Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, the musical

October 13, 2015

charlie and the chocolate factory

Last Friday night we were invited to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, the musical.   Ever since reading the book as a child, I have been fascinated with Mr Willy Wonka and his incredible factory.  Years later, I was excited to re-live this fantastic tale with Anya and Richard.  As of this year, Anya has really gotten in to Roald Dahl books with her favourites being Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and George’s Marvellous Medicine.  We’ve read both at least twice already so Anya & I were really looking forward to the musical while Richard was less so as he can be a little cynical about musical theatre.

From the start, my companion sat gripped, eyes darting from one performer to another in anticipation of their next line or song, welling up as Charlie became the grateful recipient of the last golden ticket.  It came as a big surprise to me that those eyes belonged to Richard, who had clearly checked in his cynicism along with his coat!  But he wasn’t the only one – all three of us sat glued to our seats watching the incredible spectacle of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory unfold before us.

charlie and the chocolate factory the musical review

Visually, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, the musical is an absolute treat for the eyes.  The sets and special effects are clever and quite stunning.  Imagine seeing Violet Beauregarde balloon in to a blueberry right in front of your eyes. Or the highly strung Mike Teavee transform in to a shrunken version of himself.   But it wasn’t just the amazing special effects that got me.  It was also the performers, each of whom were outstanding. 

charlie and the chocolate factory the musical

Mr Willy Wonka had the right amount of eccentricity without being frightening for kids.  Although personally for me, he could have been a bit more sinister.  Also worth a mention is the relationship between Grandpa Joe and Charlie which was very special and true to the book.  The musical brought tears to my eyes a few times but mostly I throughly enjoyed watching a dazzling show that I think any family with kids older than about 5 years will enjoy.  

charlie and chocolate factory oompa loompas

For the entire performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Anya sat forward in her seat, wide-eyed, never once taking her eyes off the stage.   As much as Richard and I found it hard to tear our eyes off the stage, we also delighted in seeing Anya’s little face changing expressions and reacting to this imaginative piece of theatre.

*We were given tickets in exchange for a review.  The review is in my own words and says what I genuinely thought about the show.  

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  • Honest mum

    What a wonderful, exquisitely written review, I adore that you were all entranced, I felt the same when we attended too-it’s such a magnificent production and I agree it never became frightening, a real dose of pure imagination! So happy Anya loved it as much as Oliver, wish we’d been able to all attend together, next time x

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you and thanks again for your help. We really loved it and yes it would have been so fun to go together. Definitely next time – maybe Matilda xx

  • pinar

    Please take a look at my new kids furniture collection. Let me know your thoughts. I hope you like it!

  • Mel

    It sound like you and Anya had a wonderful time. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the first book I ever read, and I loved the eccentric world Roald Dahl had dreamt up, the poor boy, children with more vices than you could imagine and chocolate, all that chocolate… The musical would be an ideal night out for my little man and I. I am now thinking Christmas present. I always find experiences and time together are so much more enjoyable than material things they get bored of after 10 minutes. xx

    • ebabee likes

      I whole-heartedly recommend it – really enjoyed it and it was such a fun thing to do with A. Watching her face and reactions was as special as watching the show. xx

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