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"wooden toy animals"When I watch my daughter Anya play, it’s always the simplest of toys that encourage her to use her imagination and create little make-believe situations.  She talks to the toys or she talks on their behalf and together they have tea parties, they have sleepovers, they adopt imaginary pets… the list is endless.  The other day I found that she had stuck a plaster on the edge of our coffee table and was pretending that it was a diving board.  She had managed to make a game out of a humble plaster!  So I’m all for simple toys that don’t do much but instead allow the child to imagine what they will and these beautiful animals and cars are a perfect example.  No batteries, noise or shiny buttons here, just a piece of smooth wood in the shape of an animal or car and the rest is up to the child. 

"wooden toy cars"These gorgeous toys are made to order by a London based design house.  They have their workshop in Brick Lane and all the toys are made at the back of their shop.  It reminds me of how things used to be done when our parents were kids and sometimes I wish we could go back to more of those ways.  But before I get all nostalgic, I’ll stop myself there and go back to admiring these beauties made by Unto this last.

"5 best wooden toy trucks"

5 little trucks went out one day, over the hills and far away… sorry, I couldn’t resist and now the song won’t leave my head!  Moving on to the wooden trucks (not ducks!), I think wooden toys are just the best.  They’re keepers that can be handed down from child to child, even generation to generation.  And of course they look beautiful too.  Today I’ve rounded up 5 fabulous wooden toy trucks or lorries as some may call them.  Some are colourful, some are natural wood but all are fine looking toys that can be treasured forever:

1.  A smooth natural wood truck and a crayon holder by Country Side Gifts on Etsy.

2. Bold and bright yellow, is it a truck or a tank?! It’s by Kids on roof.

3.  Natural wood again but this time it’s a cool log transporting lorry by Bella Luna toys.

4.  A chubby looking little wooden dump truck in glorious lipstick red from a store called Theo.

5.  Another dump truck but in green with a slim body and chunky wheels by Manny & Simon.

P.S. Have you seen our Christmas 2011 wooden toy gift selection?

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