Infinity and Me

June 1, 2015

infinity and me kids book

Anya has been asking a lot of questions about infinity lately.  I’ve tried explaining the concept to her but it isn’t an easy concept for a six year old to understand – I only just about understand it myself! :).  Her interest in infinity started when she asked what the biggest number in the world was.  I told her about infinity and for a while she thought that the biggest number in the world was infinity because she just couldn’t grasp the idea that numbers never finish.  But then I came across this book called Infinity and Me and it seemed like just the book to help in explaining infinity to children.

explaining infinity to children

Infinity and Me is about a little girl who gazes up at the night sky and starts to feel very small in the vastness of the sky.  She begins to wonder about infinity and just what exactly infinity means.  She starts asking everyone she meets and soon realises that maybe there are infinite ways to explain infinity.  Infinity and Me is a very simple and sweet book with illustrations that are equally adorable.  It’s a great first book to give some meaning and relevance to the concept of infinity to kids.  While the main character in the book happens to be a girl, I think this book is equally suited for boys as it is for girls.  Any child curious about infinity would enjoy Infinity and Me.

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  • Tinuke

    I LOVE the idea of this book and am already drawn to the illustrations. Thank you for sharing! Infinity has been my daughter’s number of choice for a year or so now. It’s her birthday next month so this will most definitely be one of her gifts.

    • ebabee likes

      Glad you liked it – it is a sweet little book that does help explain infinity a bit more. Hope you daughter likes it as much as mine does!

  • Kate Hosford

    Gosh, I’m so sorry I missed this post. Thank you SO much. Gabi and I are very grateful that you took the time to write about our book! Your daughter is adorable. What a fantastic picture!

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