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Ice-cream soaps

February 12, 2014

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I don’t know if bath time is a bit of a struggle in your home but it is here even with just one child.  Anya uses all kinds of delaying tactics from claiming that she’s suddenly really hungry (even though she’s normally just had dinner) to explaining that she just has to read a particular book or play with some toy at that very moment.  Her latest excuse is that she doesn’t like showering so she shouldn’t have to!  All my attempts to reason with her (the sooner you have a shower the sooner you can watch TV type of stuff) have failed.  So now I’m trying to think outside the box. 

I recently came across these delicious looking ice-cream (popsicle) soaps on a stick and I loved the idea.  They soaps are made of organic goat milk and are especially for kids who dislike taking showers (I feel like they’re talking to me!).  By putting the soap on a stick it looks like a creamy ice-cream, it adds fun and it’s easy for little hands to hold.  These milky organic soaps come in 4 ‘flavours’ – avacado, jojoba, calendula and camellia.  Made by ahhaproject for baby brand Stitch Bear, these fun ice-creamy soaps may just be the ticket to solve those tricky shower times at least for a while.  They’ve only launched very recently so aren’t available here yet but should be soon.

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