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"black and white posters for babies"

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I love black and white decor for every part of the home including kids rooms.    So this collection of mostly black and white posters for kids totally grabbed my attention.  It’s one of the cutest I’ve seen in a while and includes bunnies, mountains, type and more all presented in a clean, graphic style.

"posters-for-kids-bedrooms"You’ve probably guessed by now that these posters are from Sweden – you can’t miss the cool Scandi vibe.  These black and white kids room posters are so playful and cute and would add a touch of fun to any kids space.

"yellow baby room decor ideas"With all the sunshine here in the UK, I ‘m really feeling inspired by the colour yellow.  It’s one of my favourite colours for a baby room because it’s such a happy colour.  Yellow works so well for a boy or girl nursery but needs lots of white with it otherwise it can be a little overwhelming.  I’ve put together a little yellow nursery inspiration board with white walls and hints of other colours to inspire you in case you’re looking for unisex nursery decor ideas:

1.  yellow pendant light | 2.  bright red apple print | 3.  dotty wallpaper | 4.  knitted toy storage baskets | 5.  yellow plush doll | 6. dotted cabinet | 7.  vintage inspired kids chair | 8. yellow linen bed set

P.S. While I was searching for yellow nursery decor, I found one of the top related searches was ‘is yellow bad for baby room’?  Apparently, according to the internet, too much yellow (yellow walls, yellow furniture etc) makes babies cry!  I’ve never heard this before, have you?

"random kids style collage 1"I’ve been collecting a selection of stylish things, ideas and thoughts I’ve liked for a while and today I thought I would share some of them with you.  Hope you like them too!

1.  simple kids room styling…  2. chunky knits on kids…  3.  bright pink and red together…  4.  apostrophe magnets for your fridge… 5. always remember to love yourself…  6. a mini cloud for your daughters wrist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

"black and white kids room ideas"I remember when I was around 13, there was a girl in my school who only ever wore black.  Occasionally she would wear little hints of white or grey but the dominating colour from head to toe was always black.  I seriously thought she was the coolest kid I’d ever seen!  I’ve always loved black and even several years on this obsession with black has never waned.  When I see a piece of clothing in a shop, it can come in every colour under the sun and I will always be drawn to the black one.  Over the years I’ve taught myself to have more colour in my wardrobe especially for Spring and Summer but in Winter it’s back to black!  Now this black obsession is creeping in to my decorating ideas and I’m thinking of re-doing my daughters room in black and white.  So I’ve been looking around for kids room decorations that are not only black and white but are also simple, unfussy and uncluttered in their design.  These were my top picks:

1.  Heart poster… 2. Polka dot wall stickers… 3. Sheep mobile… 4. Striped blanket… 5. Striped cloud cushion… 6. Tica chair… 7. Mickey Mouse pillow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you next week…

"black and white nursery art"My brother and sister-in-law are total art lovers and wherever they travel they pick up a painting by a local artist as a souvenir.  I think this is such a lovely way of remembering your travels and combining your love of art.  They always try and buy an original because given a choice I think anyone would opt for this over a print and very often you can get your hands on originals for not a lot of money.  While there is a lot of great original art out there, it’s not often that I come across cool original paintings for kids and so when I saw these by Adriane Duckworth I had to share.  The art is delightfully simple yet striking and I love the uncomplicated nature of the drawings.  My favourites are the black and white animal paintings and I love the black clouds too but there are some bright coloured ones available as well.  While Adriane’s style is minimalist and modern, it has plenty of warmth and cuteness too!  You can see more and checkout her selection at Society 6.

"pink and grey kids room ideas"I’m always dreaming of re-decorating every room in the house.  Today I’m loving pink and grey for my daughters room.  Grey isn’t the most obvious choice for a kids room but with a dash of pink I think it works so well.  Personally, I’d even go for just grey with lots of white but today I wanted to add a bit of pink to the mix.  This kind of colour scheme and decor also really appeals to my minimalist side.  When i started putting this board together I knew I would like the end result but I didn’t realise quite how much this colour scheme would appeal to me.  Hope you like it too…

1.  Harlequin wallpaper… 2.  Knitted flag garland… 3.  Circus print… 4. 3D Olephants mobile… 5.  Soft pink lacquered chair… 6. Beauty baby doll… 7.  Sonny angel doll… 8.  Floral print beanbag…  9.  Starry cloud cushion

