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November 24, 2015

best books for kids aged 7 years

Books are my favourite gifts to give kids.  For birthdays, for Christmas gifts, for any occasion at all.   With so many fabulous kids books out there, it’s not hard to find the perfect book for any child.  Here I’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite books – some of which we already have and others that are on our wish list. I’ve mixed up the selection to include picture books, art books, activity books, educational books and more.

Anya’s Christmas gifts always include books and usually a selection of different types like the ones I’ve suggested here. The one that I am looking most forward to buying her this Xmas is The School of Art which I have browsed through and it looks great not just for kids but for adults too.  The books I’ve picked are for a range of ages from toddlers to 10 year olds so there’s something for everyone.  The ages though are just rough guides, not set in stone.

Here are my best kids books gift suggestions for this year:

1. Atlas of Adventures (ideal for 5-9 years)
Follow one boy and girl as they explore seven continents, packed with hundred of activities and challenges to inspire armchair travellers of any age. Whether you’re visiting the penguins of Antarctica, joining the Carnival in Brazil or a canoe safari down the Zambezi River, this book brings together epic adventures from the remotest corners of the globe and discoveries to made on your own doorstep.

2. Shackleton’s Journey (ideal for 7+ years)
Shackleton’s Journey is a unique visual re-telling Ernest Shackleton’s landmark expedition crossing the Antarctic from one pole to the other. William Grill’s impeccably researched and informative illustrations celebrate the 100th anniversary since the historic exploration by Shackelton and his crew on Endurance. Children will love exploring Grill’s exploded diagrams and the fascinating details of this landmark voyage.

3. Once Upon an Alphabet (ideal for 2-7 years)
The letters of our alphabet work tirelessly to make words that in turn make stories, but what if there was a story FOR each of the letters instead?  Turn the pages of this exquisite book to find out…Here you will discover twenty-six short stories introducing a host of new characters (plus the occasional familiar face). From Edmund the astronaut with his awkward fear of heights, via the dynamic new investigative duo of the Owl and the Octopus, through to the Zeppelin that just might get Edmund a little bit closer to where he needs to be, this book is packed with funny, thrilling, perilous and above all entertaining short tales inspired by every letter in the alphabet. If you only ever buy one alphabet book, make it this one as it is unlike any other!

4. Christmas Paper Play: Play, Make, Decorate! (ideal for 4+ years)
This beautiful papercraft title is packed with fun festive things to make and do, from Christmas decorations, to mini-crackers. Every page can be used as the basis of an activity, craft, or game, and all you need is a pair of scissors, some colouring pencils and the odd dab of glue. Illustrated with artist and paper engineer Lydia Crooks delightful artwork, it is a perfect present to keep kids entertained over the holiday period.

5. Plip, the Umbrella Man (ideal for 4+ years)
The constant rain gets Plip so down that he decides to become an umbrella.  But even as an umbrella man, life isn’t always easy.  When he meets an umbrella woman, they try to hug, but their umbrellas get in the way.  This makes Plip even sadder. Feeling rage inside of him, cyclones, tornadoes, and typhoons break over him.  With his story of Plip, author David Sire explores important emotions including doubt, love, and confidence. To emphasize the inner workings of Plip’s psyche, illustrator Thomas Baas works only with cool blue tones and one warm red. The metaphor of rain and its various meanings inspire young readers to think about how they deal with their own emotions.

6. Where Bear? (ideal for 2+ years)
A deceptively simple and exquisitely illustrated picture book about a little boy and his bear and finding a place called home.  Told with humour and warmth, this is a story to capture the heart of its reader.

7. The Amazing Human Body Detectives (ideal for 5+ years)
Our body is an amazing thing and there’s so much more to discover about it than meets the eye. The Amazing Body Detectives is a fun and informative look into the inner and outer world of our bodies. We all know that we have unique fingerprints, but did you know that we also have a unique tongue print? Did you know that when you are awake, the human brain has enough electricity whizzing about to power a light bulb?  Our eyelashes have little creatures living on them – come and take a look at them! Hidden elements appear on every page making this interactive and enjoyable.

8. Use Your Imagination (ideal for 3-7 years)
Rabbit is BORED. Luckily, Wolf has the perfect solution. “Why not write a story?” he suggests. “I am a librarian, you know.” Well, Rabbit is just delighted – what a brilliant idea! And so Wolf teaches Rabbit to use his imagination to create the perfect story with lots of exciting props and interesting characters.  What a kind and helpful wolf! Rabbit is DESPERATE to know what happens when it suddenly becomes clear that Wolf is very hungry – uh-oh, so THAT’S how the story ends. But Wolf hasn’t reckoned on Rabbit’s brilliant imagination!

