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Happy Christmas!

December 23, 2013

"Happy Christmas 2013 from ebabee"I seriously can’t believe Christmas is so nearly here… where did the year ago?  As the year comes to an end, I wanted to thank you all for visiting my blog and supporting me in 2013.  It means a lot.  I have lots of fun stuff planned for 2014 including a new look for the blog which will be revealed early next year.  I will be taking a break over the holidays to spend time with my family and of course to enjoy all the delicious food and treats that Christmas brings with it.  I wish you and your loved ones a magical Christmas and a very happy new year.  See you back here on January 6th 2014 and I leave you with a few images of our Christmas so far  ~ nomita xx

"Easy Christmas DIY crafts"Here are 4 fun and most importantly easy Christmas DIY projects that I found around the web.  Those giant baubles are just the best!

1. Giant baubles: made from balloons, this is such a fun DIY and I can’t wait to try it.  2.   Character cookies: a tasty looking treat and the kids can help decorate too.  3.  Snowman ornament:  a quirky take on a traditional snowman, perfect for kids to make and hang on your tree.  4.  Elf ornaments: cute little tree hangers that can be stitched but for the easy option just print out the paper versions.

"7 things I love about Christmas"

There’s so much to love (and possibly hate too) about Christmas.  I like to focus on the  good things and so here are the 7 things I love the most about Christmas:

1.  Sitting round a big table and eating an even bigger meal stretched out over hours with your closest friends and family. 

2.  Sparkly, twinkly lights everywhere you turn.  Makes everything feel magical and if I had my way, I would have lights throughout the dark Winter months.

3.  Decorating a tree or just decorating your home is fun but watching your kids do it is even better.

4.  Cookies, cakes, sweet treats in abundance… what’s not to love?!

5.  Snow… this of course isn’t ever guaranteed but I always dream of a white Christmas.

6. Hot chocolate especially the Italian kind.

7.  The endless craft possibilities that Christmas brings – from the little decorations that Anya brings home from school to the fun of getting creative with your gift wrapping.

What do you love about Christmas?  I would love to hear about your favourite things. 

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"stocking fillers for babies and kids"Since my daughter Anya’s birthday is so close to Christmas, we have started a tradition of only giving her a nice stocking for Christmas and no other gifts.  I’m not a fan of overloading kids with gifts so this works out well.  I started buying stocking fillers a while ago but need a few more so have been looking around.  While searching, I came across some fun things for boys, girls and babies and thought I would share my finds with you:

1.  elephant pillow,  2.  set of 5 monster bookmarks,  3.  magic trick box,  4.  cut out and make lion puppet,  5.  Christmas sonny angels,  6.  stacking tiger game,  7.  starry hair clips,  8.  dinosaur finger printing set,  9.  bunny wall sticker,  10.  colourful animal notebooks,  11. yellow wooden skipping rope,  12.  teddy bear hats.

"DIY stars advent calendar"This year I really wanted to make an advent calendar for my daughter Anya.  Being Indian, while growing up we didn’t really celebrate Christmas although we did occasionally get gifts.  But we never had anything as fun and exciting as an advent calendar.  So this year I decided to make Anya these little gold star topped boxes with a hint of neon pink. "DIY gold start advent calendar"This DIY advent calendar was easy and fun to make.  I used: mini white favour boxes, glittery gold card, cocktail sticks broken in half, washi tape, real leaves, gold spray, gold glitter and tape. "DIY advent calendar" I cut out 24 stars from gold card and stuck each star with tape on to half a cocktail stick that I had covered in neon pink washi tape.  I also added an extra little detail of a gold leaf on each box.  I took 24 tiny leaves from a bunch of flowers I had at home and sprayed them gold.  At the moment I’ve numbered the stars graphically but I have little white number stickers and I’m going to let Anya do the stickering which will delight her no end!  Alternatively, you could also put the numbers on the gold leaf.  Finally, I sprinkled some glitter over all of the boxes to add a bit of extra sparkle.

Have you made an advent calendar this year?  What did you make?

"Christmas gifts for newborns and babies" Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I haven’t!  I keep telling myself it’s only November so there’s plenty of time.  But in reality I know these next few weeks are going to whiz by and then serious panic will set in.  While I continue to procrastinate on my shopping,  I have started getting some fun gift ideas ready for you and the first one (probably my favourite) is a list of lovely Christmas gifts for babies.

1.  Oeuf NYC baby all in one,  2.  pompom beanie,  3.  bow-tie bib,  4.  musical pram toy,  5.  bunny soft toy,  6.  bunny baby bodysuit,  7.  elephant pillow,  8.  knitted cotton blanket,  9.  sand coloured baby booties.

"mini boden girls party dresses"It’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas and the festive season.  But not long before that we have another important event in this house – my daughter Anya’s birthday.  So come mid-November I’m thinking gifts, party planning, outfit selecting and everything else to do with celebrations.   One of my favourite things to buy Anya is clothes and right now she’s going through a phase where anything sparkly meets her approval.   Perfect timing I think, because who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle in Winter, especially for the festive season?

So with sparkly clothes on my mind I joined forces with Mini Boden to share some of my favourite pieces from their 2013 party collection.  There’s lots to choose from but for me the brocade dresses and skirts really stood out.  I love the gold polka dots against the dusty rose but there’s also another equally striking colour combo of a rich blue with bronze dots (not pictured here).  And then there are the floaty tutu’s with a subtle hint of gold that pair up nicely with the sequined ballerina pumps.  Which little girl could resist this kind of sparkle… I know mine definitely couldn’t!

Here’s to wishing you a sparkly festive season!

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Mini Boden.  All ideas, content, picture layouts and words are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners that allow me to bring you new content like this.

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