The best detangling hair brush for kids?

February 19, 2015

best detangling hair brush for kids - ebabee

Hair brushing time in our home is a battle.  Every single day.  I only have to lift the brush and Anya starts running away screaming!  One would imagine that I was wielding an axe from her reaction!  But seriously, it costs time, it costs tears and it feels like such an unnecessary but yet necessary evil in our daily lives.  The problem started when she was a toddler and so I bought the tangle teezer.  While this helped, it didn’t nearly cure our problem but we stuck with it as I didn’t know of an alternative.  Last year we lost it and have been using a normal brush – this has been an even bigger nightmare.  Late for school, late for appointments, late everywhere simply because of a hair brush!

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a bit of research in to the best detangling hair brush for kids.  I found this Crave Naturals brush which promised to deliver pain free hair brushing for kids.  It’s only available in USA so I had my brother who lives in NYC ship it to me.  It is not the miracle cure that I was hoping for as Anya still runs away at brushing time but it’s while I’m brushing that I have noticed the main difference.  There have not been tears since I used this brush.  It’s only a week but still it’s a really good start and she has even reluctantly conceded that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to!  It’s not the best looking brush in the world and it is plastic and doesn’t feel very solid.  But on wet hair it is very good and on dry hair it’s a huge improvement from anything we ever had before so I thought I would share it with you.  While I continue my search for the ultimate miracle brush, this detangling brush is a great solution for now.  If you know of something else, please do let me know in the comments.

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  • Mel

    Sounds like a good brush, but I wouldn’t be able to get it from the US. Jumpy’s hair is so curly it is a real nightmare in the morning. I have to confess I sometimes resort to hats to hide her hair in the morning, but when she starts school, I won’t be able to do that! A plait after her shower also helps keep it tangle-free and make it easier in the morning. x

  • thefolia

    Ahh, what a sweet brother! Good luck with the detangling. I haven’t had to do it yet, but I imagine in the near future it will be the same story for me.

    • ebabee likes

      How exciting – can’t be long now. But yes, you will have years of hair brushing angst ahead of you 🙁

  • susan

    ah yes, the same nightmare scenario plays over and over in our house too! After 5yrs of trial and error we now comb it through while the conditioner is in and underwater {seems a bit melodramatic but it is crazy how easy the tangles come out underwater!!} then we dry it fully before bed with another quick comb through with a wide toothed comb {so we don’t loose the curls} then a loose plait before bed. I try not to brush it at all when dry as it hurts too much {and I would do pretty much anything to avoid the drama} and it makes her hair all frizzy and flyaway so we always do the same hair routine on school days ~ day one down, day two pony tail and then day three plaits {to hide the tangled mess}! Apparently, a silk pillow is the cure~all but I haven’t tried it yet!

    • ebabee likes

      Good tip to do it under water – shall try that. It is a real drama in our home each and every day! Every new brush helps for a while but then somehow we end up going back to the crazy screaming and running away! I have read about silk pillow cases – I might just give that a try. I am willing to try ANYTHING!

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