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"vintage furniture and toys for kids"

This is probably one of the best vintage shops I have come across.  They have a lovely selection of vintage toys and furniture for kids as well as some stunning vintage pieces for the home too.   That vintage child’s desk is stunning in it’s simplicity as is that ride-on wooden car.  Most of the pieces in this shop are one of a kind and very hard to find.  If you love vintage furniture then I highly recommend this vintage shop.

A vintage workspace…

August 27, 2013

"vintage kids desks"Next week is going to be a big week in this house as my daughter Anya starts school for the first time ever.  She’s very excited by the idea of going to ‘big’ school and I am also very excited for her.  But my excitement is tinged with a bit of apprehension as I feel she’s only 4 and how will she manage in big school.  Of course I know she will as they all do but still the first day is going to be a huge bitter sweet moment for me.  With all this talk about school I started thinking about school desks.  Anya probably doesn’t need a desk yet but I found some inspiring vintage kids workspaces on pinterest that I wanted to share.  I think having a vintage desk and chair adds a lot of charm and character and I’d definitely go for vintage over modern when I create a desk area for Anya.  If you’re looking to set up a little workspace for your kiddo then these spaces will hopefully inspire you.  My favourite is the first one but I also love the vintage desk that has been adorned with white polka dots.  

A vintage dream…

September 14, 2012

"vintage baby crib"

I’m always dreaming of how I’ll decorate the next house we move to.  We have no plans to move right now but that doesn’t stop me.  My most frequent daydream is about my daughters room.  I change my mind daily about which pieces of furniture I want for her room, but I never change my mind about the style of decor.  It’s going to be vintage; possibly vintage with modern accents but mostly old.  And today I’ve found a shop where I’m lusting after all their vintage furniture.  From their school desks, to kids chairs and even their vintage cribs {though I don’t have a tiny baby}, I want it all.  I mean how gorgeous is that pink crib?

"vintage rattan crib"

And then there’s this minty green child’s desk and chair set… luckily it’s sold otherwise I might have been on my way to France to buy it!  L’Atelier du petit parc really do find some exquisite pieces but since they’re all one off’s they get sold quite quickly.  They do keep getting new pieces so it’s a question of checking back regularly.  Visit their shop to see all that’s currently available while I go off to daydream some more. 

Vintage wonders…

July 23, 2012

"vintage bench for kids"

I really love that the vintage trend is here to stay and we’re now spoiled with all the choices on offer.  Vintage furniture has bags of charm and character and for me it’s always a winner.  These pieces are from a lovely French boutique who have a very small but beautiful selection of vintage furniture for kids.  The low wooden bench with the bright yellow or pink mattress is a versatile piece that was crafted in Latvia around 30 to 50 years ago.  It would look super stylish in any kiddy space but is light enough to be used in the garden in summer too.

"vintage rattan cot crib"

This vintage rattan cot is another winner.  The shape is open and welcoming, almost resembling a flower in bloom… so beautiful, so poetic.  And then there are some sweet little chairs on offer that would make charming additions to any kids room.  All the pieces are carefully selected but many are one-offs so when they’re sold, they’re sold.  Head to Les enfants du design to see their entire collection.

An enchanting forest

March 23, 2012

"forest scene wallpaper kids"Ever since I spotted this wallpaper in Milk Magazine, I have been besotted with it.  The dark, enchanting forest theme is so striking, so bold, so impactful.  This ‘Foret Noire’ wallpaper is by Nathalie Lete, a Parisian artist whose creations are inspired by her travels, vintage toys and old engravings of animals an flowers.  Nathalie creates kids books, toys, ceramics and also one off pieces all of which are colourful, poetic and sometimes almost bordering on strange but always in a very creative way.  This forest wallpaper would make a magnificent feature wall in a kids room but I think it would look very cool in a nursery too. 

And as for the lovely vintage inspired kids Tica chair in the picture, I found it over a Laurette Deco and I fell for it.  I thought the red works so well against the black wallpaper and the style of chair compliments the wallpaper too so I wanted to feature it.  To buy this wallpaper which also comes in a pale green, head to Lapin & Me.  

While I’m talking wallpapers, have a look at the Pip Early Bird Wallpaper… it’s one of my favourites!

"french vintage furniture for kids"

I’ve seriously got the vintage bug this week.  I’m feeling copious amounts of love for everything vintage.  So I decided to visit one of my favourite vintage shops and I found some fabulous vintage furniture for kids.  The first thing I spotted was the cot which I was smitten by.  And then there were more lovelies like the kids desk and metal bed.  Les Petits Bohemes is one of the best vintage spots I’ve found and every time I visit, there is something new for me to get obsessed by.  Their collections are eclectic and unique… and in their words, it’s like visiting a crazy flea market but one you just can’t get enough of.  Check out Les Petits Bohemes and prepare to be hooked!  Most of their pieces are one of a kind so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Have a look at these beautiful vintage kids rooms too.

"vintage toys and chairs for kids"

I love a good vintage shop for kids and when I discovered the French Numero 74 I was smitten.  They have some fabulous vintage toys like typewriters, cars and weighing scales, they also have some cool vintage chairs and desks for kids.  Add to this their handmade bedding and cushions and the store is definitely one to check out.  Their selection isn’t huge but I like that because they’re not trying to sell anything and everything vintage, just carefully chosen pieces all of which are desirable.  I’m loving the red retro rocking chair and the gold typewriter and I also love their crochet blankets and kids bed sets.  All the pieces are sourced from across Europe and USA and are from around the 1900’s to 1970’s and most are kept in their original condition to maintain their authenticity.  To see the entire collection visit Numero 74 and enjoy their lovely finds.

Here’a another of my favourite French vintage boutiques for kids

"vintage kids desks and vintage kids chairs"

When I looked at my email the other day I had a message from ‘Happy Industries’.  The name caught my attention and I checked it out.  I was so excited to discover fabulous vintage furniture for children.  They mainly have vintage school desks and vintage kids chairs on offer but there are lots to choose from.  I love the idea of mixing in a vintage piece or two with modern furniture and with these you’ll be able to do just that.  There are many brightly coloured pieces in yellows and reds but also natural wood ones too.   Happy Industries are from the Netherlands and they believe good design isn’t just for adults… I couldn’t agree more.  If you’re interested in one of Happy Industries vintage pieces just drop them a line and they’ll be happy to help.  The hard part is choosing just one.

"Vintage school table and chairs"

"Vintage school desk and chair"When I spotted this mini vintage play school table and chairs I could’ve cartwheeled my way to New York… I wanted it so bad!  It’s made by Restoration Hardware, a hot US store that sadly hasn’t graced our European shores.  This vintage kids school table has a strong industrial vibe which only adds to it’s drool factor.  I can see it working a treat especially in a large open play space.  My lovely US readers can head to Restoration Hardware and get their hands on the table for $449 and the chairs are $189 for a set of 2.  My European readers, admire from afar and weep… I weep with you.


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