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"Christmas gifts for newborns and babies" Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I haven’t!  I keep telling myself it’s only November so there’s plenty of time.  But in reality I know these next few weeks are going to whiz by and then serious panic will set in.  While I continue to procrastinate on my shopping,  I have started getting some fun gift ideas ready for you and the first one (probably my favourite) is a list of lovely Christmas gifts for babies.

1.  Oeuf NYC baby all in one,  2.  pompom beanie,  3.  bow-tie bib,  4.  musical pram toy,  5.  bunny soft toy,  6.  bunny baby bodysuit,  7.  elephant pillow,  8.  knitted cotton blanket,  9.  sand coloured baby booties.

"European accessories for girls and babies"I love a good accessory or two.  My current accessory obsession is clutch bags for me and necklaces for Anya.  Today I came across these super chic ones by Italian Minimu.  Not only are there accessories for girls, but also such adorable stuff for babies.  Those bibs… so gorgeous!  And that yellow polka dotted cloth necklace; I could do with one.  Minimu also have some beautiful clothes in their new Autumn Winter 2013 collection which are definitely worth checking out.

Mini Zara…

August 21, 2013

"zara mini autumn winter 2013"When I saw this adorable new collection by Zara mini, it brought back the sweetest memories.  I loved dressing my daughter in Zara mini clothes when she was a tiny baby and I think I’ve saved nearly all the outfits she had.  The clothes and accessories were always very stylish but also practical and very baby-ish.  They are exactly the kind of clothes you imagine a baby should wear and it looks like this latest collection is just as adorable.  I also love the styling done by April and May which shows off the collection beautifully by using things like those wooden sticks that represent the stylish and understated colour palette  Unfortunately my daughter is now way too big for Zara mini clothes but I still check out their collections as I love gifting things like those cute little rompers to friends with newborns.

Introducing Noeuf…

August 19, 2013

"French baby and kids store"Today I want to introduce you to my newest sponsor Noeuf.  Noeuf is a French boutique full of covetable things for babies and kids.  There are carefully selected clothes, toys, accessories and more on offer.  Whether you’re buying your new baby essentials or looking for a cool gift, you’ll find something at Noeuf.  At the moment Noeuf are getting in all their new Autumn/Winter 2013 collections and from the new stuff I’m loving that tree adorned all in one by Bobo Choses.  I’m also loving those cute party invitations by Barnabe Aime le Cafe.  Noeuf’s selection of goodies is fun and stylish and I’m glad to have them as my newest sponsors.

"beautiful baby sleeping bags"Some years ago while holidaying in Marrakesh, I went to a fun restaurant for dinner with my husband.  I don’t remember too much about the food or decor as it wasn’t that memorable but I will never forget that woman who walked in.  Tall, lean and statuesque with chocolate coloured skin, wearing a very large brimmed hat and a dramatic outfit.  There was a moment of silence as all heads turned to look at her.  She wasn’t the most beautiful woman I’ve seen, nor the prettiest but she was definitely unique and the entire package from head to toe was jaw droppingly striking so you couldn’t help but stare (think Grace Jones).  And that is how I felt when I first saw this new collection of nursery bedding by Anatology on Peggy’s inspiring blog.  Bold, graphic and head turning-ly striking, there’s no holding back here and that’s why this collection really stands out like that statuesque stunner!"baby sleeping bag french""french baby sleeping bags"Anatology is the creation of Delphine Miquel, a French mama and designer who has obviously got a unique aesthetic sense.  All her creations are made in France from soft, natural materials that are perfect for a baby’s skin.  Of course this collection has bags of style, of course it has loads of visual appeal but what I love most is that there are no half measures here.  This collection was designed to make heads turn and it does without apology.  This is Delphine’s first collection called ‘Graphic Jungle’ and and I just can’t wait to see what comes next.  If this is the benchmark for all her collections then all I can say is wow!

mama & baby…

January 3, 2013

"linen baby bib"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these smooth matte ceramic bowls while baby wears that linen bib with contrasting straps.