9. The School of Art: Make great art with 40 simple lessons (ideal for 7+ years)
Here you will learn how to make great art with this fully-illustrated collection of fun and informative lessons. Watch the five professors as they work together to deliver 40 art ideas, and try each of the accompanying guided activities, which have been developed to help you understand the basics of art and design, including composition, colour, line, shape and perspective.  A beautifully illustrated book for any age interested in art.

10. The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket (ideal for 7-11 years)
Barnaby Brocket is an ordinary 8-year-old boy in most ways, but he was born different in one important way: he floats. His parents, who have a horror of being noticed, want desperately for Barnaby to be normal, but he can’t help who he is. And when the unthinkable happens, Barnaby finds himself on a journey that takes him all over the world where the floating boy meets all sorts of different people—and discovers who he really is along the way.  This whimsical novel will delight young readers, and make readers of all ages question the meaning of normal.

11. This is Not a Maths Book (ideal for 7+ years)
Discover how maths can be artistic and art can be mathematical with this awesome activity book, full of fun drawing challenges with a mathematical basis. Amazing patterns with a mathematical essence will be revealed as you follow the simple activity instructions. Learn incredible maths facts as you draw the beautiful designs. From simple geometric patterns to fascinating fractal art, to awesome anamorphic art, and cool celtic knots, discover the beauty in maths, and the maths in beauty. Left-brain and right-brain come together to create fantastic maths art!

12. Historium (Welcome to the Museum) (ideal for 8+ years)
Welcome to the museum! Here you will find a collection of objects from ancient civilisations. Objects of beauty, functionality, war, life, death and burial. As you wander from room to room, explore the magnificence of what civilisations have left behind over thousands of years of human history!

13. Escape to Wonderland: A Colouring Book Adventure (ideal for 6+ years)
An enticing, extraordinarily intricate and beautiful colouring book filled with highly detailed line artwork that allows the magical fantasy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to be brought to be life in an entirely unique way.

14. Captain Coconut and the Case of the Missing Bananas (ideal 5+ years)
Ace Detective Captain Coconut, who proclaims he can solve any mystery large or small, is called in to investigate the case of the missing bananas. He soon finds himself on a slippery trail of peels and missing numbers.  Anushka Ravishankar, India’s best known writer of nonsense verse, is at her best in this absurd yet logical tale, which gently satirises the very form that it uses.  Artist Priya Sundram’s collage art serves as a perfect fit to Ravishankar’s text: it brings together elements of popular Indian imagery, drawn from advertising, the movies, newspapers and interior decor, to create a delightful world that is at once hilarious and founded.

15. The Day The Crayons Came Home (ideal for 4+ years)
The hilarious sequel to the prize-winning, international bestseller The Day the Crayons Quit! Watch out – the crayons are back and they’re crosser than ever! One day Duncan receives a set of postcards from his crayons who been lost, forgotten, broken – even melted in a clothes dryer and stuck to a sock! A hilarious text and joyful illustrations combine to show that crayons have feelings too in this laugh-out-loud sequel to bestselling picture book The Day the Crayons Quit.

16. Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Joke Book (ideal for 6+ years)
Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Jokes, limericks, riddles, Knock knock and Doctor, doctor! Here is a perfect joke book for young children, specially themed around Roald Dahl’s best-loved characters, such as Charlie, George, The BFG, Matilda, James and many others.

17. Orion and the Dark (ideal for 4-7 years)
Orion is so scared of the dark, Dark decides to pay him a visit! Orion is scared of A LOT of things, but most of all he s scared of the dark. So one night Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure. Emma Yarlett s second picture book combines incredible illustrations and spell-binding storytelling with inventive die-cut pages that make Dark come to life in the hands of the reader!

18. The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps! (ideal for 5+ years)
Be inspired by the inventiveness, beauty and diversity of the United States in this curious collection of fact-filled maps. Explore thousand of wondrous locations and be awed by the achievements of hundreds of people who helped make America what it is today. Celebrate, explore, enjoy!

19. Where’s the Pair? (ideal for 2+ years)
Can you spot the Siamese cats? Where are the fish with matching fins? This fabulous follow up to stand-out title The Odd One Out features rhyming riddles accompanied by a complex patterned artwork, within which the answer lies. Never has a searchand- find game been so pleasing to the eye than with this stylish title from the masterful Britta Teckentrup, presented in an upmarket, contemporary format.

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