Get organised: A clever clothes storage idea

November 19, 2015

a clever clothes storage idea

My friend and fellow blogger Cristina from across the pond shared a very clever clothes storage idea.  I thought the idea was so great that I had to share it here.  It’s such a simple idea but then simple ideas are always the best!  The idea – store your clothes horizontally instead of stacking them vertically (on top of each other).

Just the other week I did this with Anya’s sweaters and it’s not only helped us find things quicker but there is no after-mess to tidy up.  When her sweaters were vertically stacked on top of each other I had to get the whole pile out and by the time I pulled out the one I wanted, the whole pile collapsed – you know how it is. And when Anya tried to get one out, well that meant chaos!  Now that I’ve rolled them all up and lined them up – I pull out the one I want and the rest stay undisturbed. It’s also so much easier to see what you want.  And the best part is that even when Anya pulls them out herself, there is no mess. With the lighter clothes like t-shirts, I don’t roll but fold and do the same – again so easy to see what’s what and pull out what you need.

Next, I’m going to be re-organising my wardrobe this way.  What do you think of this clever clothes storage idea? Great, right?  Got any other great tips to be more organised with your or your kids wardrobes?

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  • Babes about Town

    Great tip! Pretty sure the boys would still destroy their clothes drawers lol but worth the effort for sure, thanks for sharing x

    • ebabee likes

      Ha, ha – thats what my friend Cristina who originally posted this idea said – she has two boys too and they destroy too! Has worked here for us though. x

  • Charlene

    I did this with my husbands drawers and he was super impressed. I didn’t bother with the little ones because I think it’s kind of cute that his clothes never match.

    • ebabee likes

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s a great little trick isn’t it? I can’t wait to do it with my clothes soon.

  • thefolia

    Your drawers look great! Thank you for the shout out! Good luck with your wardrobe with this method. You will be surprised how many donated pieces you will have. Happy Nesting!

    • ebabee likes

      Thank YOU for the great idea. We are looking for new wardrobes and once we have them, this is going to be the way to stay organised (you should see my wardrobe now!!).

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