How to create a fun gallery wall

September 16, 2019

Gallery walls are all the rage and they look great.  I’m considering one for my living room but I think they look fab in any room especially a kids room where you can have so much fun creating one.  It’s a great way to update a room that needs a bit of life or to just change the look for a new season.  The most obvious way to create a gallery wall is to have loads of shop bought framed prints but there are other creative ways and the best part is that gallery walls don’t cost much to create.  Things like kids artworks make a great a gallery wall or you don’t even have to use art.  Some of the cutest gallery walls I’ve seen use objects and decorations and even clothes.   Here are some fun and unusual ideas on how to create a gallery wall in a kids bedroom:

how to create a gallery wallI love this monochrome nursery wall.  Lots of fun, quirky, interesting postcards, shapes and more simply taped to the wall with washi tape.  There’s no order here, they’ve just stuck lots on but I love that and because they’ve kept the tones the same it makes it even more striking.  Best of all, there’s lots for the baby to look at.

colorful gallery wall ideas

If monochrome doesn’t float your boat, this bright and colourful gallery wall definitely will.  I love the floor to ceiling effect and bright colours against the white wall.  You could create similar with your kids artwork or mix and match their art with other pieces.  This is of course a much more organised look than the one before but that’s the thing with gallery walls – you can create exactly the look you like.

gallery walls for a kids room

Gallery walls can be as full on or as minimal as you like, just like this one.  It’s very simple with just a couple of kids drawings, some postcards and some fun objects.  Even though there isn’t much on this wall, it still looks so cool especially with the bear and the bird stickers added on.  This wall shows how you can mix and match wall stickers, kids art, decorations and prints to create a wall that is entirely unique and personal to your child.

kids room gallery wall

How stunning does this gallery wall look?  Most gallery walls I’ve come across use small and medium size pictures and maybe the odd large one.  But this one has gone super-size with all the pictures and it looks great.  The choice of images is very interesting too – a mix of playful ones with more grown up ones and even an enlarged photo thrown it.  There’s lots of inspiration on this wall for any room in the house.

gallery wall how to ideas

What a fun wall!  I love the use of large prints with small but I especially love the quirky shelves, mirror and other objects thrown in.  Just shows that you can really create a gallery wall with anything you already have.  Just bring it all together in a fun and funky way.

Are you tempted to create a gallery wall?  Which one is your favourite?

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