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What is is about polka dots that is so appealing?  I adore them and they are going to be a big part of decorating my new home.  Polka dots on clothes are fab but they’re also so fun as decorations for any room in the house.  You can use a few or lots, big ones or small ones, colourful or monochrome – they just work.  There is no room that can’t benefit with polka dotted decor but I especially love them for a kids room – both for boys and girls.  Decorating with polka dots is an inexpensive way to add a bit of fun and lots of style to a room and polka dots are so easy to decorate with as they go with any kind of decor.  Here are 7 inspiring rooms that show us just how to make polka dots work:

polka dot decorations for a bedroom

Big, black polka dot stickers decorate one side of this adorable room.  The dots are just randomly stuck on to the walls – not in any pattern – making them even more interesting.  And they also make the prints and the big round rug stand out more.

polka dot bedding kids

From big, black polka dots on the wall to bold polka dot bedding.  I love this shared boys room which mixes different graphic shapes and bold colours so well.  The black polka dot bedding really pops against those bright yellow shelves.

decorating with polka dots ideas

If you prefer having a little colour in the room, polka dots are great for doing just that.  Like in this little boy’s nursery above, a few bright dots can add a splash of colour to a room and also these dots really make that cute toy shelf stand out. 

polka dot wall decals for kids room

Big and colourful polka dots work just as well for a bolder statement.  Instead of a headboard this simple washi tape house shape is brought to life with those multi-coloured dots.  I love how the dots have been added to the chair as well to complete the playful look.

black polka dot wallpaper

I love the clutter and chaos of this room – after all kids never keep their rooms looking perfect, do they?  Here, among all the many toys, shapes and wall decorations they’ve gone for one simple wall of small polka dots.  Even though there is so much happening in this room, the dots make a little statement of their own and totally add to the look of this room.  Love it!

gold polka dot wall decals

Gold is a colour so under-used for a kids room, especially a little girls room.  One of the best ways to add a touch of gold is by using gold polka dot wall decals like they’ve done in the room above.  The gold doesn’t take over but instead looks chic and stylish. 

decorating with polka dots

Even the most minimal of rooms can benefit with some polka dots like this minimal nursery.  I love that they’ve used two different sized polka dots to make even more of an impact.  This idea of using different sized dots can be brought to life in so many ways.

The best thing about decorating with polka dots is that there are no rules and no age limits.  You can go as minimal or as full on as you like.  Polka dots work with any decor and they’re such a simple way of adding a little chic, playful style to any room especially a kids room. 

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colourful kids bedrooms

There are some kids rooms you come across that instantly bring a big smile to your face.  They evoke a feeling of happiness by their cuteness and their super bright colour scheme.  There is something refreshing about seeing a kids room where there are no rules, where a load of colours have been thrown together and almost anything goes.  I’m not talking about the odd pop of colour or a few complimenary shades – I mean rooms where there is practically every colour under the sun!  If you’re thinking of brightening up your children’s rooms then these colourful kids rooms will definitely inspire you and they’ll also add a ray of sunshine to your day!

colourful kids bedroom

Could this room be any more cheerful?  Loosely themed around Summer with all the fresh fruit, ice-cream and colourful decorations, this room screams happiness!

kids room decor ideas for a small room

How crazy cute is this vintage kids room?  Crammed with stuff and crammed with colour, this room is such a quirky and fun space for a little kid. 

pastel kids room

This room has slightly softer colours than the first two rooms but there’s definitely no shortage of colour here!  Yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, orange – it’s all going on here and it looks fantastic.

colourful rooms for boys

Colourful rooms aren’t just for girls.  Big, bold solid colours like these yellows, blues and reds look stunning in a boys room too and they make for such a cheerful room.

colourful room decor ideas

Here we have colour from floor to ceiling and clashing coloured wallpapers too.  Yes this room is bold and busy but it’s definitely a stunning eye catcher too.  And what I also love is that this room works well for boy or girl.

colourful room decor

Colourful, playful, cheerful and fun!  This room again has so many colours that you wouldn’t normally think of using together but it looks great.

So are you tempted to add lots of colour to your kids rooms? 

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When thinking about updating a kids room, you don’t always have to start from scratch.  There are lots of easy ways to add a fresh look without completely re-decorating and turning it in to a mammoth project.  One of my favourite ways to easily refresh a child’s room is turning the wardrobe in to a feature piece.  Wardrobes are one of the largest pieces of furniture in most bedrooms including kids rooms.  So instead of looking at them as boring must-haves, I love the idea of using the the wardrobe fronts as a space to be creative.  With a little bit of imagination, wardrobes can become a really fun feature piece in a kids bedroom.

Here are 5 fun ways to add a some personality to any wardrobe:

"ways to update an old wardrobe"

1.  A quick and easy, yet striking way to make your wardrobe feel very much a part of the room is to paint it the same colour as the wall.  This gives quite a dramatic look and works especially well with bold colours as opposed to whites or creams.

2.  Instead of creating a feature wall, turn your kids wardrobe in to one.  Wallpaper the doors in colours and styles that match the rest of the room decor.  As the image shows, using different but complimentary wallpapers is a good idea to keep it looking interesting.  I’m loving the vintage wallpaper look so much that I’m tempted to try it myself.

