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Something fishy…

July 10, 2014

"fish themed kids decor clothes"

Foxes, elephants, birds and bunnies are everywhere on kids things from their clothes to decor.  For a change, I love a bit of fish themed things and these are some my current favourites (especially those fish hair clips):

1.  tee with fish detail | 2.  fish hair clips | 3.  seahorse soft toys | 4.  whale print pyjamas | 5.  shark tee | 6. koi fish poster

"yellow collection for mama and baby"

While I’m normally a black & white kind’a girl, I do like a bit of sunny yellow especially in Summer.  Yellow is a colour that makes you feel happy the moment you see it (think Pharell Williams).  So here are a few yellow things for mama and baby that I’m currently loving for the Summer months ahead:

1. pleated cotton kids dress | 2. straw storage baskets | 3. crystal bead necklace | 4. girls daffodil headband | 5. straw tote bag | 6. giraffe lambswool soft toy

"cute hair clips for girl"

These have got to be the cutest hair clips for little girls, don’t you think?  From fruity ones to funky ones, they’re all so fun.  Those crocodile ones are just the best!  These hair clips always make me smile and I think they would delight any little lady.  And they’d also be a fab addition to a party bag.

"blush pink baby clothes shoes"

The word ‘blush’ is such a pretty way to describe this beautiful pale peachy-pink colour which I’m loving for Spring.  So soft and feminine, this is a colour I want to see more of in my home and wardrobe.  So I went looking for blush things for mamas and kids and here are my favourtie finds:

 1.  lunch bag style clutch…  2.  floral printed kids dress…  3.  ballet bunny soft toy…  4.  face cleanse powder…  5.  stoneware trinket box…  6.  dotty oxford shoes.

"buggy handle protectors"

How cute are these buggy socks?  And the name too.  Cheerful little stripy socks to protect your (umbrella) buggy handles that can fray and tear over time.  But even if they don’t,  I still love these socks for their cute factor.  And besides protecting, they will also make your buggy standout from the crowd.  Very handy in the playground.  They come in many different coloured stripes and a range of sizes to fit a variety of buggy handles and there’s also a sweet pompom version of these handle protectors.  I’m past the buggy stage but if I ever went back there, I’d have to choose the bright turquoise and grey striped ones.  Which colour would you choose?

"cotton knit baby poncho"

Buggy Socks also make adorable ponchos and buggy blankets in bright solid colours or stripes.  They’re all knitted from 100% cotton so are especially ideal for Spring and Autumn.   When I saw their range, it was the ponchos I first fell for.  I love stripes and in these vibrant colours they will liven-up any outfit.  Buggy Socks are are based in Spain where everything is made and most of their range is suitable for 0-3 year olds.  They really do take stripy cuteness to a whole new level and therefore I’m happy to have them on board as my newest sponsor. 

I heart flamingos

February 27, 2014

"zara girls spring collection"

I’m loving these sweet little flamingos and hearts dotted over tees, dresses, bags and more.  Pretty little prints for the cutest little people.  My favourite is that flamingo baby tee but I also love that heart print sweatshirt for older girls.  What would you choose? 

"black and white clothes"

No matter how hard I try to change, I always come back to my absolute favourite colours of black and white.  Timeless, classic yet modern, always stylish… what’s not to love?  Here are some beautiful black and white things that I’m currently loving for mamas and kids.  Those dotty culottes and that flared dress are definitely on my wish list.

1.  flared cotton dress…  2.  mouse baby bonnet…  3.  vol 5 cereal mag…  4.  striped scraf…  5.  arrow print leggings…  6.  dotty baby culotte

Ice-cream soaps

February 12, 2014

"organic bath sopas for babies""organic soap for kids""organic kids bath soap"

I don’t know if bath time is a bit of a struggle in your home but it is here even with just one child.  Anya uses all kinds of delaying tactics from claiming that she’s suddenly really hungry (even though she’s normally just had dinner) to explaining that she just has to read a particular book or play with some toy at that very moment.  Her latest excuse is that she doesn’t like showering so she shouldn’t have to!  All my attempts to reason with her (the sooner you have a shower the sooner you can watch TV type of stuff) have failed.  So now I’m trying to think outside the box. 

I recently came across these delicious looking ice-cream (popsicle) soaps on a stick and I loved the idea.  They soaps are made of organic goat milk and are especially for kids who dislike taking showers (I feel like they’re talking to me!).  By putting the soap on a stick it looks like a creamy ice-cream, it adds fun and it’s easy for little hands to hold.  These milky organic soaps come in 4 ‘flavours’ – avacado, jojoba, calendula and camellia.  Made by ahhaproject for baby brand Stitch Bear, these fun ice-creamy soaps may just be the ticket to solve those tricky shower times at least for a while.  They’ve only launched very recently so aren’t available here yet but should be soon.

6 etsy favourites…

January 16, 2014

"etsy cute kids things"

Here are 6 things I’m currently loving on etsy:

1.  A hand knitted pointy pixie hat for babies…  2.  dusky pink hand knitted baby romper…  3.  metallic gold polka dot leggings…  4.  handmade woodland bunny dressed for Winter…  5.  sleepy bunny shaped small plate…  6.  handmade baby animal pillows.

Cosy animal hats…

January 7, 2014

"kids mouse winter hat"

I was never a fan of kids animal hats until my brother recently sent this mouse one for Anya.  When she tried it on, I totally changed my mind and now I’m all for these animal cuties especially the ones with ears.  Around the same time I discovered Happyeti and and loved their selection of hats which includes a panda one, a koala, deer, polar bear (my favourite) and many more.

"kids cute winter wool hats"

All the Happyeti hats are handmade in Nepal and look so warm and cosy.  Kids aren’t the biggest hat fans but I think any child would be happy with an adorable animal hat like these ones.   Anya has has always refused to wear her Winter hats but now whenever she needs one, she happily reaches for the little grey mouse and keeps it on.  And I don’t object because it’s fun, it’s cute and so soft and warm.

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