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Tortoise and the Hare

September 24, 2015

bunny ears baby hatlinen bunny cape coatbunny-ears-hat-babynatural linen dress for girlsbaby hat with bunny earslinen baby overalls

When my mum was visiting over the Summer from India, she would often browse my blog and commented on the beautiful kids clothes you get these days.  She mentioned that when we were growing up there really wasn’t much choice but now there is not only such a lot more but also something for every budget and taste.  I couldn’t agree more – we are so spoiled for choice that sometimes it feels like there is almost too much.  But then a new range like Tortoise & the Hare comes out and I think, let these new kids creations never stop.  Let these talented makers keep on creating beautiful new lines of kids clothes.  After all in the adult fashion world there is incredible choice so why shouldn’t kids have the same?

While Tortoise & the Hare clothes are beautiful, the story behind the clothes is equally special.  All the baby and kids clothes are made on a family farm in Pennsylvania where the owner Rosina grew up and still lives.  The clothes are hand stitched by seamstresses who were taught to sew by their mothers.  Rosina is drawn to colours found in nature like the blue sky and nearly ripened wheat which is where the colour palette for her clothes comes from.  The whole range is natural and made in linens and chambray fabrics but also how incredibly cute is it?  That bunny cape and the bunny ears baby hat – too adorable! 

"handmade doll giveaway"

With Christmas coming, it’s the perfect time to give.  So today it’s another giveaway.  This time for a gorgeous handmade doll that would make an adorable Christmas gift.  Read on for all the details.

"handmade dolls for kids"

Do you know pink nounou?  It’s a little studio in Portugal that makes the cutest handmade dolls and soft toys as well as sweet paper products like notebooks, posters and party invitations.  All these goodies are made by Ana who is a mum and a graphic designer.  Ana has a very distinctive style that is colourful and playful which is very appealing to kids but also to anyone young at heart.  I fell in love with Ana’s creations a long time ago because to put it simply, everything that Ana makes leaves you feeling happy. 

"unique handmade dolls"

Ana kindly sent Anya a doll too and Anya loves it.  It’s become her nightly sleeping companion and her daytime ‘friend’ so when I took it away to take pictures there were tears.  This doll is called Amelia and each one is different.  Different fabrics are used for the top and the bottom half of the doll to keep the dolls unique.  The doll has no loose bits so it’s not only great for little girls but for younger kids too and would make a lovely Christmas gift.

The prize:  The winner picked at random will win one Amelia doll.  The colour of the doll will be different from the one pictured as each doll is handmade and unique.

To enter:  Simply visit the ebabee shop and Pink Nounou and sign up to both the newsletters.  Then come back here and leave a comment below saying that you have done so. Your entry is only valid when all steps are completed. (Remember sometimes newsletter sign-up confirmation emails can go in your spam folder so do check there too)

One entry per person and this competition is open to all my readers worldwide. – YAY!  The competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 25th November 2014.  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on this post and on my ebabee facebook page on Thursday 27th November.  Good luck!  

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Alexandra. Congrats Alexandra!

"handmade dolls for kids""handmade polka dot doll""handmade unicorn dolls for kids"

A quick start to this Monday morning, I wanted to share these handmade dolls.  How adorable are they?  All these dolls are made by hand by Sophia Smeekens who has been making dolls ever since she was a kid.  I love the quirky faces and the pointy heads on those stripey dolls which are my favourite.  And the sleepy eyes?  Too sweet! Handmade dolls always get my vote and these ones are so different than any I’ve seen before.  You can find a selection at the lovely Pearls and Swines boutique.

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

A couple of weeks ago Anya lost her first tooth.  I cried.  I’m not normally emotional and have always enjoyed watching her grow up.  When the baby years passed and she turned in to a toddler, I felt nothing but joy and delight in seeing her grow and develop.  But this milestone was different.  This milestone felt like my baby was no longer a baby and was really growing up (sob).  Where have these five years gone? 

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

I was soon distracted by Anya’s huge excitement right from the moment she realised she had a wobbly tooth.  The tooth fairy is something she has desperately been waiting for and wishing everyday that she would lose a tooth for over a year.  More than Santa, the tooth fairy has totally captured her imagination.  So that night, along with the tooth fairy pillow loaded with cash and tucked under her pillow, I sprinkled some glitter around her bed.  That moment of waking up and discovering the tooth had gone from the pillow and finding some money there instead was priceless – the look on her face was pure delight and amazement.  She was jumping up and down and shouting ‘the tooth fairy came, the tooth fairy really came’.  And the bonus was finding this adorable golden tooth pillow which she loves.  Anya may be growing up but she’s still a child full of wonder and imagination and that is something I hope will stay with her for a long time no matter how old she is.

