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ways to display kids artwork

What do you do with all of your kids artworks?  Do you find it piles up so quickly that it gets out of hand?  The art in our home is produced daily which is fabulous on the one hand but on the other I really don’t know what to do with it all.  I’ve always displayed some of it by putting a few pieces on our fridge and blu-tacking others on to a wall (which kept falling off) in the kitchen and then I would change them every couple of months for newer pieces.  I save a few others in a folder and the rest go in the bin at night (naughty mama!).  But it’s impossible to keep all of your kids artwork so I think you have to be selective.

display kids artwork frame

With our new home which we are renovating from scratch I want to be more organised.  Our new fridge will be built-in so I won’t be able to display any art on it.  And besides I want to make a dedicated and permanent space for Anya’s art, not treat it like an afterthought.  So while I was hunting for ways to display kids artwork I came across these slot-in picture frames.  They are designed specially for kids art and come in a range of sizes to accommodate one or more pieces of art.  The frames themselves are very simple so they really allow the art to stand out and can also be used no matter what your decor.  I’m thinking of having an entire wall in a hallway or in the kitchen filled with these frames to make a colourful and fun gallery wall.  But what I love most about these kids art frames is how easily you can slot in new pieces of art.  No tape, no blu-tack, no constantly falling off the wall, no mess, just drop it in and change as and when you wish.  These kids artwork display frames don’t solve the problem of what to do with all the art but they are a fab idea for displaying your favourite pieces easily.

If you have some other ideas for displaying and storing kids artwork, do share in the comments.

P.S. If you want a few more ideas to get organised check out this fab entrance hall storage idea and  some ideas on how to store those soft toys.

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