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"handmade wooden circus toy""handmade wooden toys netherlands""wooden coty themed toys"These handmade wooden toys made me smile with their quirky and creative looks.  But when I read about them, I fell even more in love.  The little whimsical people are called ‘Hurbanos’.  Hurbanos are people who love city life for all it’s complexity and diversity.  Each of these wooden characters is unique and come with it’s own ID, much like every city dweller.  In addition to the characters and their wooden cityscapes, I’m also loving that unusual circus balancing toy.  All these toys are handmade in the Netherlands by The Watermelon Cat Company.  Even their company name reflects their quirky creativity!

Mondays milk…

November 27, 2012

"pretty floral quilts for kids"

I often hear people say that each one of us has a story to tell and I think that’s true.  How we tell our own unique story is entirely up to us and I guess I’m starting to tell my story through this blog by revealing little bits and pieces of my life and also through my picks which tells a lot about me.  Writing is one way of sharing but there are many other ways like sharing through your own creations.  One person who has chosen to do this is Rozalinde Innemee who is the Dutch artist behind Monday’s Milk.  She says her designs are her stories and the production is the telling of the stories.  There is something so instantly believable and beautiful about her creations and I guess that’s the reason why.  There is a part of her in everything she makes and that is what makes her offerings so special.

"pretty bow hair clips"

You can expect to find kids quilts, hair clips, soft toys, fabrics and things for the home.  All have a gentle, pure and simple feel to them with a definite feminine touch.  I adore the quilts which come in the prettiest of fabrics and I love the animal soft toys too.  You won’t find the usual suspects here but instead we’ve got cute rhino’s and an anteater.  And today I spotted the adorable bow hair clips which is what reminded me how of much I loved this store and that I hadn’t yet shared it with you.  But now you know so visit Monday’s Milk and I hope you love the expression of Rozalinde’s story as much as I do.

"black & white wallpaper kids"

I’m a complete wallpaper addict.  Nearly every room in my home has wallpaper and I’m always looking for more for those rooms that don’t have any.  So when I saw this hip wallpaper by Dutch Onszelf, I couldn’t wait to feature it.  If you’re looking for a cool nursery or kiddy room then you can’t go wrong with this stuff.  In addition to the wallpaper, Onszelf also make large wall stickers that are so unlike any other wall stickers I’ve seen.  I’m loving the bambi range which would look super cool and trendy when stuck on one of their complimentary wallpapers.

"trendy wallpaper for kids"

I’m especially lusting after their black & white range but if colour is more your thing, they have some bright ones too.  The turquoise and red animal silhouettes one pictured above is one of my favourites as is the deer silhouette one in bright reds and yellows.  But there are lots more to choose from.

"gold wallpaper"

Last, but not least are these gold wallpapers that are just divine.  They’d work in an adult space or a kiddy space which makes them extra special for me.  The pure gold one is something I’ve had my eye on for a while… it’s so rich and beautiful.  To check out all these wallpapers and to find stockists head to Onszelf… and if your Dutch isn’t quite up to speed, you may need a little help from google translate.

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