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Dressing up fun…

November 29, 2013

"kids dressing up ideas"We love a bit of dressing up fun in this house.  It doesn’t have to be Halloween, Christmas or any special occasion but instead it’s something my daughter Anya does daily.  The minute she’s back from school the uniform is off and she heads straight for her dressing up box.  Each day she emerges wearing something totally quirky and mismatched but she loves it and I love watching her delight in this.   So today I wanted to share some dressing up ideas and things that I’m currently loving.  My favourite… that little baby in those angel wings and a diaper.  Isn’t he the cutest?

Have a fun weekend!  And a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

Images: 1. feather & tutu girl,  2. bunny ear headband,  3. baby angel,  4.  mouse girl,  5. pink bunny ears

"pretty hair clips for girls"My daughter is such a girly girl that I have trouble getting her to wear anything but skirts and dresses.  Sometimes jeans or trousers are just more practical but getting these on her means a guaranteed battle that often ends in tears and tantrums.  Recently I had a thought –  why not try putting some ribbon in her hair on the days she has to wear jeans or has to wear anything less girly.  This has worked a treat.  So I’ve gone with this idea and taken it a step further by getting lots of pretty hair clips as well as ribbons in a range of colours.  While looking for hair clips, these were some of my favourite finds and so I thought I would share because any of these would make great stocking fillers for all your girly girls. 

The 3 hair clips on the left are by The Summer House while the 3 on the right are by Cos.

"random kids style collage 1"I’ve been collecting a selection of stylish things, ideas and thoughts I’ve liked for a while and today I thought I would share some of them with you.  Hope you like them too!

1.  simple kids room styling…  2. chunky knits on kids…  3.  bright pink and red together…  4.  apostrophe magnets for your fridge… 5. always remember to love yourself…  6. a mini cloud for your daughters wrist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

"European accessories for girls and babies"I love a good accessory or two.  My current accessory obsession is clutch bags for me and necklaces for Anya.  Today I came across these super chic ones by Italian Minimu.  Not only are there accessories for girls, but also such adorable stuff for babies.  Those bibs… so gorgeous!  And that yellow polka dotted cloth necklace; I could do with one.  Minimu also have some beautiful clothes in their new Autumn Winter 2013 collection which are definitely worth checking out.

Autumn blues…

September 16, 2013

"blue accessories for girls"I always start thinking more about accessories come Autumn.  With the cooler weather you begin needing scarves and hats but more than that, accessories really lift an outfit and Autumn is a time when I need a lift.  Even more than me, I love accessorising my daughter’s outfits often with just one unexpected piece like a pretty necklace or a statement brooch.  I went looking for some accessories for her today and I loved these blue ones that I found.  The pale and deep blues are lovely for this season and will work well with so many outfits.  Here’s where you’ll find them:

1.  Flower hair clips by Cos…  2.  Louise Misha tulle necklace from Minikin…  3.  Polka dot bonnet with ears by Les Zigouis…  4.  Umbrella adorned scarf by Bobo Choses.

Hats & hoodies…

August 28, 2013

"oeuf nyc hats and animal hoodies"I have yet to meet a kid who is crazy about wearing a hat but these new ones by Oeuf NYC may be just the ticket.  Part of their Autumn Winter 2013 collection, these hats and hoddies are so fun.   Many are animal inspired but there are also other quirky ones like the yoda hat which is definitely a favourite of mine.  All the hats and hoodies are great for adding a little bit of joy to everyday winter wear and I’m sure any kid will agree. "fancy dress hats kids"Oeuf NYC have a knack for creating playful yet wearable pieces that have just the right amount of cuteness.  There’s lots to love about Oeuf’s new Autumn Winter 2013 collection but for me, it’s the hats and hoodies that steal the show this season.

Mini Zara…

August 21, 2013

"zara mini autumn winter 2013"When I saw this adorable new collection by Zara mini, it brought back the sweetest memories.  I loved dressing my daughter in Zara mini clothes when she was a tiny baby and I think I’ve saved nearly all the outfits she had.  The clothes and accessories were always very stylish but also practical and very baby-ish.  They are exactly the kind of clothes you imagine a baby should wear and it looks like this latest collection is just as adorable.  I also love the styling done by April and May which shows off the collection beautifully by using things like those wooden sticks that represent the stylish and understated colour palette  Unfortunately my daughter is now way too big for Zara mini clothes but I still check out their collections as I love gifting things like those cute little rompers to friends with newborns.

mama & baby…

July 25, 2013

"red canvas tote bag"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama carry this tomato adorned canvas tote bag while baby wears that striking colour block jersey dress.

"kids imaginative play"If I was asked to describe the world through a childs eyes I think I would say it’s a place where anything is possible, where every little experience becomes an epic adventure, where you can go from being a princess to a dragon in the space of a second.   Full of magic and fairytales, a child’s world is enchanting.  And this new little boutique captures that spirit so well. "girls clothes hair accessories"Leuie has clothes, toys and accessories that fit perfectly in a world where imagination and creativity rule, in a world where each day is an adventure.  From whimsical mobiles to beautiful hair accessories, there’s a little bit of magic in every piece sold in this store.  And they’re currently having their Summer sale so you can get a nice little discount too.  Each time I visit Leuie, I really feel like I want to be a kid again… if only!

"belgian designer shop for kids"Even though I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, I still get very excited when I discover a new kids shop especially when it’s full of cute little things.  It really is that kid in a candy store kind of feeling and that’s exactly how I felt when I found guapitO!  From Belgium, guapitO! have a fun range of decor, clothes and accessories for kids.  Things like that cat bag and those neon bracelets are so adorable and I also love the gold and silver rabbit lamps.  These are the kind of things that maybe you don’t actually need in your life but if you have them, they will definitely put a smile on your face each day.  And besides, I’m a real fan of little things like these that add those special details to your home or to an outfit. 


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