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honey soy chicken skewers kids

As we are getting closer and closer to the party season, I wanted to share some of my favourite party food recipes.  Party food should always look as good as it tastes but for me shouldn’t involve too much last minute prep – you want to be able to spend time with your guests too.  Easy, tasty and pretty is my motto! Last week I shared my mini fish & chips recipe and this week it’s these delicious honey soy and ginger chicken skewers.  Small enough to be picked up by little or large hands, these chicken skewers are great for any kind of gathering – kids birthday parties, adult festive parties or mixed family gatherings. I usually serve them for mixed parties as it’s something everybody loves.  Always make more than you think you’ll need because believe me when I say that these chicken skewers are so more-ish that they disappear in minutes!

Makes: 20 skewers

20 mini chicken breast fillets (you can also use regular breasts sliced lengthways in to strips)
3 cloves garlic crushed
3 cm piece fresh ginger grated
3 tbs soya sauce
2 tbs honey
2 tsp soft brown sugar
2 tbs sesame seeds toasted
2 spring onions finely chopped (optional)

honey soy ginger chicken skewers

Put the garlic, ginger, soy sauce, honey and brown sugar in a large bowl and mix well.  Add the mini chicken breast fillets and stir well so that all the chicken pieces are well coated in the marinade.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours but preferably overnight.

Remove the chicken from the fridge about 30 minutes before you’re ready to cook.  In the meantime toast the sesame seeds on a hot, dry frying pan till they turn light golden brown.  Remove the chicken strips from the marinade and thread on to bamboo skewers – one strip per skewer.  Put under a hot grill for around 7-9 minutes, turning halfway through.  It’s really important not to overcook the chicken as it will get really hard so keep an eye on it at all times.  You want it so that the chicken is just cooked through and the honey/sugar caramelises to a nice golden brown colour.

make grilled chicken on a stick

Arrange the skewers on a platter or I sometimes like to stand them up in a jam jar, scatter with the toasted sesame seeds and chopped spring onions (if using) and watch them disappear!  I like to serve a bit of sweet chilli dipping sauce on the side but this isn’t essential.

Thinking pink…

October 5, 2012

"pink toys and pink party food"

My daughter turns 4 in a couple of months and I asked her what kind of party she would like.  Her answer, without a seconds hesitation was ‘I want a pink party’!  So, a pink {and white} party it will be.  I’ve been searching the web for ideas to create a tasteful pink party and I have found many like these cute bunny cookies.  The plan is to have lots of white in there too, to balance out the pink.  I’ve started putting together a pink party inspiration board on pinterest and if you’re on there you’ll know just how fun and perfect pinterest is for something like this.  So that was the inspiration behind today’s post.  I’m seeing pink everywhere and thought I would share a few things I’ve liked in the last few days; some are party related but others are just lovely pink things.   I hope you like them too and have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

1.  Adorable bunny cookies with fluffy little tails… 2.  A cute owl poster for a kids room… 3.  A cool pink wooden tank toy that even I feel like playing with… 4.  Neon and wood mini elf decorations for Christmas or any party.

Lovely lilac things…

August 17, 2012

"lilac dress for girls"

A short while ago I wrote about some pretty pink things as my daughter is obsessed with the colour pink.  Many of you really enjoyed the post (thanks for letting me know) so I went to my daughter to inquire about her second favourite colour.  According to her the second best colour in the whole wide world is purple or lilac as I prefer to call it.  So here are some lilac goodies for you:

1.  Love this chic Italian polka dotted dress with the stylish tie detail.

2.  A cute and hug-able star shaped cushion to decorate a baby’s cot or a kid’s bed.

3.  A cool feather headband for dress up play or to add a bit of drama to any outfit.

4.  Delicious looking lollipops with violets and pansies… how pretty are these?!

This past weekend I was browsing Paper blog when some brown mustaches caught my eye.  On delving deeper I found a beautiful site filled with utterly divine looking recipes and I’ve picked out some that I think would make super fun food for kids parties.  I know I’m going  to include some of these for my daugther’s next birthday bash:

"sweet treats for kids parties"

You’d never dream of eating a mustache but how delicious do these chocolate mustache lollipops look?  So perfect as a sweet treat for a kids birthday party.  But I don’t think the adults will be able to resist either!  (I NEED these at my kid’s next birthday do.)

"fun kids party food"

Put these heart shaped pies on a stick and teddy bear bread rolls on your kids party menu and watch all the kids make a beeline for them.  You can fill them with whatever you like… sweet or savoury or maybe even a few of each.  With the pies, you can go for any shape you like including stars, circles (lollipop pies!), triangles… the list is endless. 

"fun party food kids"

I love this idea of elevating a simple cupcake to new heights!  These balloon cupcakes look so pretty and best of all you don’t need to spend hours decorating with icing to make them in to a party treat.  This couldn’t be simpler but has a huge wow factor. 

All these divine looking (and I’m sure tasting) treats are the creation of Sandra Mangas Hernandez, a Spanish mama who has a flair for creating extraordinary food.  Sandra gives much of her food, especially the kids stuff, a fun and exciting twist making it extremely inviting to eat.  Serve up any of these inspired treats at your kids next birthday do and you’ll impress not only the kids but the adults too, not to mention how stunning and tempting your table will look.  You’ll find all these recipes and more at Sandra’s blog called La recita de la felicidad and thankfully there’s an English version of the site too.

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