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"father and daughter moments ebabee"

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Father of the Bride’?  For those of you who haven’t it’s about a father who is struggling (in a humorous way) to come to terms with his baby girl growing up and getting married.  In our home, Richard has already made a few joking (i hope) comments about Anya not being allowed near boys till she’s at least 25!    But boys aside, fathers and daughters do have a very special relationship.  It’s a different bond from what mothers and daughters share.  As Fathers Day is on Sunday I wanted to share a few lovely yet unexpected differences in our relationship that I have noticed and wondered if you have noticed these too:

1.  The bonding time took much longer for Richard.  He loved Anya from the day she was born and probably before but he didn’t find it easy bonding with a baby.  And then 6 months in to her life, everything changed and the bond grew stronger and stronger from there on.

2. He notices lovely little things about her that I miss.  Little facial expressions, big new words she uses, if she’s grown a millimetre. Maybe because I spend a lot more time with her or maybe because he sees her differently than I do.

3.  He falls for her feminine wiles each and every time!  All children want to get their way.  Boys tend to be more straightforward asking for what they want whereas girls can be a bit more creative.  When Anya is plotting to get her way, I can see what she is up to from the start.  But Richard innocently falls for her ploys hook, line and sinker!  And the best part is that she knows this and takes full advantage.

4. He lovingly makes complex DIY things for her that she adores like dolls houses and magnetic fishing games.  Recently he made her a ride-on plane from a large cardboard box and when she tired of the plane and demanded a boat, he stayed up late in to the night to transform the plane in to a boat so she would wake up to it the next morning.

5.  Anya gets away with doing things to Richard that no other person on the planet could do.  Like putting frilly clips in his hair or even painting his nails!

Have you noticed any special little differences in the way you and your partner are with your daughter?  Or maybe this applies to sons too in a different way?  I’m really curious to hear.

A very happy Fathers day to all the wonderful dads out there! x

{photo by ebabee when Anya just turned 1}

"baby todler shoes suede oxfords"Yes, please to these baby and toddler oxford shoesHow delicious are they?  Popping with colour, these soft suede shoes are all lovingly handmade and are a special Summer edition so they won’t be around forever.  I only wish they came in bigger sizes too.

Tea and Kate

June 10, 2014

"unusual gifts for home shop UK"I discovered the charming boutique Tea and Kate a while ago and have been meaning to share it with you ever since.  It’s run by a mum of four called Kate (as you probably guessed) who has a passion for the prettiest things for the home and for kids.  Her collection of products, mostly by independent designers, are all so cheerful and happy.   It’s the kind of stuff that will bring a ray of sunshine in to any home.

Kate’s collections include some beautiful handmade dolls, some fun toys and gorgeous decorations for the home.  Amongst my favourites are the tutu wearing cat dolls, the simple French toy storage baskets and those pretty roll-up mattresses that are ideal for some floor seating in a kids space.  There are also lots of unusual little things to delight for the home.  Tea and Kate is a boutique to explore not just for your own home but if you ever need to give someone a special gift, then you will definitely find it here.

"creative ideas for painting your floors"

I’m always looking for creative and interesting ways to refresh a room or to give it a new lease of life.   One easy way of doing this is to paint the walls a different colour or wallpaper just one wall in the room.  Or you could simply move the furniture around the room, add a few new cushions and it will look quite different.  Recently I came across some really amazing painted floors and thought it was just the best way to give an old room a new look.  This could work in any room where you don’t have carpet but I like it best for a kids room.  You can be as bold as you dare or as subtle as you want and with a little effort you can keep updating the look as your child grows up.

As the pictures above show, painting stripes works really well – how cool is that rainbow floor?  I also like the idea of going for one solid colour like the pink floor which works so well against the white walls and the (gorgeous) yellow cot or for a bolder look, how striking is that green floor?  For a more vintage feel, those subtle diamond shapes add bags of character to the room and are my favourite of them all.  Alternatively painting polka dots or a few little geometric shapes would look really fun too.  And you don’t even have to paint the whole floor if that seems too much, instead paint around the furniture or pick one area of the room.  I’ve even seen kids rooms where they’ve painted a hopscotch board!  So many ways to get creative with your floors.

Painting your floors is a great way to brighten a room that already has floors down and also a cost-effective way to re-decorate a kids room or to refresh tired carpets.  You can lay down some inexpensive flooring from places like Carpetright and then customsie it so it is totally unique to you.  And it’s such a fun way to add some character to a room, especially a kids room.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Carpetright.  All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners.

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"wooden animal stamp set kids""wooden animal stamp set kids""wooden animal puzzle toy""wooden animal puzzle toy"

Once in a while a new toy or a new clothing line comes along that makes my heart beat a little faster.  This is one of those times.  How beautiful is that kids stamp set and this jungle puzzle.  I’m already a big fan of wooden toys especially when they are kept in their natural state.  Called Bleebla and created by a pair of architects from Portugal, this is their first collection of toys with a jungle theme.  They plan to release more wooden toys all with a wildlife theme including sea life, forest and field.  In our home stamp sets are very popular not just with Anya but with her friends too (and maybe even me :)) and this one with 10 animal stamps would go down a treat! 


"organic cotton underwear for kids""organic cotton babygrows""organic cotton striped baby all in one""organic thermal pants for girls""organic striped baby onesie"

Underwear.  It’s usually not the thing that excites me most for babies and kids; that was until I discovered Goat-Milk.  Goat-Milk are a seriously cool underwear brand from New York City which I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to share with you.  Even the name is cool, don’t you think?   All their undies are made of soft organic cotton and come in a minimal palette of mostly blacks, whites and greys.  My favourite is the black & white striped range which I think is striking enough to wear as outerwear too.  All of Goat-Milk’s range is very pared back with the focus being on comfort, feel and of course style. 

"morley for kids SS14 UK""Summer shorts for girls""floral print summer dresses girls"

Fresh florals, girly cuts and soft tones make up this dreamy Summer collection by Morley for kids.  The styles, the colours and of course the floral prints all scream Summer to me.  Morley is a stylish Belgian line of clothes for kids, both boys and girls.  This collection is so fresh and pretty but still has an edginess that makes it really stand out.  Apart from the beautiful clothes, I think their photography is so striking too. 


Anya loves dressing up.  Like any 5 year old girl she is very in to the whole Disney princess thing but I’m relieved that she is equally keen to dress up as a pirate or a witch or her latest obsession of being a superhero.  That’s why she was delighted when she received this cute bunny superhero t-shirt with attached cape.  Of course she wanted to try it out immediately and we thought that it would be even more fun if we went the whole hog – with mask and tights and all.

"superhero tshirt for kids""superhero cape tshirt"

With the caped t-shirt on and the mask painted, Anya took her superhero role very seriously!  Running through the park, jumping off wooden poles and even pretending to fly.

"superehro outfits for girls"

Being a girl superhero, Anya of course had to stop to collect daisies.   That’s what I love about these t-shirts by Le Macchinine Design – they’re great for boy or girl and they’re so comfy too.  So even though they can be for dressing up, they’re perfect everyday wear too.  We got the bunny one but there are cool foxes, lions and owls too.  It’s such a sweet and simple idea to attach a cape to a t-shirt and once worn, Anya took on a completely new persona.  I love clothes like these that encourage pretend play and allow a kids imagination to fly.

"superhero dress up costume""superhero tshirt unisex"

While superheroes always save the day, every once in a while, even they need a helping hand from their daddys! 

{photos by ebabee}

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