorations, bed linen, soft toys and so much more.  The product styles include modern, vintage and retro and the looks are all stylish and fun. It’s probably one of the best nursery ranges I’ve come across in a UK store.  I’m especially loving the way they’ve photographed their products which perfectly reflects the stores playful and stylish personality.  All the products featured are sold by The Modern Baby and the beautiful styling is thanks to talented design agency Supa Frank where you can see lots more photos to drool over.  While The Modern Baby is based in the UK they ship worldwide so go take a look… there’s lots to discover.


A modern crib…

April 2, 2013

"walnut baby cot crib"Oeuf NYC is a firm favourite on this blog and I’ve been meaning to share their latest cot offering – The Rhea Crib.  I loved it when I saw it especially in the darker walnut colour.  It’s modern style, clean lines and dark splendour got me at first sight.

"sustainable wooden nursery furniture"While admiring the Rhea crib I also came across Oeuf’s new Spring/Summer 2013 campaign which shows lots of fun and colourful nurseries and kids rooms.  I’m completely loving their choice of wallpapers especially the black floral one which is so impactful.  And that neon dotted wall is another lovely touch.  I love finding and sharing cool kids rooms and Oeuf’s new catalogue is full of playful and pretty ideas.

"nursery and kids room furniture"

Last Friday I wrote about Fanny & Alexander, a wonderful store from Buenos Aires.  In that post I mentioned that I am visiting Argentina in January (so excited!).  I then got a lovely comment from one of my Argentinian readers and we began exchanging emails.  Sadly I won’t be able to meet her as I am not visiting the city she lives in but it’s been fun chatting to her.  That is one of my absolute favourite parts of writing this blog – hearing from you, my readers.  I have had contact with many people from across the globe because of this blog and I hope to meet some of them one day.  It was this Argentinian reader who told me about Krethaus and I was besotted.  Thank you Soledad for sharing this lovely store.

"handmade furniture for kids"

Krethaus are also from Buenos Aires and make furniture, cushions, bedding and rugs for kids and babies.  Their designs are simple with clean lines and muted colours.  I’m totally loving all those cushions… how cute is the red mustache one?  And that kids bed?  I love the simple yet dramatic headboard and the natural wood.  Using lots of natural materials throughout their creations all of Krethaus’ furniture is handmade making it even more special.  They describe their designs as having a ‘quiet elegance’ and I have to agree.  I am really loving discovering all these gorgeous stores from Buenos Aires and I shall be adding Krethaus to my list of places to visit when I am there.  I don’t think Krethaus ship internationally yet but you could always drop them a line and I’m sure they’ll help. 

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mama & baby…

October 11, 2012

"baby chest of drawers"

This week’s picks for mama and baby… let mama sip her coffee in this birdy cup and saucer while baby decorates his room with that duck inspired chest of drawers*.

 *via design milk 

"scandinavian kids decor"

When I was in school, maths was one of my favourite subjects (so geeky, I know!).  I felt completely at one with algebra, logic and even calculus but there was one branch of maths that was a thorn in my side and that was geometry.  How the tables have turned since then… I’ve forgotten all my complex equations but I can’t resist a good geometric pattern.  Not quite the same as studying geometry but it’s those exact same shapes I dreaded seeing that now bring such delight.  And so when I saw the goodies offered by OYOY, a new Danish interior design shop, I was smitten.  I first spotted their clean designs adorned with geometric patterns over at Paul et Paula and I knew I had to share them here.  

"geometric patterns for kids"

From the colourful hexagon bed linen to the cushions adorned with a range of shapes, OYOY’s style is minimal, clean and very Scandinavian.  They use lots of shapes throughout their creations but without ever over-doing it.  Less is more is their design ethos and it clearly shows.  While there are things aimed specifically at kids, I think much of the beauty lies in the ageless appeal of everything they offer.  The colour scheme of using lots of neutrals with pops of neon is really appealing too.  I’ve always been very partial to Scandi design and OYOY is another great new example of Scandi design at it’s best.  Forget algebra, I now know that geometry is the way to go!

"scandinavian kids room decor"

Pretty pastels…

July 24, 2012

"pastel coloured furniture"

I’m sure my heart stopped for a second when I fell upon the exquisite store and goodies of Mimmi Staaf, a designer and upholsterer from Stockholm.  The first thing I saw was a sea of pastels which were at once soft yet striking… lots of furniture in pale blues, purples and pinks that are oh so pleasing to the eye and would be fit for mama or baby.

"elephant stool, origami mobile"

On digging further I found that Mimmi re-styles and restores old furniture which she sells along with other delectable pieces for the home and for kids.  Take this little elephant stool or that origami mobile; both are beautiful pieces with lots of charm and style.   That’s what you can expect to find across Mimmi’s store and I also love that practically all her offerings will appeal to any age.

"crochet baby blankets"

Mimmi also makes some stunning crochet pieces including baby blankets, bedspreads and stool covers.  The way in which she is able to combine colours and bring pieces to life is nothing short of exquisite.  Mimmi’s store is dripping with style and the only bit of bad news is that she doesn’t yet sell online but from what I could decipher (through google translate) I think she might start soon.  In the meantime visit her site Mimmi Staaf or head to Stockholm and visit the store… I know I want to.

In the past I’ve found some fabulous vintage furniture for kids but I haven’t had quite as much luck with the modern stuff.  Today I remembered a range of beautiful modern kids furniture that I had come across a while ago.  I’ve actually seen some of these pieces in a shop and they are even more beautiful than in the pictures.  This is the kind of eye-candy furniture that you’ll want in full view in your home, rather than tucked away in some obscure corner.

"kids play bench"

"modern bench for kids"

Made in Germany by Sirch, all the pieces are practical without being boring or bland in anyway.  I love the bright green and red felt against the natural wood and I love the simple, elegant, unfussy shape of this bench that is perfect for playing or reading. 

"modern desk and chair kids"

"desk and chair for kids"

This desk and chair combo has to be my favourite of the entire collection.  This is the piece I’ve seen in a shop and even my husband did a double take!  The design is minimal but stunning… the soft curves with the straight lines, the pale wood with the bold felt, the complimentary shapes of the chair and the desk come together to create a piece of beauty.  Also included in the collection is an equally covetable chair and stool combo.  To see all these and the rest of the range, head to smallable.com

Cool knitted cabinets

March 30, 2012

"portable knitted cabinet"

I am loving these knitted cabinets… how cool are they?!  And they not only look amazing but they’re portable too.  They can work in any kiddy or adult space but I’m especially loving it for a baby and toddler room.  The cabinet can be placed on the legs or on the floor so making it accessible for small hands too.  You can store all manner of things from toys to books to clothes for the bambino.  I’m picturing a rustic, bohemian chic nursery with lots of vintage touches and one of these cabinets to finish off the look.

"knitted cabinet for a nursery"

These knitted cabinets are designed by Beril Cicek, a young Turkish designer.  She focuses on hand made products using natural materials especially wood.  To find out more about these gorgeous cabinets visit Beril’s site.

* Via Cirkus ** Image 3 via Elle

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