Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The peanuts movie

December 17, 2015

snoopy and charlie brown peanuts movie review

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a private screening of Snoopy and Charlie Brown – the peanuts movie. Growing up I was never much in to cartoon characters but there were two exceptions – Miss Piggy and Snoopy. With snoopy & charlie brown I particularly remember reading the comic strips in the newspapers and really enjoying them.  But as the years went on I forgot about Snoopy and Charlie Brown because you didn’t see much of them.  That was until I received  an invite to see the film and really wanted to go almost for old times sake.

The private screening of Snoopy and Charlie Brown was in Leicester square (where else?) and so all three of us went and we took Anya’s best friend too.  The movie was in 3D which was an added bonus as we hadn’t realised it was.  The main story of the film is about Charlie Brown and his lack of self-confidence and self belief.  There’s a new red haired girl in the school that Charlie Brown develops a crush on.  But he can’t even bring himself to speak to her, let alone befriend her.  There’s also a Snoopy adventure going on alongside.  For me, it was the whole Charlie Brown story and his character that made the film – you can’t help but love Charlie Brown!  He and his classmates were funny, cute and engaging and were true to how I remembered them.

snoopy and charlie brown the peanuts movie

Both Anya and her friend really enjoyed the movie too.  They loved the Snoopy bits just as much as the Charlie Brown story.  And Snoopy had a female friend called Fifi whom they adored.  When I asked Anya who her favourite character was, the answer was a resounding Fifi (followed by Charlie Brown)!  Both the girls sat glued to their seats, never once looking left or right so I know the film engaged and entertained them.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown – the Peanuts Movie is a colourful, sweet and heartwarming film and definitely worth taking the kids to see this Christmas for a feel good outing. The 3D format just adds to the overall appeal.  It’s not only great for the kids though – if you were a childhood fan of the characters the film will bring back some sweet memories like it did for me.  For my American readers, the film is already out in the US – have you seen it?  What did you think?  And for UK readers the movie will be out this weekend.

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