Eat, play, love…

February 13, 2013

"heart cushion, heart bread, heart poster"I’m not really in to the whole Valentines day thing.  It’s a bit too commercial for me but I still appreciate the sentiment behind the day.  If you’ve been a couple for a while it’s easy to take each other for granted so for me Valentines is a day to remember and appreciate all the little things I love about my husband.  We have never exchanged gifts or celebrated in a big way but if the mood struck, we would do something impulsive and fun.  Of course impulsive has gone out the window these days as having a child involves a lot of pre-planning.  But tomorrow I am thinking of having a fun day and evening with child and husband.  I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do as I’m such a last minute person but I do know it will involve the 3 things that matter most to us… eat, play and love!  And with that in mind I gathered a few images that say just that to me:

1.  An illustration of a pair of Valentines bears… 2.  A heart decoration for the heart of your home … 3. A Valentines bread loaf to bake… 4.  A fun and playful pillow called Harriet the heart

Playful designs…

November 19, 2012

"colourful nursery art"

I have always wanted to visit the London Design Festival but each year passes and I miss it for one reason or another.  I’ve now added it to my huge ‘to-do’ list.  Unfortunately nothing ever seems to get crossed off this list and instead it just grows bigger and bigger.  But while I’m waiting for the 2013 festival I went and had a browse of their site and found Supafrank.  Nothing excites me more than discovering a new design studio that creates unusual things and that’s exactly what Supafrank is all about.

"colourful stools for kids rooms"

Supafrank work with various brands to create packaging, stationery and more.  But they’ve also created their own line called Creature Collective which I’m loving.  The furniture is still in prototype phase but the cute artworks are available now.  I love the bright colours and the element of fun they’ve injected in to all their designs.  There’s a bit of quirk mixed with lots of playful style to create products that would be fun for any age.  The artworks are more for kids and would add some humour and brightness to any room.  In addition to this project, Supafrank have also worked on some really fabulous collaboration projects like the Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh ones which you can also see on their site.

"wooden toys"

My country obsession of the moment is Argentina.  I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember and I’m finally going to Buenos Aires in January (yaay!).  To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement.  Of course I’m madly researching places to see, things to do and most importantly where to shop and eat.  It’s through this research I’ve discovered that not only does the food promise to be an absolute treat but the shopping too sounds amazing as there is some fabulous design coming out of Argentina for both big and little people.  One of my favourite Argentinian discoveries for kids has been these adorable crochet toys.  But now I’ve got another favourite… the wonderful Fanny & Alexander.

"wooden camera toy"

Fanny & Alexander is born out of the notion of good old fashioned play.  They believe that today there are too many battery operated toys, video games and other toys that don’t encourage the child to think for themselves.  So Fanny & Alexander wanted to go back to basics, to toys that encourage a child to be creative, to imagine, to make things up.  And that’s exactly what they’ve done by creating beautiful wooden toys, cute art and stationery, knitted clothes and leather shoes.  Their design is simple, minimal even but with plenty of warmth and lots of beauty.  They’ve chosen a very simple colour palette of natural wood, rusts and greys which just adds to the aesthetic appeal and the warmth.   Just look at those leather ballet shoes… how gorgeous are they?!  And those Llama’s eating their pyjamas… wonderful!  Luckily, they ship internationally so you don’t have to go to Argentina to get these goodies but since I am going,  I will definitely be knocking on Fanny & Alexander‘s door.

*Via Petit Poulou

"green art prints for kids"

Before I started writing this blog I never knew about the wonderful world of kids art.  I knew there was art for kids but I thought it was all about the over-cutesy kind of stuff that I totally shy away from.  When I discovered the range of art on offer I realised how wrong I had been.  I felt like I had stumbled upon a secret world, a world only open to parents in the know.  In this world I found imagination that knew no bounds, illustrations that were a feast for the eyes and magical drawings that were sometimes happy, sometimes poignant and sometimes just plain funny.  Recently I stumbled across Society 6 and found the largest collection of kids art in one place.  I spent ages browsing and found art for every taste and budget.  Society 6 have gathered together a huge range of artists from across the globe that produce work not just for kids but for adults too.  They have so much choice and variety that it’s impossible to choose a favourite.  So, I’ve picked out a few blue-green coloured prints that I was charmed by but there’s a whole load more for you to explore.  I think from now on Society 6 will be my first port of call when I need some art for a child.

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