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vintage school desk ideas kids room

This week I am taking a break from my photography series but it will be back next Wednesday.  In the meantime you can look at the past photography posts as there are already lots of great hints, tips and tricks to help you take better photos and there’s even a giveaway (ending today).  Instead today I’m feeling inspired by these gorgeous vintage desk spaces for a kids room. 

I will soon be decorating Anya’s new room and I am really leaning towards a vintage desk as I think it adds bags of charm and character to a kids room.  The humble vintage desk can be mixed with any other style of furniture you have in the rest of the room – modern, retro, contemporary – whatever!   But a vintage desk doesn’t always have to mean buying an old school desk and chair.  That’s just one way to go for the vintage look but if you can’t find the right one or it’s not the right size for your space, there are other ways to create the look.  Here are six vintage desk ideas that I’m loving for any kids room:

vintage school desk ideas

If you can find the right vintage school desk and chair for your room then go for it!  It has so much charm and character and I especially love it set against black and white decor as in the room above.  It’s simple and really allows the desk and chair to shine. 

vintage white desk for girls room

A kids desk doesn’t have to be an actual vintage desk.  In case you can’t get your hands on one almost any used table will do, like  in this picture above. It’s looks like a used white table and an old, worn chair which together create a vintage feel that’s complimented with all the vintage inspired decorations – so lovely and fun.

vintage school desk ideas

If you’re going for a vintage desk look, there is no reason why you can’t totally customise your look like this seriously cool desk above.  Using vintage wood, leather belts and lots of creativity, they’ve made a very cool desk and complimented it with a vintage stool.  Also, customising your desk means that you can fit it in to any sized space you like.

 vintage desk for two kids

If your desk space needs to have room for two kids, you could of course get two mismatched vintage school desks which would look really cool or you can do something like they have done above.  Trestle style tables are all the rage at the moment so getting your hands on a vintage one probably won’t be too difficult and paired with vintage chairs, it looks great.  Lots of character, lots of charm and a nice spacious desk for two.

vintage desk with lift up lid

Remember those chunkier vintage school desks that had the lift up lids to store stuff?  They can sometimes look very heavy especially in a small room so I love what they’ve done here.  They’ve removed the legs and screwed the desk bit to the wall and paired with a vintage stool.  You still get the whole vintage desk vibe but in a modern, fresh and uncluttered way.

small space desk ideas

For just a touch of vintage, you can get a vintage chair and pair with any desk including a brand new modern one.  In the picture above, I love the simplicity of the space.  A simple shelf has been used as the desk and paired with a vintage chair all brought to life with that colour blocked wall.  This look, like many others, really can fit in with any style of decor you choose for the rest of the room.

So a vintage desk for a kids room doesn’t always have to be an old school desk.  Of course if you can find one then it’s a great option but I also love how the kids spaces above have taken the idea of vintage and made it their own.  I don’t yet know what look I’ll choose for Anya’s room but I’m feeling so inspired by all the ones above that it’s hard to pick a favourite.  Do you have a favourite?

Image credits: one | two | three | four | five | six

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Boys, boys, boys…

September 12, 2012

Boys rooms don’t have to be dull and samey.  I have seen many that are so I went on the hunt for some that are anything but boring.  I think a vintage touch in a kids room brings extra charm and character so I’ve selected 3 boys rooms all of which have some wonderful vintage magic:

"vintage inspired rooms for boys"

"vintage kids rooms"

"vintage boys room"

Each room has so much charm and creativity and while they’re all vintage inspired, each one is so different.  I love the little touches in all the rooms like the vintage lockers in the second room and the vintage games used as wall art in the third room.  The first room has an almost Moroccan looking bedside table which is very cool too.  With a little creativity and imagination, it’s possible to have a very unique boys room too, don’t you think? 

Image credits:  1. Lait Fraise mag…  2. Rafa Kids…  3. Apartment Therapy

"vintage kids room inspiration"

I have a huge soft spot for vintage goodies especially when they’re as unique as these offerings.  As you may know, I’m a big fan of the poetic French kids vintage store called Les Petit Bohemes which I’ve featured before and now I’ve discovered a second similar store called Desaccord.  The two stores are definitely connected but have different offerings and today I want to share the wonderful world of Desaccord… a world filled with whimsy and quirk, one that is unique and original and full of vintage treasures for kids.  Pictured above is a kids space using furniture and toys from Desaccord and what a wonderful room it is. 

"French vintage furniture kids"

Those industrial sofa benches, that crochet light, those quirky circus animals, that vintage dolls pram… what’s not to love?!  There is not a piece in this magical shop that I don’t wish to own.  I really don’t know where they find this stuff but what I do know is that each and every piece is a one off and so unusual.  Desaccord is very much on my list of the most covetable vintage shops ever.

"vintage wallpaper kids room"

In 2009 Mette traveled to London and discovered a small dusty Indian hardware store with the most stunning vintage wallpapers.  The wallpapers were hidden away in the basement of the store and not a roll had been sold in over 40 years.  What an utter waste of such delights, thought Mette.  She traveled back to Denmark with around 60 rolls of the stuff but just wasn’t satisfied.  She couldn’t stop thinking about the rest of the treasures that were just lying there being wasted.  So impulse and passion took over and she hopped on a plane, came back to the hardware store and bought every bit of wallpaper on offer… thousands and thousands of rolls.  And that is how the utterly delightful Retro Villa store was born.

"vintage kids room inspiration"

Looking at these wallpapers I can completely understand why Mette couldn’t forget about them.  They make such an impactful backdrop for any room but I especially like them in a kids room.  And the ‘no holds barred’ approach where different colours, prints and patterns are used within one room just add to the wow factor. 

"vintage wallpaper kids furniture"

You can buy vintage wallpaper by the roll at Retro Villa who have an amazing selection but they also use it to decorate kids vintage furniture just like the cubby hole shelves and chair pictured above which are for sale too.  Mette, the owner and founder, is also a stylist and many of these images are her work.  There’s a whole load of inspirational pictures on her website so if you’re feeling as inspired as me, you can buy the paper and have a go at sprucing up an old piece or furniture.

Vintage nurseries really float my boat like no other style of nursery decor.  I’m not sure why but I think it may have something to do with the freedom to mix and match as you please.  There is no right or wrong, there are no rules, no colour restrictions; it’s just about you and your creativity.  And besides, no two rooms will ever look the same.  I often seek out vintage baby rooms to share with you and today I’ve found 3 that are un-missable:

"vintage nursery room for girls"

I love everything about this room… the colours, the eclectic wall pictures, the gorgeous pom poms and the DIY feel.  The pallet bed is in fact made by the parents of the lucky baby girl whose room it is.  I found this room over at Apartment Therapy.


"yellow vintage baby nursery room"

A completely different look for this nursery but still very much vintage inspired.  Created by a Dutch mama called Nina Invorm, this room is full of vintage treasures from toys to clothes to wallpaper.  It’s a happy, bright, cheerful room that looks beautiful too.

"vintage nursery ideas"

Much more muted with an almost minimalistic vibe, this vintage nursery is another beauty.  I love the exposed brick and the completely unexpected black leather chair.  This nursery is by Oeuf NYC, the makers of beautiful nursery furniture and more. 

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