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"handmade dolls for kids""handmade polka dot doll""handmade unicorn dolls for kids"

A quick start to this Monday morning, I wanted to share these handmade dolls.  How adorable are they?  All these dolls are made by hand by Sophia Smeekens who has been making dolls ever since she was a kid.  I love the quirky faces and the pointy heads on those stripey dolls which are my favourite.  And the sleepy eyes?  Too sweet! Handmade dolls always get my vote and these ones are so different than any I’ve seen before.  You can find a selection at the lovely Pearls and Swines boutique.

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

A couple of weeks ago Anya lost her first tooth.  I cried.  I’m not normally emotional and have always enjoyed watching her grow up.  When the baby years passed and she turned in to a toddler, I felt nothing but joy and delight in seeing her grow and develop.  But this milestone was different.  This milestone felt like my baby was no longer a baby and was really growing up (sob).  Where have these five years gone? 

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

I was soon distracted by Anya’s huge excitement right from the moment she realised she had a wobbly tooth.  The tooth fairy is something she has desperately been waiting for and wishing everyday that she would lose a tooth for over a year.  More than Santa, the tooth fairy has totally captured her imagination.  So that night, along with the tooth fairy pillow loaded with cash and tucked under her pillow, I sprinkled some glitter around her bed.  That moment of waking up and discovering the tooth had gone from the pillow and finding some money there instead was priceless – the look on her face was pure delight and amazement.  She was jumping up and down and shouting ‘the tooth fairy came, the tooth fairy really came’.  And the bonus was finding this adorable golden tooth pillow which she loves.  Anya may be growing up but she’s still a child full of wonder and imagination and that is something I hope will stay with her for a long time no matter how old she is.

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

To celebrate this big milestone I wanted to do something special.  So I partnered with Oeuf NYC to give one lucky reader the chance to win this adorable handmade golden tooth fairy pillow.  Oeuf kindly sent one for Anya and there’s one for one of you too.  The tooth is made of soft baby alpaca wool and has a little pocket at the back to put money in.  Anya loves her tooth and has been sleeping with it under her pillow every night since she got it.  And I have to agree – it’s so sweet.  Oeuf’s tooth fairy pillow is the original and the best and so it had to be this one.  Have your kids lost a tooth yet?  How did you feel with the first one?

"tooth fairy pillow"

To enter to win this golden tooth, here are the details:

The prize:  The winner picked at random will win one Oeuf NYC golden tooth fairy pillow.

To enter:  Simply leave a comment below.  Just say hi or anything you like but keep it nice and friendly!

One entry per person and this competition is open to all my readers worldwide – yay!  The competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 19th October 2014.  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on this post and on my facebook page on Tuesday 21st October.  Good luck!  

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Jacie.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

"six of the best teddy bear soft toys"

Teddy bears have been around forever.  They are the most iconic soft toy and I don’t think they’ll ever disappear.  Over the years I love how this one animal has taken on so many different looks.  While they’re all still bears, each one has a character and style of it’s own.  From cute to quirky I’ve rounded up six of the best teddy bears around at the moment, many of which are handmade:

1.  dotted teddy bear* | 2.  bow-tie teddy bear | 3.  striped teddy bear | 4.  mini brown teddy bear | 5.  red-faced teddy bear | 6.  dress wearing teddy bear

*discovered via Knuffels a la carte, one of my favourite pinners.

Hand made teddy bears

March 31, 2014

"handmade natural fibre teddy bears"

Who doesn’t love a cuddly teddy bear?  And these ones by Polka Dot Club are made with love and care by an artist who believes in heritage toys but with a modern update.  These bears are all handmade using only natural materials instead of the synthetic fibres that you mostly find these days.  Jennifer Murphy, the artist behind Polka Dot Club, learned to sew and make teddy bears from her mother.  And not so long ago she started this adorable club where you can find limited edition and one off bears like these as well as the cutest little rabbits.  Handmade, durable, and natural toys are becoming more and more rare so it’s always exciting to come across someone who is so passionate about toys that aren’t just for today but for generations to come.  The handmade teddy bears also come with the cutest wardrobe, don’t you think?

