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monthly gift boxes for kids

Did you know that in Finland every expectant mother gets a baby box as a gift from the government?  The box contains all the newborn essentials she’s likely to need including clothes, bath products, nappies, a sleeping bag and even a mattress.  This is such a lovely idea and for those of us not in Finland I’ve always thought it would make a great gift idea for a mum to be.  It’s as if Almondella, a Finnish company read my mind because that’s exactly what they’ve done but taken it a step further.  They’ve put together a range of monthly gift boxes for kids that aren’t just for newborns but for babies and toddlers.

Now they’ve gone even further and partnered with Peggy (the super stylish blogger behind Paul et Paula) and together created this great box of delights.  Peggy thought why are these boxes for babies only, why not for older kids too?  So she put together a gift box that is unisex and perfect not only for babies but for all kids up to 6 or 7 years old.  The box contains fun decor items that will work in a nursery, a playroom or a kids room.  

childrens colouring books

Peggy kindly sent me a box for Anya and when I opened it there was much excitement from Anya and me.  Anya was immediately drawn to the iconic elephant money box (which needs no introduction) and the Evolution colouring book.  The Evolution colouring book is a colouring book but so much more too.  As well as colouring in the pages there are more interactive elements like flaps to lift, die-cut holes and stencils that can be drawn through and decorated.  And then there is text that describes the evolution of life.  So the book is fun to read, interact with and colour.

black and white poster kids roomFinnish gift boxes kids

I was excited with all the bits that will work so well in Anya’s new room but my favourites are the animal poster and the wall sticker.  The black and white animal poster has been created specially for this box so it’s not available elsewhere.  And then you have a wall sticker – either ‘You are loved’ or ‘Grow Strong’.  You don’t know which one you’ll get so it’s a nice little surprise.  Lastly you have the cute sleepy hedgehog cushion.

I’m always looking for exciting and unusual gift ideas and this box would make a beautiful gift for any child.  It’s a box of things that will grow with your child and they can keep for ages.  And the best part is that you pay much less for all the things in the gift box than if you had bought them separately.  This box is limited edition with only 50 boxes but I hope Peggy and Almondella will make more such boxes in the future because I so love the unisex, ageless aspect of it and of course the stylish Scandinavian delights inside it.

"black and white room ideas for toddlers"

I think if I ever move to another career it would have to be something to do with decorating babies and kids rooms.  I love putting together inspiration and ideas for how to create a beautiful nursery space or a kiddy space.  My favourite style is Scandinavian and right now I’m really partial to black and white rooms especially with a subtle hint of another colour.  For this mood board I’ve added a dash of pink to brighten up the black and white.  Here’s where you’ll find the picks:

1. stars garland | 2. miffy lamp | 3. heart postcard | 4. cloud postcards and panda poster | 5. birch toddler and child bed | 6.  owl cushion | 8.  striped toy storage baskets | 9.  bunny and girl doll | 10.  beauty baby and jealous baby dolls | 11. trees duvet set

"win baby products giveaway"I remember the crazy buying I did before Anya was born.  I bought way too much because somebody somewhere convinced me that I absolutely needed it.  Of course I never ended up using a lot of the things but at the time I didn’t know any better.  Recently I came across the Finnish concept of all expectant mums receiving a baby ‘starter pack’ and I thought it was such a sweet and practical idea.  The State sends all mums to be a cardboard box filled with baby essentials like bodysuits, sleeping bags, bathing products, bedding and more.  Once emptied, the cardboard box with a supplied mattress becomes the baby’s first bed.  Isn’t that a lovely custom and so helpful for a new mum?

"almondella baby gift box""win baby products giveaway"

Almondella (a new-ish Finnish brand) has taken this concept and created a range of beautiful boxes to suit various ages from newborn to 3 years old.  Depending on the age and sex of the baby, Almondella put together a box with stylish toys, clothes, books, bathing products and more.  I think this is such a lovely idea so I’ve joined hands with Almondella to giveaway one box of goodies to one lucky reader.  The winner’s box will be tailored to their childs age and sex and will be full of the cutest goodies as you can see from the pictures. 

