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"black and white kids room ideas"I remember when I was around 13, there was a girl in my school who only ever wore black.  Occasionally she would wear little hints of white or grey but the dominating colour from head to toe was always black.  I seriously thought she was the coolest kid I’d ever seen!  I’ve always loved black and even several years on this obsession with black has never waned.  When I see a piece of clothing in a shop, it can come in every colour under the sun and I will always be drawn to the black one.  Over the years I’ve taught myself to have more colour in my wardrobe especially for Spring and Summer but in Winter it’s back to black!  Now this black obsession is creeping in to my decorating ideas and I’m thinking of re-doing my daughters room in black and white.  So I’ve been looking around for kids room decorations that are not only black and white but are also simple, unfussy and uncluttered in their design.  These were my top picks:

1.  Heart poster… 2. Polka dot wall stickers… 3. Sheep mobile… 4. Striped blanket… 5. Striped cloud cushion… 6. Tica chair… 7. Mickey Mouse pillow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you next week…

"merry go round kids mobile"I’m a sucker for mobiles and not just for babies.  I would have them hanging all over my home if the husband let me!  But since he doesn’t, I’m left to admire from afar and these black and white silhouette mobiles are definitely ones to be admired.  I chanced upon them and and fell completely in love.  These mobiles are so simple yet so stunning, so eye-catching.

"bird baby mobile"

Designed by Helene, an American lady with Japanese ancestry, you can see the Japanese influences coming through in the simplicity of design.  I love the silhouette style and I can just picture the animals and birds dancing and moving as they hang above a baby cot or in a play space.  There are quite a few on offer and they all come in black or ivory.  My favourite is the merry go round mobile pictured at the top… I love the animal shapes and the choice of animals featured.  To see these and the rest, head to Helen’s online store called Ige Design.

"animal shaped wooden baby mobiles"

I was browsing the lovely online store Fawn & Forest when these animal shaped mobiles caught my eye.  I have a thing for beautiful baby mobiles so when I saw these, it was love!  They’re made of untreated laser cut birch wood and come in a range of utterly cute animal shapes.  I’m loving the lion one and there’s also an elephant one that I’m pretty keen on.  Made by The Modern Baby Company, these baby mobiles are simple, stylish and modern.  I like them for a nursery but they’d also look cool in an older kids space.  Head to Fawn & Forest where you’ll find these lovelies!

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