"how to customise your wardrobe"

3.  Wall stickers aren’t just for walls.  They a great option for almost anywhere including adding some fun to a wardrobe.  A simple white wardrobe can be transformed in to something unique.  And the best part of using stickers is that you can easily change the look as often as you like. Instead of stickers, for a really personal touch, you could even stick your child’s artworks on to the wardrobe doors making a little gallery space.

"how to update old wardrobes"

4.  This is such a great idea.  Paint the doors in chalkboard paint and your kids have a blank canvas.  Each day they can create a new master piece, rub it out and start again the next day.  And I’m sure this huge canvas will be a hit when your kids have friends over too.

5.  For a subtler look, wallpaper the inside of a wardrobe in a bold print or pattern so you can only see the splash of colour when the wardrobe doors are open.  You could also go one step further and paint the wardrobe in a complimentary colour or just stick with white for a more understated feel.

There are lots of ways to add your own personal touch to your kids room.  I especially like the idea of customising furniture because it means that you can bring an old piece back to life or you can buy an inexpensive piece of bedroom furniture from places like Homebase and give it your own creative touch.  It’s a fun project to let your kids get involved in and the best part is, it’s not permanent so you can change the look as often as you like.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Homebase.  All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners that support this blog.

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"creative ideas for painting your floors"

I’m always looking for creative and interesting ways to refresh a room or to give it a new lease of life.   One easy way of doing this is to paint the walls a different colour or wallpaper just one wall in the room.  Or you could simply move the furniture around the room, add a few new cushions and it will look quite different.  Recently I came across some really amazing painted floors and thought it was just the best way to give an old room a new look.  This could work in any room where you don’t have carpet but I like it best for a kids room.  You can be as bold as you dare or as subtle as you want and with a little effort you can keep updating the look as your child grows up.

As the pictures above show, painting stripes works really well – how cool is that rainbow floor?  I also like the idea of going for one solid colour like the pink floor which works so well against the white walls and the (gorgeous) yellow cot or for a bolder look, how striking is that green floor?  For a more vintage feel, those subtle diamond shapes add bags of character to the room and are my favourite of them all.  Alternatively painting polka dots or a few little geometric shapes would look really fun too.  And you don’t even have to paint the whole floor if that seems too much, instead paint around the furniture or pick one area of the room.  I’ve even seen kids rooms where they’ve painted a hopscotch board!  So many ways to get creative with your floors.

Painting your floors is a great way to brighten a room that already has floors down and also a cost-effective way to re-decorate a kids room or to refresh tired carpets.  You can lay down some inexpensive flooring from places like Carpetright and then customsie it so it is totally unique to you.  And it’s such a fun way to add some character to a room, especially a kids room.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Carpetright.  All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners.

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Going green…

May 8, 2014

"green kids rooms decor ideas"Lately I’ve seen lots of green kids rooms popping up around the web especially rooms using a bright forest green colour.  Many of the rooms use a lot of green and that just doesn’t work for me.  This shade of green is quite an overpowering colour so using it in abundance is overwhelming and almost hurts your eye.  But use it with caution and the room can look amazing like these four rooms above. 

These rooms work because they have used lots of white to balance the bright green.  Also, while your eye is drawn to the bright green, all the rooms have used duller, more muted shades of green and used other colours too.  My favourite is the first room which uses lots of black and white which I really like with the green.  But all four are pretty cool.  I especially like this colour for a boys room as it makes a nice change from blue but it’s also a great colour choice for brother-sister shared rooms.  What do you think? Would you go for a green room?

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"colourful kids rooms"Lately I’ve been obsessing over black and white interiors but every once in a while I see bold and bright kids rooms popping with colour and I change my mind.  Today is one of those times… when I saw these rooms I fell in love with colour all over again.  We all know that kids adore colour.  Have you ever seen a child colour in a picture in one or two or even just three colours?  Neither have I!  These rooms work especially well for me because they’ve all used white or very light backgrounds and then added the brightest accents in a range of colours. 

Image credits: 1. petit vanou…   2. decorators notebook…   3.  kids room…  4.  skona hem

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I’m always on the lookout for unusual kids rooms; spaces that have been put together with bags of style and imagination.  Today I wanted to share 3 rooms that are seriously colourful but always very tasteful.  A lot of bold and bright colours have been thrown together to create amazing spaces, full of fun and creativity.  There are no rules here, there are no limits to colours and there is definitely no matching but the rooms are a treat for the eyes and also a treat for their super lucky inhabitants:

"colourful kids rooms"

While browsing Apartment Therapy, I was suddenly hit with this burst of colour which made me stop and take a look.  This room screams colour; every possible shade you can think of is part of this room.  Bold patterns and prints and even more colour in the form of toys and art come together to create a retro inspired space so inviting and so perfect for a little kid.

"colourful kids room ideas"

This room is full of  vintage wallpapers in a range of shades from blue to pink to purple and more.  Then you’ve got red, orange and yellow thrown in to the mix in the form of toys and accessories.  It does look pretty amazing, don’t you think?  I found this at the cool vintage store that is Retrovilla.

"colourful girls rooms"

Even though this girls room uses white as a backdrop, there is plenty of vibrant colour in the space.  I love the clashing pink and red tutu’s as well as the colourful crochet bed covers that all add to the charm of this space.  I spotted this room over at The boo and the boy.

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