The Boring Bit

It’s the boring bit, but it still needs to be said:

I write about things I like which I think other discerning, style conscious parents will like too.  But at the end of the day, it’s only my opinion.

I don’t get paid to write about this stuff, I do it because I love it and so you don’t have to!

Where possible, I give you prices for the stuff I write about.  But these prices are subject to change at anytime. UPDATE NOVEMBER 2011: I have decided not to give prices anymore mainly because my readership has become very International.  I can’t give prices in a range of currencies or give shipping fees to various parts of the world so I have decided not to include them at all.  But there is always a link so you can easily find out the price of any item.  

I try and make sure all the info I provide is accurate but sometimes it may not be or sometimes things can change without my knowledge.

Where I have actually seen or touched or used a particular product I state this clearly.  Otherwise assume I haven’t.

Sometimes I use affiliate links for products that I was going to feature anyway.  If you click on the link and buy something, I’ll get commission.  I often feature products from my sponsors not because they are sponsors but because I would have featured the products anyway.  Finally on very rare occasions I may do a sponsored post.  This is only if the product is the right fit for my blog and my style.  And if I do then I will always let tell you that’s it’s sponsored.

If you would like to reproduce an article/post or part of one, please ask before you do so.  This is my material and cannot be reproduced without my permission at ANY time. 

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