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Anya loves dressing up.  Like any 5 year old girl she is very in to the whole Disney princess thing but I’m relieved that she is equally keen to dress up as a pirate or a witch or her latest obsession of being a superhero.  That’s why she was delighted when she received this cute bunny superhero t-shirt with attached cape.  Of course she wanted to try it out immediately and we thought that it would be even more fun if we went the whole hog – with mask and tights and all.

"superhero tshirt for kids""superhero cape tshirt"

With the caped t-shirt on and the mask painted, Anya took her superhero role very seriously!  Running through the park, jumping off wooden poles and even pretending to fly.

"superehro outfits for girls"

Being a girl superhero, Anya of course had to stop to collect daisies.   That’s what I love about these t-shirts by Le Macchinine Design – they’re great for boy or girl and they’re so comfy too.  So even though they can be for dressing up, they’re perfect everyday wear too.  We got the bunny one but there are cool foxes, lions and owls too.  It’s such a sweet and simple idea to attach a cape to a t-shirt and once worn, Anya took on a completely new persona.  I love clothes like these that encourage pretend play and allow a kids imagination to fly.

"superhero dress up costume""superhero tshirt unisex"

While superheroes always save the day, every once in a while, even they need a helping hand from their daddys! 

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My secret hideout…

October 18, 2013

"kids play tents and tipis"A mini house within a house has got to be one of childhood’s biggest pleasures.   Hiding out in a play tent or tipi and imaging all sorts of adventures is so much fun for any kid.  I think every little kid should have one whether bought or just put together.  There are so many ways to create a secret hide out and make it work in the space you have like this house shaped bed or that mattress and cushions on the floor with some pretty fabric thrown over.  But the most awesome one has to be that green yurt inside which is that super lucky kids entire bedroom!

Have a fun weekend!

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mama & baby…

February 14, 2013

"wooden toy camera"This week’s pick for mama & baby… let mama stay warm with this 2 tone scarf while baby plays with that wooden toy camera.

A perfect hideout…

January 25, 2013

"kids play tent"

Every time we have a play date, the one thing my daughter and her friends always ask to play with is her circus tent.  I set it up and in they disappear.  They often have tea parties in the tent and I supply biscuits as it pleases them no end.  But otherwise they just stay in there with a few select toys and all I hear is squeals of delight.  I think it’s the whole idea of having a hideout, a place where the adults are unlikely to come that really appeals to them.  All children love this kind of play and I even remember loving it as a kid where me and my brother would make tents out of sheets and chairs and play under there for hours.  I still think the best way to play ‘tents’ is to make your own hideout but if you want a ready made hideout then I love these ones by Such Great Heights.

"kids play tent"

From Australia, these Wonder Tents are covered in lovely geometric fabrics, plain fabrics or in some retro inspired ones which are my favourites.  They fold up and come with their own carry case so can be stored and moved around easily.  Which kid wouldn’t delight in owning one of these?  Such Great Heights also make some adventure capes which would add to the whole pretend play fun but I think it’s these tents that are the stars of the show. 

"princess and the pea doll set"You might be wondering what exactly the picture above is… I wondered the same when I saw it but I knew that I had to find out more.  It’s a Princess and the Pea playset.  How cute is that?  Seven handmade mattresses have been covered in vintage fabrics and topped with a wool felt pea.  They all come packaged in a muslin bag with an embroidered quote from the story.  Any kid who knows the fairytale will delight in playing with this.  This is the creation of 2 mums who were armed with little more than a sewing machine, bags of unwanted wool and fabrics when they decided to start a little boutique called Seven Smooches.

"fox elephant finger puppet"

Everything is hand made at Seven Smooches who also make clothes, hats, blankets and other cute little things for kids.  But it’s their play things that really got my attention like these adorable finger puppets each of which come with a little accessory.  It’s the imagination and the level of detail that go in to their creations that really make them special.  Seven Smooches don’t seem to have updated their site recently as there are only collections from 2011, but you can go here for the Princess and Pea set and here for the finger puppets.

mama & baby…

August 9, 2012

"wooden toy camera"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these candy coloured wooden stools while baby plays with that colour popping wooden toy camera.

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