"elephant soft toy dolls"

This family of elephant dolls is just the cutest, don’t you think?  They’re created by a new group of designers called Atelier Sans Souci who also make furniture, illustrations, jewellery and more.  Their first collection, full of imagination and creativity, is all handmade by local craftsmen and carpenters making it even more special.  There’s a dolls house that can be used as a play or work space, there are the sweetest bow shaped wall hooks, fun illustrations and more.  My favourite though are this adorable elephant family.

"modern dolls house in wood"

I’m loving the pops of neon throughout the collection and the little extra details on each piece.  You can see the rest of the collection at the lovely Sisters Guild, who are the only UK stockists of Atelier Sans Souci at the moment.

6 etsy favourites…

January 16, 2014

"etsy cute kids things"

Here are 6 things I’m currently loving on etsy:

1.  A hand knitted pointy pixie hat for babies…  2.  dusky pink hand knitted baby romper…  3.  metallic gold polka dot leggings…  4.  handmade woodland bunny dressed for Winter…  5.  sleepy bunny shaped small plate…  6.  handmade baby animal pillows.

mama & baby…

November 14, 2013

"mouse soft toy doll"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama carry this stylish leather bag while baby plays with that adorable handmade mouse soft toy.

A natural nursery…

October 16, 2013

"natural nursery decor ideas"Lately I’ve been coming across many Scandinavian homes decorated with lots of natural wood.   The look is clean and minimal but still very warm.  So I started thinking about using natural wood with natural colours and fabrics for decorating a baby nursery.   It’s ideal for boy or girl so if you don’t know what you’re having, you can still go ahead and decorate without compromising.  And since the wood is bare, you can even make some of the furniture yourself,  like storage shelves and simple tables.  And the best part is that it’s not a look your child will outgrow in a hurry.  Here are a few things I picked out that would work well in a natural nursery:

1. bear print…  2. toy shelf…  3. elephant soft toy…  4. pale spotted duvet set…  5.  luminous linen star light…  6. caravan crib in natural.

P.S. Have you entered this great giveaway to win a very stylish natural baby carrier

"handmade dolls exhibition"I’ve been in love with these handmade dolls by Evangelione for some time now.  When I saw this new doll exhibition called ‘You pretty little thing’, my fascination of these extraordinary beings just grew.  The name of the exhibition is perfect for the little creatures who are so life-like, it’s truly quite amazing.  I love the way Yeo Mei Ying, the creator has shown the dolls playing different games like hop-scotch and blind mans buff and that hair on those dolls… I mean wow!  I also love the personality that comes through each doll like that red top wearing doll expressing her impatience and boredom through crossed arms.  This exhibition was in Malaysia so not exactly next door but if you are after any of these handmade dolls, you can find a list of stockists on Evangelione and to see lots more of this delightful exhibition visit Yeo Mei’s flickr.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the kiddies starting school for the first time ever next week!

"handmade cat soft toy"Mixing prints and patterns is bang on trend at the moment.  Polka dots with stripes, bold florals with graphic patterns and clashing colours can all work so well together in an outfit.  Maybe the theory of ‘opposites attract’ is true after all.  Being more of a minimalist, this is one trend I haven’t fully got the hang of but I’m trying.  I’ve been looking for inspiration and guess where I found it?  You guessed it… in these cats!  Taking fashion advice from a cat seems more than a bit crazy but these cats really know how to mix patterns and make them work, don’t you think?  I just love each and every combination on offer. "handmade soft toy cats"This new cat shop is called You Little and all the soft toy cats are handmade by a French mama.  The cat is called Kim but she takes on many exciting looks from colourful vintage florals to pastel polka dots.  Apart from their chic fashion sense, there is so much more to love about these cats even for non-cat lovers like me.  The oversized bow-ties, their sleepy expressions and not to mention their cuteness levels.  Oh, and I’m sure the kids will love these soft toys too!  You’ll find these lovely soft toys at Youttle where you can even have your child’s name embroidered on or you can also find a selection at the stylish Little You boutique.  And next time you see me wearing bold patterns and prints, you’ll know where I got my inspiration!

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