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DIY pom pom hair clips

February 2, 2016

DIY pom pom hair clipsI was recently gifted a pom pom maker and I can’t even begin to tell you how many pom poms I’ve made.  I thought it was about time I did something with them and so here is my first pom pom DIY that I want to share with you.  These DIY pom pom hair clips are so easy to make and so pretty!  I’ve made so many that I’ve started gifting them too and they’ve been really fun little handmade presents to give to Anya’s friends.  I’m also loving the idea of using these as pretty little party bag treats.

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"floral dresses for girls and women"

When I think of floral prints, Summer immediately comes to mind.  But recently I’ve seen a lot of bold florals that are perfect for Autumn.  Think big, bold, stand-out prints in dark tones like deep pinks, rusty reds and midnight blues.  This Autumn floral trend has me hooked for Anya and myself.

Statement pieces like these would look great paired with a solid colour or if you’re brave enough, you could try mixing them with another simple print like polka dots or stripes.  For the more adventurous amongst us you could even try mixing two floral prints – I will admit I’m not brave enough to do that!  I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pieces for mama and baby and while they’re all striking, I’m quite in love with those floral print girls wellies and the floral tights for women.  Both would create quite a stunning Autumn look when worn with solid muted colours and that’s the kind of look that appeals most to me; one statement piece that really shines.   Here’s where you’ll find these pieces:

1. floral print women’s tights | 2. floral canvas overnight bag | 3. printed skinny jeans for girls | 4. modern floral print skirt for girls | 5. leafy baby bloomer | 6. floral wellies for girls | 7. floral tunic dress for women | 8. girls hair clip

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Something fishy…

July 10, 2014

"fish themed kids decor clothes"

Foxes, elephants, birds and bunnies are everywhere on kids things from their clothes to decor.  For a change, I love a bit of fish themed things and these are some my current favourites (especially those fish hair clips):

1.  tee with fish detail | 2.  fish hair clips | 3.  seahorse soft toys | 4.  whale print pyjamas | 5.  shark tee | 6. koi fish poster

"cute hair clips for girl"

These have got to be the cutest hair clips for little girls, don’t you think?  From fruity ones to funky ones, they’re all so fun.  Those crocodile ones are just the best!  These hair clips always make me smile and I think they would delight any little lady.  And they’d also be a fab addition to a party bag.

"pretty hair clips for girls"My daughter is such a girly girl that I have trouble getting her to wear anything but skirts and dresses.  Sometimes jeans or trousers are just more practical but getting these on her means a guaranteed battle that often ends in tears and tantrums.  Recently I had a thought –  why not try putting some ribbon in her hair on the days she has to wear jeans or has to wear anything less girly.  This has worked a treat.  So I’ve gone with this idea and taken it a step further by getting lots of pretty hair clips as well as ribbons in a range of colours.  While looking for hair clips, these were some of my favourite finds and so I thought I would share because any of these would make great stocking fillers for all your girly girls. 

The 3 hair clips on the left are by The Summer House while the 3 on the right are by Cos.

Autumn blues…

September 16, 2013

"blue accessories for girls"I always start thinking more about accessories come Autumn.  With the cooler weather you begin needing scarves and hats but more than that, accessories really lift an outfit and Autumn is a time when I need a lift.  Even more than me, I love accessorising my daughter’s outfits often with just one unexpected piece like a pretty necklace or a statement brooch.  I went looking for some accessories for her today and I loved these blue ones that I found.  The pale and deep blues are lovely for this season and will work well with so many outfits.  Here’s where you’ll find them:

1.  Flower hair clips by Cos…  2.  Louise Misha tulle necklace from Minikin…  3.  Polka dot bonnet with ears by Les Zigouis…  4.  Umbrella adorned scarf by Bobo Choses.

