5 charming pink girls rooms

August 4, 2015

It’s no secret that I’m keen on my monochrome tones when it comes to interiors or fashion and maybe even in every other aspect of my life.  I am naturally drawn to cool whites, minimal greys and beautiful black.  But there is one other colour that has recently begun creeping in to my life; a colour I never thought I would be drawn to but it’s it’s really appealing to me right now.  And that colour is pink.

I’ve always thought of pink as something a bit too sugary sweet but I’m changing my mind because there are so many shades of pink out there.  While I’m still not a fan of the brighter pinks, the softer tones are just beautiful when done right.  I’ve been considering a dirty pink sofa for our living room (although sadly Richard isn’t playing along!).  But in Anya’s room, I know I will indulge in my new love for pink and I may just sneak a bit in to our bedroom too.  I went looking for some pink bedrooms for kids and I found so many beautiful shades to play with.  These rooms have a lot of pink so I don’t think many would consider them for a boy but would you consider a hint of pink for a boys room?  Here are some gorgeous pink girls rooms to get you inspired:

light pink girls bedroom decor

This pink girls room is so cute!  There’s lots of light pink in this room but it works because it’s beautifully complemented and balanced with the grey.  Having two-tone walls is a great way to have lots of pink in a room without it looking too much.

pink bedroom decor ideas

This little girls room ticks every box for me.  They’ve added lots and lots of pink decorations in different shades of pink balanced with lots of black and white.  The black and white is a great backdrop for the pink as it really makes the pink stand out. 

pink bedroom decorating ideas for little girl

There’s no hiding from the pink in this room but even with so much of it, it doesn’t end up looking all too much.  The shade of pink used here is the thing that works – soft, dusty pink in abundance looks so pretty and stylish. 

pink and gold decor ideas

While I love monochromes with pink, another colour that works so well with pink is gold.  Little touches of sparkly gold add fun and magic to a room.  This sweet room is mostly pink including some pink furniture and those little gold accents come to life so well against all the pink.

dirty pink girls bedroom

One of my favourite shades of pink is this kind of dirty pink.  If the softer, pinkier pinks don’t work for you, then this shade of pink is a great alternative especially if you little girl is keen on pink and you’re not.  This room isn’t nearly as girly as the others, but it has so much charm and character.  Dirty pink is a great colour not just for kids but for adult spaces too.

These five pink girls rooms are all so pretty but never over the top.  I’m fully converted to the idea of using shades of pink around the home – I just need to convince Richard!  Would you consider pink beyond a child’s room?

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  • Honest mum

    I love these, just the right dusky pink, it’s got to be hot pink or this delicate pink for me, love grey with pink too, so effortlessly stylish, gorgeous post x

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you so much. I am going a bit crazy about pink at the moment. Only the softer or duskier kind though – can’t wait to decorate with it. x

  • Ania Egonu

    I am a definite believer in soft, powdery and dirty shades of pink.They look very classy and feminine and certainly when balanced with grey they don’t seem to overwhelm. I think that having seen so much of “the wrong kind” of pink is what makes you
    a bit allergic but when done well it is a treat for the eyes.

    • ebabee likes

      Totally with you on that. And you are so right in saying that pink can be stunning when done well. I absolutely love a bit of pale pink with grey – so pleasing to the eye.

  • Steph @MisplacedBrit

    Dirty, dusky, old fashioned pink
    …Or crazy cerise! 😀

    With grey – beautiful.

    It’s all fair and good, what I might consider for a boys room, but Mr M has vetoed quite a bit!

    • ebabee likes

      Same problem here – for our living spaces. So want a touch of dirty pink (just a touch) but it’s not allowed 🙁 But shall feed my newfound pink obsession in A’s room 😀

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