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"handmade rag dolls"

I wanted to start by saying sorry to you, my readers, for my silence this past week.  I was away on holiday and spent the last week in Nepal.  While traveling around I didn’t have much internet access.   We had a wonderful holiday though and I really recommend a trip to Nepal.  I will post some holiday pics soon but today I wanted to share these beautiful hand made dolls with you. 

"hand made rag dolls""hand made doll mobiles"

These dolls are hand made in Brooklyn, NY by talented mama Indira Villalobos.  This is her new collection for 2014 and I love the colours that she has chosen as well as the gorgeous metallic linen fabric.  Those pink overalls are just the sweetest!  In addition to the dolls, there are pretty mobiles and decorative star cushions.  I’ve known the designer Indira for a while and know that she puts lots of love and passion in to what she creates which is why each piece is made by hand and every little detail is paid attention to.  Indira created the brand Snuggly Ugly with her husband a couple of years ago and this collection is my favourite yet, especially those beautiful star and moon mobiles.  

"hand made finger puppets"How cute are these guys?  I don’t normally get excited about finger puppets but I couldn’t help falling for these ones.  Made by Ayelet from Israel, it feels like she has taken all that is cute and lovable about these animals and brought it to life in her creations.  And the extra little touch of the knitted hoodies just adds to their cuteness.  You’ll find kangaroos, squirrels, pandas and camels in her collection which also includes mobiles and display boxes in addition to finger puppets.  They’re all handmade from 100% wool and can be bought individually or in sets, but for me it’s the affectionate little pairs that are the sweetest.  I found out about Lazy Animals a while ago when I received an email and I have been meaning to share ever since as they’re just too adorable to miss!

"handmade baby mobile"

A cool cape and more…

January 21, 2013

"dress up cape and mask"Dressing up is such a big thing in this household.  Soon after my daughter wakes up each morning, she heads to her dressing up box and pulls out an outfit.  These days it’s a fairy so if you come by my home at breakfast time you’ll be confronted with me eating breakfast with a fairy!  I’m always looking for things to add to her dress-up box and lately she has been showing interest in wearing a cape.  We’ve used blankets and shawls to make pretend capes but I thought I would also have a look to see if there were any new and exciting cape and mask sets out there to share with you.  I’m really not a fan of the synthetic stuff you get in abundance so I always look around for natural materials.  Just as I was about to begin my search I remembered the above image that I had bookmarked a while ago and I knew I had to share.  What a great photo and a lovely cape and mask set.

"cool bibs and bloomers"These pictures are by Udder, an Australian brand of kids clothing, toys, and accessories.  While it was the top image that first drew me in, I also found some cool clothes that look very wearable and playful.  The styles are simple and summery {as it’s summer in Australia} and often complemented with fun little touches.  I really like the clothes but it’s their accessories that I’m totally in love with.  The nappy clutches, the cape and mask sets, the bloomers, the bibs, the metal mobiles are all just too cool.  And that picture at the top… isn’t it just the best? 

Before I end, I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I’m away on holiday and the internet isn’t the best.  I shall try and post more regularly this week but as I’m still away I can’t promise.  I am however enjoying the sunshine in the southern hemisphere and thought it would be nice to share a summery post even thought I know it’s snowing in the UK and the US.  Besides I don’t think I could wait any longer to share this wonderful brand!

 Via Mamaes Sabe Tudo

"mouse mobile for babies"

A while ago I shared some whimsical mouse mobiles with you which proved to be a popular find.  Those mouse mobiles were the creation of Laurence Bonnet, a French lady with a penchant for making delicate little treasures that are oh so beautiful.  Today I’m lusting after her newest hand made creations which include these adorable pajama clad mice that come complete with a little wire frame bed and can be suspended from the ceiling… perfect little eye candy above a cot or toddler bed.  These sleeping mouse mobiles are a limited edition creation where each piece is unique and numbered.

hand made soft toy bears"

All of Laurence’s mobiles and soft toys are hand made with the greatest attention to detail and lots and lots of imagination.  Another of her new creations are these cuddly and cool looking bears.  I love the whole father son thing and I love how cool and collected papa bear looks with his scarf, top hat and suspenders ensemble.  Laurence sells her creations under the Rose Miniscule name and that’s where you’ll find all these gorgeous little treasures.

"bird mobile and horse mobile for babies"

I’ve always been a fan of baby mobiles but when I started writing this blog I discovered some absolute gems.  Some of my favourites that I’ve written about are the whimsical mouse mobiles, the majestic bird mobiles and the simple style your own bird and clouds mobile.  And today I bring you another to add to this list.  I absolutely love these bird and horse mobiles by Specks & Keepings .  They’re a little shop filled with delicate and beautiful objects.  The kind of objects that make you happy when you look at them… that give you the little pleasures in life.  And these mobiles do just that.  They are hand sewn and made of vintage fabrics and each one is different.  Beautiful and unique, just the type of combo that always gets me excited.  You can have a closer look at Specks & Keepings online store.  They’re based in the US but also ship internationally – just drop them a line with your address. 

*Via Smaller blog

"mouse mobile for baby"

How cute are these mice mobiles and nursery decorations?  I’m not a fan of real mice (eeek!) but these ones would be more than welcome to share my home.  Hand made in France by Rose Minuscule, these mice are full of little details and intricacies to capture your child’s imagination.  Just look at their clothes and accessories… I’m loving the polka dotted trousers on the mouse who’s reading and don’t miss his oh so trendy cap too.  These mice nursery decorations will make whimsical mobiles for babies or unique wall decor for older kids.  You’ll find these curious cuties over at Design from Paris where they cost between €59.90 and €70.  You can also go direct to Rose Minuscule but you’ll need to brush up on your French first!

If you want to see more adorable mice, then checkout this Maileg mouse that comes with a cheese house!

"Etsy pretty little things"

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most pleasure and delight.  These are 4 little things I found on etsy that made me smile:

1.  Cute little decals for your plates and mugs.  Brighten up any of your kiddos boring white plates or cups with one of these. They’re from an Argentinian shop called Yaelfran on etsy.

2.  I love these little wooden magnets, especially the raindrop ones.  Whether you adorn a nursery wall or your own wall with these, they’ll make you smile whenever you see them.  They’re from a shop called Snug Studio.

3.  A hand made mobile made of mobile homes… a tepee, igloo, adobe, airstream and a yurt.  So simple, so charming.  Head to Jikits etsy store to find it.

4. Last is this adorable little hedgehog soft toy with a bright red nose.  He’s the perfect little companion for a little person in their pram, cot or just to hug.  This cutie hedgehog comes from Saracarr‘s shop

"French hand made dolls"

"handmade balloon mobile for babies"

"handmade nursery tree decoration"

The Frenchies have done it again.  This time it’s a shop called Cocon filled with the most beautiful objects.  Little things like mobiles, cloud coasters and even a handmade linen and wool beanstalk adorn the shelves of Cocon.  Beautiful, delightful and charming are the best words to describe this shop.  Cocon is owned by Masami Akatsuka who hand makes all the objects of desire herself.  She’s a designer, a stylist and an artist who clearly has an eye for exquisite things.

I love all her products; there’s an innate beauty that radiates from all.  But I especially love the little jade plants, the cloud coasters and the balloon mobile.  Perfect little decorative objects that would add a touch of beautiful style to any nursery or to any part of your home.  Visit Cocon to see more and do have a look at Rosemary and Emma, 2 decorative dolls with the dreamiest of outfits.  Prices range from around €10 to €140 and shipping is worldwide. UK shipping costs around €8.  Cocon is truly a rare diamond.

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