"tooth fairy pillow UK"

To celebrate this big milestone I wanted to do something special.  So I partnered with Oeuf NYC to give one lucky reader the chance to win this adorable handmade golden tooth fairy pillow.  Oeuf kindly sent one for Anya and there’s one for one of you too.  The tooth is made of soft baby alpaca wool and has a little pocket at the back to put money in.  Anya loves her tooth and has been sleeping with it under her pillow every night since she got it.  And I have to agree – it’s so sweet.  Oeuf’s tooth fairy pillow is the original and the best and so it had to be this one.  Have your kids lost a tooth yet?  How did you feel with the first one?

"tooth fairy pillow"

To enter to win this golden tooth, here are the details:

The prize:  The winner picked at random will win one Oeuf NYC golden tooth fairy pillow.

To enter:  Simply leave a comment below.  Just say hi or anything you like but keep it nice and friendly!

One entry per person and this competition is open to all my readers worldwide – yay!  The competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 19th October 2014.  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on this post and on my facebook page on Tuesday 21st October.  Good luck!  

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Jacie.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

6 etsy favourites…

January 16, 2014

"etsy cute kids things"

Here are 6 things I’m currently loving on etsy:

1.  A hand knitted pointy pixie hat for babies…  2.  dusky pink hand knitted baby romper…  3.  metallic gold polka dot leggings…  4.  handmade woodland bunny dressed for Winter…  5.  sleepy bunny shaped small plate…  6.  handmade baby animal pillows.

"handmade dolls exhibition"I’ve been in love with these handmade dolls by Evangelione for some time now.  When I saw this new doll exhibition called ‘You pretty little thing’, my fascination of these extraordinary beings just grew.  The name of the exhibition is perfect for the little creatures who are so life-like, it’s truly quite amazing.  I love the way Yeo Mei Ying, the creator has shown the dolls playing different games like hop-scotch and blind mans buff and that hair on those dolls… I mean wow!  I also love the personality that comes through each doll like that red top wearing doll expressing her impatience and boredom through crossed arms.  This exhibition was in Malaysia so not exactly next door but if you are after any of these handmade dolls, you can find a list of stockists on Evangelione and to see lots more of this delightful exhibition visit Yeo Mei’s flickr.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the kiddies starting school for the first time ever next week!

"imaginative wooden toys"It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of wooden toys.  And when they’re as beautiful as these one’s by Kedublock then it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.  Besides their good looks, these toys encourage thinking and imagination.  That catfish is just great.  It comes in pieces and you can build a cat, a fish or a catfish.  And those construction sticks are deliberately simple (and pretty) so that everything is left up to the child’s imagination.  These wooden toys are handcrafted too and made of natural materials.  Beautiful toys, imaginative toys and handmade too… what’s not to love?

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!

"ballerina mouse soft toy"

"mini play house set"

"mouse house sets"I recently discovered these mouse house sets and I couldn’t resist sharing.  How sweet are they?  The minute I laid eyes on them it brought a big smile to my face.  What an absolutely adorable idea.  I love the little details like the tiny vogue magazine, the storage basket, the knitting needles and that teeny cloud pillow.   I thought it would be fun to imagine what kind of mouse would live in each house so I paired them up with cute little mice from Maileg’s delightful range.  The mouse house sets are entirely handmade by Alessandra Taccia who has a lovely shop called Knots.  Alessandra doesn’t make many things but what she does make is so creative and imaginative.  I hope these mouse house sets bring a big smile to your face, just like they did to mine. Happy, smiley weekend to you all!

"hand made finger puppets"How cute are these guys?  I don’t normally get excited about finger puppets but I couldn’t help falling for these ones.  Made by Ayelet from Israel, it feels like she has taken all that is cute and lovable about these animals and brought it to life in her creations.  And the extra little touch of the knitted hoodies just adds to their cuteness.  You’ll find kangaroos, squirrels, pandas and camels in her collection which also includes mobiles and display boxes in addition to finger puppets.  They’re all handmade from 100% wool and can be bought individually or in sets, but for me it’s the affectionate little pairs that are the sweetest.  I found out about Lazy Animals a while ago when I received an email and I have been meaning to share ever since as they’re just too adorable to miss!

"handmade baby mobile"

"princess and the pea doll set"You might be wondering what exactly the picture above is… I wondered the same when I saw it but I knew that I had to find out more.  It’s a Princess and the Pea playset.  How cute is that?  Seven handmade mattresses have been covered in vintage fabrics and topped with a wool felt pea.  They all come packaged in a muslin bag with an embroidered quote from the story.  Any kid who knows the fairytale will delight in playing with this.  This is the creation of 2 mums who were armed with little more than a sewing machine, bags of unwanted wool and fabrics when they decided to start a little boutique called Seven Smooches.

"fox elephant finger puppet"

Everything is hand made at Seven Smooches who also make clothes, hats, blankets and other cute little things for kids.  But it’s their play things that really got my attention like these adorable finger puppets each of which come with a little accessory.  It’s the imagination and the level of detail that go in to their creations that really make them special.  Seven Smooches don’t seem to have updated their site recently as there are only collections from 2011, but you can go here for the Princess and Pea set and here for the finger puppets.

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