The best sunscreen for the face?

April 20, 2015

best sunscreen for the face

With the recent sunny spell we’ve been enjoying, it’s time to think sun screens and sun creams.  I recently came across Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense cream and I love it so much that I thought I would share it here.  I’ve always said that while I’m no beauty product junkie, if I come across something fab, time saving or useful for us mums then I would let you know about it.

We all know that sunscreens shouldn’t only be used on sunny days but should be used everyday of the year, at least on our faces.  They are the best thing you can do to protect your skin from the elements and protect against premature aging but I have to say that I have been guilty of using it only in the warmer months even though I know otherwise.  The only reason was that all the face sunscreens I had previously used were heavy, greasy and so, so sticky.  Also they always left white streaks and I ended up with sticky hands too after applying it.  And with this heavy, sticky texture it wasn’t the ideal base for make-up.  But now that I’ve discovered this Kiehl’s ultra light cream all those problems are no more.  This cream is indeed very light but amazingly still has a very high SPF of 50, it is not even slightly sticky or greasy and there is not a white streak in sight.  It literally glides on to your skin and it lightly moisturises while protecting from sun damage.  And putting on make-up over it is no problem either.  It’s not the cheapest cream around but a little goes a long way and I have not found anything else that comes close in texture with such a high SPF too.  So I will happily say that this is the best sunscreen for the face that I have ever come across.

This Kiehl’s sunscreen is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin so anybody can use it.  Now that I’ve discovered it, I can’t do without it – a quick application of this cream followed by some light make-up and I’m ready to face the day.  And I know with this cream I will use it to protect my face everyday – come rain or shine!  Do you have a favourite face sunscreen?  Do let me know in the comments.

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  • International Elf Service

    This is actually really helpful – thanks for the recommendation x

  • HonestMum

    This sounds utterly perfect, love Kiehls so will be buying this. You know how much I adore your beauty posts, keep them coming x

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you lovely – I just like sharing products that I love and this is definitely the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. No more gloopy white mess 🙂

  • Tinuke

    I’ve been looking for a good, grease free sunscreen for my face, so this is perfect timing! I get dark acne type scarring on my face which is made worse by the sun, so it’s imperative that I use sunscreen, otherwise I spend all summer covering up with tonnes of makeup!
    Thanks for sharing your find!

    • ebabee likes

      So glad you found it useful – it really is so light and amazing that it still gives such high protection. This is a keeper for me.

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Wow! Always looking for a sunscreen that isn’t sticky or greasy. Will check this out. Thanks for the tips!

    • ebabee likes

      Hi Nikki – thanks for stopping by. I completely recommend it – so light and yet such a high SPF.

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