Felt sweeties…

March 11, 2013

"felt necklaces for girls"Being Indian, I visit India often as I have loads of family there including my parents.  For me, shopping and eating are always at the top of the agenda in India because I love doing both.  As far as the shopping is concerned, I never really indulge in expensive stuff but instead it’s always about picking up unusual little trinkets and treasures for the home or to wear.  The one thing I never leave India without is a load of bangles, bindi’s and necklaces for my daughter Anya.  She absolutely loves her accessories and will often load up her arms with 20-30 bangles at a time!  Last time we were there we picked up a gorgeous fabric necklace for her which has now become an absolute favourite of mine and Anya’s.  India is a great place to buy colourful and unusual jewellery for kids but since I don’t live there I’m always looking for other avenues too.  And my latest finds are these super sweet handmade necklaces, hair clips and hair ties by Homako.

"pastel hair clips girls"Based in LA, Yoko hand makes all these gorgeous accessories with a definite Japanese vibe to them which isn’t surprising as Yoko is originally from Japan.  I love the soft pastel colours which are perfectly complimented with dark stripes and little unexpected details like the pearls and baubles.  The necklaces are strung on ribbons finished with little coloured felt dots that are such a pretty addition.  Yoko makes jewellery for adults as well but a lot of the kids’ range is designed for mum and daughter to share.  You can get these sweet necklaces and hair accessories at Homako but Yoko has also created an exclusive and beautiful range for the lovely online boutique Minikin which is also very worth checking out.

Mondays milk…

November 27, 2012

"pretty floral quilts for kids"

I often hear people say that each one of us has a story to tell and I think that’s true.  How we tell our own unique story is entirely up to us and I guess I’m starting to tell my story through this blog by revealing little bits and pieces of my life and also through my picks which tells a lot about me.  Writing is one way of sharing but there are many other ways like sharing through your own creations.  One person who has chosen to do this is Rozalinde Innemee who is the Dutch artist behind Monday’s Milk.  She says her designs are her stories and the production is the telling of the stories.  There is something so instantly believable and beautiful about her creations and I guess that’s the reason why.  There is a part of her in everything she makes and that is what makes her offerings so special.

"pretty bow hair clips"

You can expect to find kids quilts, hair clips, soft toys, fabrics and things for the home.  All have a gentle, pure and simple feel to them with a definite feminine touch.  I adore the quilts which come in the prettiest of fabrics and I love the animal soft toys too.  You won’t find the usual suspects here but instead we’ve got cute rhino’s and an anteater.  And today I spotted the adorable bow hair clips which is what reminded me how of much I loved this store and that I hadn’t yet shared it with you.  But now you know so visit Monday’s Milk and I hope you love the expression of Rozalinde’s story as much as I do.

Tame those tresses…

September 17, 2012

"pretty hair clips for girls"

I love little girls with long hair even though getting those knots and tangles out can be a huge battle.  My daughter is growing her hair and has the sweetest little curls in them but we’re now at a point where those tresses need to be tamed.  So I started hunting for some hair accessories and found the sweetest ones over at Hello Shiso.  The little crocodiles are too cute and the flower ones are so pretty.  Serious cute overload happening here, I think!  Hello Shiso is by a mama of two who says she adores creating well-made, fun accessories for boys and girls from her studio in sunny California.  Head to Hello Shiso to see all the accessories and don’t miss their beautiful bibs too.

"Namhee hairclips, hairbands for children"

I have a very soft spot for girly accessories as long as they’re free from over embellished frilly-ness.  So naturally when I saw the oh so pretty creations by Namhee I was hooked.  For any girl with a girly side, these are irresistible.  Hairbands, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins and brooches all draped in the most gorgeous liberty-esque fabrics and many adorned with a sweet little birdie is what Namhee offer for the girls.  The little bird brooches are just so lovely and I can see them adding bags of style to cardi’s, coats, dresses and tee’s.  All these wonderful accessories are hand sewn and hand finished and come in a range of colours from bold fuchsias to aqua blues and forest greens.  Many have flower prints but there are checks and polka dots too.  Today I’ve lusted after Namhee’s hair accessories and jewellery for girls but there are other offerings that are equally delectable… more on that another day.  For now, to get these beauties for your little girl head to Atsuyo et Akiko (which is a whole other post!).  The Namhee accessories cost from $16 and Atsuyo et Akiko ship internationally on request. 

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