Beautiful balloons

May 14, 2012

"personalised gift balloons"

When I first saw these balloons, my heart skipped a beat.  How striking are they?  Digging a little deeper I found out that they’re made right here in London by Bon Bon Balloons.  These are the most wonderful balloons I’ve ever seen and the whole idea behind them is very special too.  The balloons come in a range of colours each with a beautifully decorated handcrafted string and when the person receiving it opens the box, the balloon floats up out of the box with your special message attached to the string.  Sweet!

"balloon birth announcement"

They can be sent for any occasion, they can even be individually crafted for you and Bon Bon Balloons also offer a design service for parties and events.  But I personally love the idea of sending these as birth announcements instead of cards… what an impact they’d make (admittedly it’ll be expensive but so stunning!).   To check out the entire range visit Bon Bon Balloons.  And if my husband is reading, I just want to add forget flowers, I want one of these very soon!

*via Un beau jour

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  • Peggy

    Sweet indeed, I want one too 🙂

    Just realized that you have not been on my blogroll, tztztztzzzz… changed 🙂

    • ebabee likes

      Thanks for reminding me – I must add you too – I have just recently added a friends page and you need to be there… 🙂

  • PolkaDot Lighthouse

    Aw so nice, so glad I found this post. We did a post recently about balloons and I was lamenting the lack of exciting balloon companies in the UK. There is a really nice one in the US called Geronimo. I’ll be bookmarking this company now though 🙂 Carla

    • ebabee likes

      I have come across Geronimo… they are great too. I love these ones though… am dying for one 🙂

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