"win Scandinavian baby products giveaway"

Most of Almondella’s products come from small, independent Scandinavian brands which offer beautiful design and products that are practical and built to last.  You can order these boxes on a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription which will be delivered to your door or they also have one off gift boxes.  The idea of getting a beautiful little package for your baby tailored to their developmental and physical needs is lovely.  Much like the Finnish State concept, it takes the hassle out of buying and choosing.  These gorgeous boxes of goodies also make a wonderful gift especially for a new mum.

The giveaway:  One lucky winner will receive one Almondella gift box that has been put together specially for them based on their babies age and sex.

To enter:  Simply leave a comment below with your babies age and sex.

One entry per person and this competition is open to all my readers worldwide – yay!  The competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 25th May 2014.  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on this post and on my facebook page on Tuesday 27th May 2014.

This giveaway is now closed.   The winner is Maxine.  Congrats Maxine!

Beanie on helina…

January 22, 2014

"cloud cushions for kids"

It was the name – Beanie on Helina – that first got my attention.  It’s such an unusual name for a shop.  I discovered a stylish and sweet world of cushions that include clouds, houses and raindrops.  Beanie on Helina is a Finnish shop by Kaisa Erkkila and you can totally see the stylish Scandinavian vibe.  The name is inspired by a story Kaisa’s dad told her when she was a kid about a temperamental little girl who wore a beanie.  In addition to cushions, Beanie on Helina also offers some cool home wares like cloud pot holders (which would also look nice on a kids room wall), pouches and jewelry.

Out of Africa…

September 3, 2013

"animal themed kids bedding"This new kids bedding collection by Mini Empire is nice… very nice!  The predominantly black and white Africa inspired animal theme is playful and stylish.  I’m especially loving that little round elephant cushion. "elephant baby blanket"In addition to duvet sets and cushions, there are some lovely baby blankets too like this African animals one.  I’m already a big fan of Swedish Mini Empire and I love that they’ve taken their striking prints and turned them in to wonderful kids bedding.  The bedding collection will be available from October 2013.

"soft gallery spring summer 2013"I don’t know about you but I am beyond ready for Spring.  So far I haven’t bought anything for this elusive season but yesterday I saw a gorgeous coral top in a sheer fabric and I couldn’t resist.  I convinced myself that if I bought it, Spring would come sooner.  I know I’m getting desperate and even more so when I see all the wonderful colours, fabrics and prints on offer at the moment.  One collection that’s really caught my eye is Soft Gallery’s new Spring/Summer 2013 line for kids.  This isn’t the first time I’ve fallen for Soft Gallery and I suspect it won’t be the last. 

"bunny dress for girls""girls cotton all in one"Soft Gallery’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection called ‘PURE’ is dreamy and playful.  Some of the clothes are in pale solid colours while others are embellished with butterflies, rabbits and other animals illustrated by artists from around the world.  The colors are soft, the drawings are bold and the overall feeling is one of a playful adventure.  I love the Audrey Hare dress which has a bubble like shape and a beautiful peachy-pink illustration of a rabbit.  I also love the tennis playing, wolf like creature on the grey tee for a boy.  Now, if only Spring would show it’s face we could all indulge in some delightful Spring fashion like this.

scandinavian_kids_room_decorRecently I have come across so many blogs that showcase beautiful Scandinavian homes and each home is more striking then the next.  Often the rooms are all white from floor to ceiling, complemented with black accents and gorgeous mid-century furniture.  I am so smitten by this Scandi chic look that last night I told my husband it was time to re-decorate our living room and draw from this style but with our own personal touch.  In my excitement I even showed him all the images I had been collecting.  He agreed but then quickly burst my bubble by pointing out the elephant in the room – the carpet.  To really achieve the look I’m after we need wooden floors but living in a period flat with a 4 year old, that just isn’t an option.  The noise would drive the couple below us insane!  While I know he’s right I can’t help but mourn the living room of my dreams.  So for now I’ll have to make do by fueling my love for all things Scandinavian by sharing more Scandi decor with you and today I’ve turned to an old favourite with a wonderful new Spring Summer 2013 collection.

