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"japanese origami paper"When I was a kid I remember being obsessed with origami.  It wasn’t just the beautiful art of folding paper that fascinated me but also the paper itself.  The detailed Japanese prints and bright, vivid colours, the smooth feel of the paper and the soft sheen all really grabbed me.  I remember using my origami sets to painstakingly cover my notebooks, pencil cases and anything else that I could manage.  And I always kept a secret stash of this paper hidden away in a drawer just in case… I’m sure I never had an origami paper emergency but I was always prepared!  So when I discovered Adeline Klam and her beautiful store it took me back to my ‘origami days’ and I was smitten.

"origami craft book"Adeline Klam’s boutique is brimming with origami sets, Japanese fabrics, origami ornaments and much more.  She also uses the beautiful paper to make lamps, tissue boxes, photo albums and other little things for the home.  But if you’re more of a DIY’er, Adeline has put together craft books on ideas of how to use this paper.  There’s of course an origami book but there’s also a super cute book on kokeshi dolls and how to turn these wonderful little ladies in to all manner of everyday objects from cushions to paper garlands.  Discovering this store has really re-kindled my origami love and I can’t wait to indulge in this craft with my daughter who is a bit young at the moment but soon, very soon I shall introduce her to to this wonderful and beautiful paper craft. 

"flower print gift wrap"Today I’ve got my eye on this oh so pretty wrapping paper by Australian brand Love Mae, the creation of 2 mama’s – Emily and Peta.  As Love Mae says ‘paper this nice should not be restricted to just wrapping presents’ and I couldn’t agree more.  I love the idea of covering notebooks with it or even using it as origami paper.  You could also create the most gorgeous garlands and bunting for your little girls room.  If you’re a crafty type then I’m sure you can think of hundreds more uses but if you’re not check out Love Mae’s blog where they have many tutorials on creating lovely little things with their paper.  And if you do just choose to wrap presents with it, you can rest assured your gifts will look utterly gorgeous! 

"floral wrapping paper"If Emily and Peta are reading I have one request – please could you turn these in to wallpaper too?  Head to Love Mae to check out the paper.

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