"exquisite baby clothes belgium"

I opened my inbox one fine day in April and found a message about a new baby collection.  I took a look and my jaw dropped… before me was an absolutely exquisite range of baby clothes called ‘Tree House’ by Belgian designer Anja Schwerbrock.  I then filed away the email so carefully that I couldn’t find it again despite looking frantically.  Last night, much to my utter delight, I stumbled across it so here it is for you to see (before I lose it again!).  I hope you love it as much as I do.

"exquisite european baby clothes"This baby collection is all about simplicity that oozes classy style.  Colours are muted, styles are minimal and together they create a range full of elegance and sophistication that can often be lacking in baby clothes.  I’ve pictured nearly all the pieces because each one is so beautiful, yet so wearable.  I’m absolutely adoring the navy jumpsuit with tie detail as well as the grey dress.  Anja also creates clothes for women and those are no less stunning.  This is her new venture in to the world of baby clothes and I for one, can’t wait to see her next collection.  You can visit Anja Schwerbrock to see all the pieces and while you’re there do take a look at the photo’s of her store in Antwerp… another stunner!  This lady certainly has a sense of style second to none.  There is no online store yet but it’s coming soon. 

"wooden rattles for babies"

I’m a big fan of wooden toys not only because they look good but also because they last and last and last.  This weekend I went on the hunt for a wooden rattle that I wanted to gift to a friend’s bambino.  I was looking for something unusual and of course beautiful.  I ended up finding 4 that I loved and now I have a new dilema… how can I choose between these 4, they’re all so lovely! Here are a few more details on the 4 chosen ones:

1 & 2.  A fish shaped rattle and a sphere shaped rattle both of which are made in the German Alps using only local timbers.  Both look beautifully crafted and are described ‘as an absolute joy to hold for both adults and children’.  You can get these 2 at a store called Objects of Use where they sell many other covetable wooden goodies too.  3.  This wooden rattle by Timbur is a perfect new baby gift.  I’m loving the flowing curves, the smooth finish and the combination of light and dark wood.  4. Handcrafted in the USA, these Earnest Efforts wooden baby rattles are filled with beans or lentils and are great for teething too.  They come in various woods so you can choose light or dark.   Both the Timbur rattle and the Earnest Efforts one are available from Fawn & Forest.

"seagulls bib and baby wrap set""butterfly bib and swaddle set""clouds bib and swaddle blanket"Ketiketa is a wonderful French brand with a Nepalese twist.  They create clothes, bed linen and accessories for babies, girls and boys using traditional Nepalese fabrics and materials.  The textile in question is called ‘dumbar kumari’ named after a Nepalese princess who brought the technique of block printing back from India to Nepal in the 19th Century.  Today I’m lusting after their beautiful bib and baby wrap sets that come in an equally beautiful gift box.  I’m loving the delicate prints, the softness of the cotton voile and the elegance of the packaging.  Ketiketa have managed to marry French style with Nepalese tradition to create super elegant and chic clothes and accessories for kids.  To get these baby bib sets head to Ola Deco.

And here’s where you’ll find some more chic French baby bibs.

"European newborn baby clothes"

I visited Playtime Paris on the weekend.  Playtime is a trade show packed with beautiful kiddy designers mostly from Europe and some from the US.  What a feast for the eyes Playtime was.  One of my favourite finds for newborn babies was Pequeno Tocon from Spain.  They make clothes for ‘the smallest ones in the house’… clothes for 0 to 3 months old.  The offerings are to die for.  When I spotted them I couldn’t take my eyes off them and I inspected each item they had on display.  Really simple but stunning and elegant little pieces in whites, sands, soft greys and some dusty pinks too.  They look beautifully made and if you give it as a gift to a new mama, she’s sure to love you forever.  There are a few outfits by Pequeno Tocon available over at Orfeo Design otherwise head to their own site and drop them a line.

P.S. Have you seen Mi.le bebe… another fabulous Spanish baby collection?

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