"Scandinavian home decor"If you haven’t already guessed, this is the new collection by Ferm Living.  Always chic, always minimal this new line is right up my street.  I love the use of lots of black and white with pops of bold colour.  That half moon wallpaper would fit like in a dream in my imaginary living room.  As I’ve come to expect with Ferm living, most of their pieces aren’t age or gender specific like those bolsters that would be fun in any space.  And that play tent, with it’s black and white stripes and hint of neon orange wouldn’t be an eyesore if your kids decided to camp out in the living room.  There’s a lot more to this new Ferm Living collection including some cool wall stickers like the ones pictured below.  Enjoy!

"star and raindrop wall stickers"

Spring is in the air…

February 1, 2013

"scandinavian kids bed linen"I had my birthday in January.  Nothing unusual about this except January is the bleakest month of the year in this part of the world. So it’s really not a good month for a birthday but this year at least I managed to escape for some winter sun.  Growing up in Mumbai, January was the best month to have your birthday.  Most Indians don’t celebrate Christmas so there was no Christmas hangover to speak of, it was a new year, the weather was at it’s best and everybody was on a high.  How the tables have turned on me!  But as bleak as January is, come the 1st of February and it feels like everyone has a renewed vigour, a spring in their step, a positive outlook once again.  For me the 1st of February brings with it the hope of Spring and that’s what makes it special.  Today, it feels like the worst of winter is over and so to celebrate the coming of Spring I wanted to share my first Spring 2013 collection with you.  It’s a new brand from Sweden called Gabor & Friends and they make the most wonderful bed linen for babies, toddlers and kids.

"scandinavian bed linen kids"Stylish, sophisticated kids bed linen is hard to come by and that’s why when I saw Gabor & Friends I couldn’t wait to share.  On offer are duvet sets, blankets, crib bumpers and cushions.  The prints, like the bird one, are so pretty but the solid colours of sea green and salmon are equally appealing (my favourite I think is that Purple Rain snuggle blanket).  Most of the tones and shades used in Gabor & Friends’ Spring collection are soft, muted and understated except their cashmere-wool blankets that come in the boldest and brightest of colours.  Many of the pieces are 2 sided – a print on one side and a solid colour on the other giving you the option to change the look as you please.  I’m so loving this collection and looking at it really makes me feel like Spring is in the air.  Gabor & Friends don’t sell through their site but you’ll find their cashmere blankets at the lovely Scandinavian Minimall who will soon be stocking the rest of the collection.

"scandinavian kids decor"

When I was in school, maths was one of my favourite subjects (so geeky, I know!).  I felt completely at one with algebra, logic and even calculus but there was one branch of maths that was a thorn in my side and that was geometry.  How the tables have turned since then… I’ve forgotten all my complex equations but I can’t resist a good geometric pattern.  Not quite the same as studying geometry but it’s those exact same shapes I dreaded seeing that now bring such delight.  And so when I saw the goodies offered by OYOY, a new Danish interior design shop, I was smitten.  I first spotted their clean designs adorned with geometric patterns over at Paul et Paula and I knew I had to share them here.  

"geometric patterns for kids"

From the colourful hexagon bed linen to the cushions adorned with a range of shapes, OYOY’s style is minimal, clean and very Scandinavian.  They use lots of shapes throughout their creations but without ever over-doing it.  Less is more is their design ethos and it clearly shows.  While there are things aimed specifically at kids, I think much of the beauty lies in the ageless appeal of everything they offer.  The colour scheme of using lots of neutrals with pops of neon is really appealing too.  I’ve always been very partial to Scandi design and OYOY is another great new example of Scandi design at it’s best.  Forget algebra, I now know that geometry is the way to go!

"scandinavian kids room decor"

"scandinavian kids decor"

"designer kids bed linen"

"designer kids cushions and pillows"

One of the best things about moving into a new season is the new collections on offer.  While summer is my favourite season, I’ve always loved Autumn/Winter lines the most.  A couple of weeks ago I shared a beautiful kids clothing collection and since then I’ve wanted to share a new collection of kids toys and decor.  I’ve found just the thing with Ferm Living’s new season goodies.  Always stylish and fun, Ferm Living is never too cute or too baby-ish.  Playful designs mixed with bold patterns come to life in kids throw pillows, soft toys, wall decor and more.  Ferm Living also offer an adults range which I think would work very well for kids too.  For me, design that transcends age is always the best!

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