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DIY halloween treat bags

I’m so glad that Halloween is becoming more and more of a thing here in the UK and especially London.  If you have kids, what’s not to love about Halloween?  Anya loves the whole dressing up and trick or treating thing as so do all her little friends.  Sometimes the child in me feels so tempted to wear a costume and do the whole trick or treating with them – should I?  The other thing to love about Halloween is all the treats and candy.  Last year Anya came back with a haul so big, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes – I don’t think she had ever seen so much candy in her life!

DIY halloween treat bags for kids

Each year we are invited to a Halloween party so this year instead of taking just a bag of sweets or chocolates, I thought I would make some fun Halloween treat bags for all the kids.  While I don’t like the really scary Halloween stuff, I love a more playful take on the whole ghosts, ghouls and spookiness.  So with that in mind I thought about making mini witches hats that would hold a few small treats.  Here it is – my mini witches hats DIY Halloween treat bags:

What you’ll need:
black origami paper (One sheet per hat) – try and get double sided although I couldn’t find these
orange coloured card paper
mini treats to fill the hats

I made these witches hats using an origami tutorial which you can find here.  At first it seemed a bit challenging but after making 2 or 3 , it became really easy so stick with it.  Make as many hats as you want and then take your orange card and cut out circles of 6.5cms diameter.  

Now fill your hats with mini treats – I used little round chocolates which proved a bit tricky as they were rolling all over the place.  It would be easier to fill them with a small bag of chocolates or sweets.  This will also help to hold the shape of the hat.  Finally glue the orange circles to the base of the hats and you’ve got your witches hat treat bags.  Don’t they look fun?  

DIY witches hat halloween treat boxes

Once you’ve made a load, you could also use the mini hats as decorations for a Halloween party – they’d look great dotted around a halloween party table table.  

P.S. You might like this collection of fun Halloween party decorations too.

free printable easter boxes

Today I have a little treat for you – these super cute free printable Easter boxes which you can fill with whatever you like.  They perfectly compliment the Easter bunny cards I shared a little while ago.

free easter treat box printable

These bunny boxes have been designed by a very talented design and architecture student called Annelies and they are exclusively for my readers.  It was her blog – A pattern a day – that first caught my attention.  The patterns she creates – wow!  Just wow.

free printables easter boxes

To make these boxes print out the templates provided.  Annelies has designed three boxes – each with a slightly different pattern.  Regular printer paper is too thin so you will need coloured card to ensure that the boxes hold together.  Once printed, cut along the outline provided and then fold down the dotted lines.  You will need to glue the the box together, leaving out the top flap so you can put things in the box.   I love a bit of pastel for Easter but of course you can choose any coloured card you like.

Easter bunny treat boxes

Anya’s been taking these bunny boxes as little gifts for the play dates she’s been invited to over the holidays.  We either fill them with little chocolate eggs or a small toy.  We’ve given out a couple and they have been loved.  Making the box yourself adds that personal touch which people so appreciate.

A big thank you to Annelies for creating these adorable free printable Easter boxes and for the cute bunny cards too.  We have made great use of these and I hope you will too. 

Here is the PDF.  Print and enjoy for your personal use:

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