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One of the things I try and stock up on for the longer school holidays is books for Anya.  I mix it up with some new books as well as pull out old books that she hasn’t looked at for a while.  This is exactly what I did before the long Easter/Spring break.  I always try and include a few different types of books to keep her interested so I’ll maybe include a puzzle book, a story book and a joke book or a fact book.

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"puzzle activity books for kids 6 years"

While Christmas shopping for Anya I came across these kids activity books which literally jumped out at me possibly because of their striking black and neon colours.  I picked up one and had a quick flick through and thought it looked pretty good.  So I bought it for her and she has loved it.  We got the orange ‘Definitely not for chickens’ one which is full of drawing puzzles, number activities, memory games and lots more.  Some pages are easier than others but all offer pretty engaging things to do.  There are five different books in total each with different puzzles and activities.

"best activity books for kids 6 years"

Apart from being really fun for kids, these quirky Totally Twisted Puzzle books are nicely illustrated and use the same colour scheme inside and on the cover making it all very striking to look at.  I’m planning to get another one once Anya has gone through the first one.  It’s been a great book to take along when you need your child to be entertained (rather than giving them an ipad/iphone).  Recently while planning our house renovation, we’ve had to spend hours at kitchen/bathroom/flooring shops and this book has been the thing we’ve taken along to keep Anya occupied.  I also love these books to give as party favours or small gifts.

"11 of the best activity books for kids"

My absolute favourite thing to gift kids is books – any kind of book from story books, to picture books to activity books.  Christmas gifts for Anya would not be complete without at least one book included but usually I give her many more.  If you’re crazy for kids books too then you’ll love today’s round-up of gifts.  I’ve chosen a range of the best kids activity books out there from drawing books to puzzles to colouring books.  These activity books are for a range of ages mostly from around 4 to 8 years but even younger kids can get stuck in with your help.  Here’s the selection:

1. Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists | 2. My Cut-Out Pictures | 3. Paper Play: Roll it. Rip it. Fold it. Snip it! | 4. Colour Me In!: An activity book | 5. Atlas of Adventures | 6. Illustration School: Let’s Draw (book and sketchpad) | 7. My Monster Bubble Writer Book | 8. Mobile Art | 9. Maps Activity Book | 10. Make Your Mark: The Drawing Book for Children | 11. Animal Kingdom – A Colouring Book Adventure

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